#VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome to the #VCWorld Metaverse S$10K Treasure Hunt Frequently-Asked-Questions section. If you can't find your answers here, you can reach out to us via the ValueChampion Facebook Page or send an email to [email protected]

About The Game

What is #VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt All About?

The #VCWorld Metaverse is a world created in partnership with OurWorldisFlat (OWF). Financial literacy is now more important than ever and the metaverse campaign is ValueChampion’s effort in gamifying the financial learning process, making it fun and effortless for all.

Players will be exposed to the six areas of financial literacy — Card, Loans, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Investments and Savings — while participating in the treasure hunt. Who is eligible to participate in the #VCWorld Metaverse?

The #VCWorld Metaverse Campaign is open to all Singapore citizens and residents of Singapore who are:

  • 18 years old and above (those under the age of 18 should obtain the consent of their parents or legal guardians before participating or submitting any personal information)
  • Not prohibited in any manner by any person, entity, authority or law from participating in this campaign or any similar promotion.

How do I open an account to participate in the treasure hunt?

To open an account, you can click here. You will need a verified email address to participate in the treasure hunt and win prizes.

Can I play #VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt on my mobile device?

Yes, you can play the #VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt on your mobile devices and desktops/laptops. Some features might not be available on the mobile version. For the best game experience, please use a laptop or desktop.

What are the prizes available for players?

There are three categories for prizes for #VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt:

1. Treasure Chest

Treasure ChestPrizesNo. of Winners
Grand ChestS$10,000 Cash1
Travel Chest2D1N Stay for 2 pax at Montigo Resort in Batam (inclusive of Ferry Round-Trip Tickets) worth S$3381
Voucher ChestS$200 Trip.com Voucher1

How to walk away with respective prizes? Answer quizzes, gather hints, locate the treasure chests, and be the first to crack the passcodes on these chests.

2. Top Referral

NameReferral Prize(s)No. of Winners
Top referrerS$5001

The player with the highest number of referrals will walk away with S$500 cash.

3. Daily Giveaways

DayGiveaway Prize(s)No. of Winners
1S$10 CapitaLand vouchers5
2Golden Village weekday movie ticket1
3S$10 Grab vouchers5
4S$20 Lazada vouchers2
5S$10 Amazon gift cards3
6Universal Studios Singapore tickets for 2 pax (Valid only for Wed – Sun)1
7S$10 CapitaLand vouchers5
8Golden Village weekday movie ticket1
9S$10 Grab vouchers5
10S$20 Lazada vouchers2
11S$10 Amazon gift cards1
12Singapore iFLY ticket (The Challenge Package (Local) with 2 skydives)1

There will be 12 days of exciting giveaways happening throughout the two-week Metaverse treasure hunt, so opportunities abound if you wish to win some prizes. Terms and conditions apply.

What are the official brands in the Metaverse Treasure Hunt?

For the first edition of the #VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt, users are exposed to the six verticals of financial literacy, including Card, Loan, Account, General Insurance, Life Insurance and Investment.

HSBC - Account, Loan


The HSBC Everyday Global Account is a multicurrency account with access to 11 currencies and 0% FX fees. Unlock more benefits with the HSBC Everyday+ Rewards Programme when you save and spend with us! Find out more about HSBC Everyday Global Account here.


The HSBC Personal Loan offers one of the most competitive interest rates in Singapore with a loan tenor of up to 7 years, making monthly payments more manageable for borrowers. Find out more about HSBC Personal Loan here.

Funding Societies - Card

Funding Societies has been helping SMEs in Singapore and Asia since 2015, providing them with much-needed cash flow to keep the business afloat. The Elevate Virtual Card is the brand’s latest innovation, a powerful credit line to help pay for business expenses easily and fuss-free. You can find out more about Elevate and how it helps SMEs in Singapore here.

Allianz Insurance Singapore / Allianz Partners - General Insurance

The Allianz Group is one of the world's leading insurers and asset managers with 126 million private and corporate customers in more than 70 countries.

Allianz Motor Protect for cars offers great protection against common scenarios at affordable rates.

Allianz Travel Insurance feature a great blend of value, utility and affordability and specialises in maximum coverage for travel inconveniences.

You can find out more about Allianz Travel and Motor products here.

Advisors Alliance Group (Rep. AIA Financial Advisers Pte Ltd) - Life Insurance

The Advisors Alliance Group (Representing AIA Financial Advisers Pte Ltd) offers risk management and wealth management advisory services to people in Singapore, putting together a holistic approach to wealth and legacy planning for your every life stage. You can find out more about how legacy planning is done in Singapore and how you can make it a relatively painless process here.

IG - Investment

IG is the World's No. 1 CFD trading platform with access to more than 17,000 markets, serving over 313,000 clients globally. Other than offering a wide range of CFD products with no commission and ticket fees for Forex trades, users are also able to utilise the various resources available on the IG platform to improve their trading experience and know-how.

You can find out more about IG’s trading and learning platforms here.

What is the campaign duration?

The VCWorld Campaign will commence from 29 September 2022 12:00 AM to 19 October 2022 11:59 PM.

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Why can’t I answer any quiz questions?

You need to have a verified email address before you can begin answering the quizzes in #VCWorld.

I did not receive the verification email. What should I do?

Players who have missed or never received the verification email can go in-game to resend the verification email.

VCWorld Metaverse verification email
#VCWorld Metaverse verification email
  1. Go to Settings
  2. View User Profile
  3. Resend email

How do I refer friends to #VCWorld?

To refer friends to #VCWorld, you can click on the Share Referral button located at the top right-hand corner of the user interface.

VCWorld Metaverse referral
#VCWorld Metaverse referral

A dialogue box with your unique referral code will be displayed on your screen.

VCWorld Metaverse referral code
#VCWorld Metaverse referral code

Click on Copy and Close and you can copy a message with a clickable link and send it to your friends. The message will go like this: Join me in the #VCWorld metaverse. Explore, learn and find the S$10,000 hidden treasure! https://vcworld.valuechampion.sg/

Why can’t I open the treasure chest when I first find it?

Every treasure chest requires corresponding reputation points before players can attempt cracking the passcodes.

Grand Chest – 150 Reputation Points Travel Chest – 100 Reputation Points Voucher Chest – 50 Reputation Points

Reputation points can be earned by answering quizzes correctly.

Is there a limit to the number of attempts for a treasure chest?

There are no limits to the number of attempts a player can make on a treasure chest. However, they are limited to 5 attempts per 10 minutes.

[Update on 9 Oct 2022, 2pm]: Due to unforeseen bad weather within #VCWorld, the number of attempts for the chest has been limited to 5 times per 30 minutes for the next 24 hours. Weather is expected to resume on 10 October 2022, 2pm SGT.

How do I access the hints collected?

All hints collected will be stored in the in-game notepad available to all players. The notepad can be found in the top-right hand corner.

VCWorld Metaverse notepad
#VCWorld Metaverse notepad

Where do I go if I cannot answer the quizzes given?

There are hints and clues located within the ValueChampion website to help players pass through the Non-Player Character (NPC) trials.

Players can look through the #VCWorld Metaverse landing page carefully to find them.

If players give the wrong answers to the quizzes, there will be clues located in the NPC dialogue box to guide you to the right answers.

How do I know if the grand prize has been won?

VCWorld has a world announcement system which will alert players to happenings within the financial world.

You can also follow the ValueChampion Singapore Facebook page where the latest news, discoveries and prize announcements will be posted.

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Support & Updates

How do I know if I have won a prize?

You will be notified via your submitted and verified email address. The ValueChampion team will be in touch within three working days.

Where can I find the latest updates and news about #VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt?

You can follow the ValueChampion Singapore Facebook page where the latest news, discoveries and prize announcements will be posted.

Why do I need a valid email address when I sign up for an account?

Players will not be able to answer any of the quizzes unless they have a verified email address.

In addition, prize winners will be notified via the submitted email address. If they do not have a verified email address, they will be ineligible for the prize(s).

How will I know my information is safe?

ValueChampion and its associated third parties (including sponsors and partners) may collect, retain, use, disclose and transfer the participant’s personal data that is necessary for providing marketing information and other services to the participant, as well as to administer the relevant campaign/promotion/offer/giveaway. Under no circumstance will we sell, rent, or share the Participant’s personal data with un-associated third parties.

Where can I contact for media and business enquiries?

You may reach out to [email protected] or the ValueChampion Singapore Facebook page for any enquiries.

Where can I go to get more help?

Likewise, you may reach out to [email protected] or the ValueChampion Singapore Facebook page.

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