#VCWorld Metaverse S$10K Treasure Hunt Game Information

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You blearily open your eyes and jumped up in shock. Just eight hours ago, you fell into bed at midnight, tired after an entire day of work. However, you are no longer in your familiar bedroom. Instead, you find yourself standing in a futuristic space station dressed in survival gear.

survivor standing in space station
Image: Screengrab from #VCWorld

Exploring the space station, you realised that a new world, #VCWorld, has been discovered. Your mission is to explore the newly-discovered land and search for hidden treasures.

Welcome To The #VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt

This year, ValueChampion is looking to bring users in Singapore and from around the world on a grand adventure through a whole new world.

Discover the mysterious beginnings of #VCWorld, communicate with the natives and pass their trials to reap bountiful rewards. Financial literacy and learning can be fun, and ValueChampion wants to bring engaging and essential information to users in a brand new way.

In partnership with OurWorldisFlat (OWF), ValueChampion proudly presents #VCWorld, a financial metaverse world that users can explore while brushing up on their financial literacy and earning amazing prizes.

Amazing Prizes, Including S$10K Grand Prize, Up For Grabs

Prizes to be won in the #VCWorld Treasure Hunt include:

  • Treasure chest prizes
  • Daily giveaway prize
  • Top referral prize

There are a total of three treasure chests waiting to be found by players — one grand treasure chest and two others.

Treasure ChestPrizesNo. of Winners
Grand ChestS$10,000 Cash1
Travel Chest2D1N Stay For Two at Montigo Resort in Batam (inclusive of Ferry Round-Trip Tickets) worth S$3381
Voucher ChestS$200 Trip.com Voucher1

There are also exciting daily giveaways happening during the two-week campaign. Prizes include Capitaland Vouchers, Golden Village movie tickets, USS tickets and more!

Daily Giveaway Prizes VCWorld Metaverse
Daily Giveaway Prizes from the #VCWorld Metaverse

There is also a S$500 cash prize for the top referrer during the two-week campaign:

NameReferral Prize(s)No. of Winners
Top referrerS$5001

For a friend to be successfully referred, the referred must complete the following steps:

  • Sign up as a Participant in VCWorld and insert the referral code form
  • Confirm and verify email
  • Enter the VCWorld
  • Explore from one area to another within the VCWorld

Want to increase your chances of winning prizes? We’ve created a game hack guide to help you get ahead of the crowd!

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Six Areas of Financial Knowledge

In this grand adventure across the metaverse, users will be exposed to the six areas of financial literacy:

  • Cards
  • Investments
  • General Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Loans
  • Savings Accounts

Players will learn the intricacies behind various financial products available in Singapore and how to navigate these products.

VCWorld Metaverse partners
Partners of the #VCWorld Metaverse

Partners, including HSBC, Allianz, IG, and more will embed their non-player characters (NPCs) and experiences in #VCWorld to engage with players.

Players will have to interact with the NPCs and answer the quizzes given to earn reputation points and hints to the treasure chests. For treasure chests, players require a certain amount of reputation points before they can attempt to crack the chests open.

Leave No Stone Unturned

In VCworld, nothing is as it seems and players should leave no stone unturned or they might just miss important clues that could mean the difference between walking away with S$10,000 or not.

how to play infographics

To start playing the #VCWorld Metaverse game, you can:

  • Sign up for an account with OWF here
  • Make sure to explore the space station for more information (there could be valuable clues hidden there!)
  • Attempt quizzes set by NPCs within #VCWorld to gain reputation points and collect hints
  • Explore the game map using hints to locate the treasure chest
  • Solve the passcodes and walk away with fantastic prizes
  • Make sure to go through the tutorial at the space station at least once before entering #VCWorld.

What are you waiting for? Now that you know what the game is about, join us in the #VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt today!

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