How to Improve Your Chances of Walking Away With S$10,000 & More in the #VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt

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The #VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt is a virtual hunt hosted in a financial metaverse world on the ValueChampion website.

Prizes to be won in the #VCWorld Treasure Hunt include:

  • Treasure chest prizes
  • Daily giveaway prize
  • Top referral prize

Find the Treasure Chests and Open Them for Rewards

VCWorld Metaverse treasure chest list
#VCWorld Metaverse treasure chest list

There are a total of three treasure chests waiting to be found by players — one grand treasure chest and two others.

Treasure ChestPrizesNo. of Winners
Grand ChestS$10,000 Cash1
Travel Chest2D1N Stay For Two at Montigo Resort in Batam (inclusive of Ferry Round-Trip Tickets) worth S$3381
Voucher ChestS$200 Voucher1

How to win:

  • Explore the #VCWorld Metaverse World
  • Talk to non-player characters (NPCs) in #VCWorld and answer their questions correctly to raise your reputation points
  • Gather hints about the location and passcodes of the treasure chests

To walk away with S$10,000 and other prizes in the treasure chests, players have to be the first to locate and open the chests.

Every correct answer to NPC questions will score players a single hint and reputation points. The location hints help players narrow down the area where the chests are situated while the passcode hints help narrow down the possible passcodes combination.

The more hints and reputation points you gain with every answer, the higher the probability of you opening the chests and walking away with the prizes within.

To help you increase the chance of walking away with S$10,000, a 2D1N stay or S$200 vouchers, we have compiled a list of hacks that you can use during the #VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt.

Game Hacks — How to Improve Your Chances of Winning

VCWorld Metaverse game hacks
#VCWorld Metaverse game hacks

Hack #1: Use The Notepad Filter Function

After answering a question correctly, the player will receive a corresponding hint that will be stored in the in-game notepad, accessible to the player at all times.

VCWorld Metaverse notepad filter
#VCWorld Metaverse notepad filter

There are six types of hints available:

  1. Grand Chest location hints
  2. Grand Chest passcode hints
  3. Travel Chest location hints
  4. Travel Chest passcode hints
  5. Voucher Chest location hints
  6. Voucher Chest passcode hints

All the hints will be inserted into the notepad in chronological order (i.e. whenever you find them), so your notepad can get pretty messy.

Use the filter function to only see the hints you need at any point in time. For example, a player who is searching for the location of the grand chest can filter the notepad with the term “location of grand chest” to only see hints related to the location of the grand chest.

Hack #2: Find Hints on the ValueChampion Website

The #VCWorld Metaverse is designed to help users grow in financial literacy, and trials relating to the treasure hunt are financial-related.

For players who are not familiar with financial-related topics, don’t worry. There are clues and hints hidden within the metaverse world and the ValueChampion website waiting to be discovered.

For a start, the six partner banners within the space station contain paths to different content that will help you in overcoming the NPC trials.

VCWorld Metaverse resource list
#VCWorld Metaverse resource list

Here are some useful resources that can help in your treasure hunt:

Even if you give the wrong answer, it helps to pay special attention to the dialogue of the NPCs — they’ll show you a path to finding the right answer.

Be careful when answering the questions as each wrong answer will cost you reputation points with the NPCs. Submitting too many wrong answers could lead to you missing out on the opportunity to become the first to open the S$10,000 Grand Chest.

Hack #3: Invite Friends and Pool Your Resources

There are a hundred different areas in #VCWorld metaverse so if you’re planning to go at it alone, you won’t be able to explore the world fast enough.

This is the perfect time to rope in your friends to explore the virtual world. The spawn points of each individual is random. By starting out as a team spread across different areas, you’ll be able to chase down the location and passcode hints faster.

VCWorld Metaverse referral
#VCWorld Metaverse referral

Make sure to invite your friends with your unique referral code found at the top right hand corner of your user interface.

The top referral for the two-week Metaverse campaign will walk away with S$500 in cash.

NameReferral Prize(s)No. of Winners
Top referrerS$5001

For a friend to be successfully referred, the referred must complete the following steps:

  • Sign up as a Participant in VCWorld and insert the referral code form
  • Confirm and verify email
  • Enter the VCWorld
  • Explore from one area to another within the VCWorld

Hack #4: Follow the ValueChampion Facebook Page

Keep a lookout on ValueChampion Singapore’s Facebook page, where we’ll sporadically drop hints and resources that can help players hit the Grand Prize as fast as humanly possible.

Be prepared for useful tips and resources, as well as location and passcode hints to even the playing field for #VCWorld participants.

Bonus Hack: Be Online Every Day

Other than treasure chests to open, there are exciting daily giveaways happening during the two-week campaign.

Prizes include Capitaland Vouchers, Golden Village movie tickets, USS tickets and more!

VCWorld Metaverse prizes
#VCWorld Metaverse prizes

To take part in the giveaways, all you have to do is to be active (read: online and playing) in #VCWorld and you might just be one of the lucky winners walking away with the giveaway prize.

Winners of the daily giveaways will be announced on the ValueChampion Singapore Facebook Page.

By now, you’ll probably realise that the hunt for the grand chest is a race against time. The earlier you start, and the earlier you hunt in a group, the higher the chances of you winning the grand prize. So what are you waiting for? Join the #VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt today!

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