AIA HealthShield Health Insurance: Will it Match Your Medical Needs?

AIA HealthShield Health Insurance: Will it Match Your Medical Needs?

While AIA offers unique coverage not seen in most IPs, its cost is rather high and may be an issue for most budget-conscious consumers.

Good for

  • Consumers wanting critical illness coverage
  • Those looking to maximise public hospital coverage
  • Seniors looking for affordable B1 ward coverage

Bad for

  • Budget-restricted consumers
  • Those who want freedom of choice for private hospitals

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AIA offers comprehensive coverage but for above average prices, making it less than ideal for budget-restricted consumers. However, AIA may benefit a few types of consumers. For instance, those who need comprehensive critical illness coverage may find AIA to be worth the additional cost. Additionally, consumers looking at private hospital plans could receive some of the highest coverage on the market.

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Summary of AIA HealthShield
Standard Plan costs above average
Plan B Lite costs above average for younger individuals and below average for older (50+) indivduals
Plan B costs above average and offers below average benefits
Plan A offers highest annual limit for public hospital stays & is the cheapest private hospital plan for individuals in their 20's.
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AIA HealthShield Gold Max Plan Highlights

AIA HealthShield plans are quite expensive for most ages. Still, those who are not restricted in cost may appreciate AIA's unique benefits and comprehensive coverage. AIA offers four plans: Standard, plan B Lite for B1 wards, plan B for A wards and plan A for Private hospitals. Their premiums fluctuate between 20% below average to 30% above average, with most individuals paying above average regardless of their age. However, AIA does offer ways to save some money. For instance, you can get 20% off consultation fees during any participating AIA healthcare partner visits and 15% off future premiums if you are part of their Vitality Programme.

This graph shows the average premium of AIA ward A plan compared to other ward A plans available

AIA offers unique benefits across its non-Standard plans that can appeal to those who want to maximise coverage for life-altering ailments. For example, it provides extended post-hospitalisation treatment for 30 critical illnesses of up to 100 days, along with an additional S$50,000-S$100,000 of annual coverage and a one-year premium waiver upon total permanent disability. This is in addition to the full coverage for treatments listed below. However, due to its generally high pricing, we believe consumers on a budget or those who don't need these extra benefits could fare better with other insurers.

Fully Covered Treatments:

  • Daily Room and Board
  • Daily ICU
  • Confinement in Community Hospital
  • Miscellaneous Hospital Services
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Stem Cell Transplant
  • Gamma Knife
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth Complications
  • Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy

AIA HealthShield Gold Max Standard Plan

AIA's Standard plan costs 8-15% above average for every age group, with its premiums ranging between S$53 for 25-year olds to S$788 for 75-year olds. It covers up to B1 wards and includes an annual limit of S$150,000, S$1,700 daily room and board benefit, S$5,200 chemotherapy coverage per month and S$2,900 ICU coverage per day. Due to the fact that Standard plans have the same benefits regardless of insurer, we can't recommend AIA's Standard plan to those on a budget due to its above average cost.

Premiums & BenefitsHealthShield StandardStandard Avg.
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$53S$49
45-Year-Old PremiumsS$112S$104
65-Year-Old PremiumsS$280S$254
Value (Limit/S$ Premium)1,3211,494
Annual LimitS$150,000S$150,000
Inpatient PsychiatricS$17,500S$S$17,500
Surgery BenefitsS$590-S$16,720S$590-S$16,720
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)S$1,700/dayS$1,700/day

AIA HealthShield Gold Max B Lite Plan

AIA's Gold Max B Lite is its B1 ward plan that may be of benefit to those who are willing to pay above average prices to get AIA's critical illness coverage. Its premiums cost between S$70 and S$1,010 and range between 10-20% above the market. It offers a standard set of coverages for a non-Standard B1 ward, including a S$300,000 annual limit, 100 days each of pre and post-hospitalisation coverage pregnancy complications, accidental dental and organ transplant coverage.

Seniors and those who are interested in having extra benefits for life-altering illnesses may do well with AIA's B Lite plan. This is because premiums for older individuals are 5% below average and the added critical illness benefits can bring peace of mind for people facing higher risk of heart attacks, strokes and other long-term illnesses. However, younger consumers on a budget and individuals who are not at risk for major illnesses may find cheaper full coverage B1 ward plans from insurers such as Great Eastern or NTUC Income.

Premiums & BenefitsB-LiteNon-Standard B1 Ward Median
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$70S$69
45-Year-Old PremiumsS$162S$132
65-Year-Old PremiumsS$360S$378
Value 25-Year Old (Coverage/S$ Premium)1,9342,070
Annual LimitS$300,000S$300,000
Inpatient PsychiatricS$3,500S$11,250
Surgery BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)As ChargedAs Charged

AIA HealthShield Gold Max B Plan

AIA's Gold Max B Plan is a Ward A plan that offers fairly average coverage for above average prices. Its premiums range from S$99 for 25-year olds to S$1,924 for 75-year olds, making this plan cost 10-30% above average at its most expensive to average at its least expensive. In contrast, its annual limit of S$450,000 is 20% below the A ward plan average and the 100 days each of pre and post-hospitalisation benefits are below average as well. However, you will still receive 100% coverage for cancer, surgery, hospitalisation and pregnancy complications as well as AIA's 100 day extension and S$75,000 additional cover for critical illness. Additionally, there is also coverage for cancer treatment, renal dialysis and immunosuppressants for organ transplants at private hospitals—the only benefit of its kind on the market.

While AIA's B plan is not as competitively priced as other A ward plans on the market, those who want additional critical illness cover and the opportunity to get care at a private hospital could find considerable value. However, if you are looking for an affordable ward A plan or one that has a higher annual limit, you may fare better with other insurers.

Premiums & BenefitsB PlanA Ward Median
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$99S$94
45-Year-Old PremiumsS$298S$290
65-Year-Old PremiumsS$664S$664
Value (Coverage/S$ Premium)1,8312,421
Annual LimitS$450,000S$600,000
Inpatient PsychiatricS$4,000S$6,000
Surgery BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)As ChargedAs Charged

AIA HealthShield Gold Max A Plan

AIA's Max A Plan is a private hospital plan that can entice those who don't mind exchanging some freedom of choice for market beating coverage. The A Plan is the most reasonably priced out of all AIA's plans, with its premiums being 10% below average for 25-35 year olds and around market average for older individuals. Consumers willing to be tied down to AIA's panel of specialists or pay private hospital prices to stay at public hospitals will have a market beating annual limit of S$2,000,000 and 13 months of pre and post-hospitalisation benefits. This is in addition AIA's full coverage for cancer, hospitalisation, pregnancy complications, accidental dental treatment and extra benefits for the 30 major critical illnesses.

While this plan may benefit consumers who know they'll end up staying at public hospitals most of the time, those who want the freedom to choose their own private hospital may not fare as well. This is because seeking treatment from a non-AIA approved specialist will decrease your annual limit to S$600,000 (40% below the private hospital average annual limit) and your pre and post-hospitalisation treatment to 100 days each. Thus, if you want a private hospital plan that provides freedom of choice and offers greater coverage, you can consider options like Prudential.

Premiums & BenefitsA PlanPrivate Hospital Median
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$174S$218
45-Year-Old PremiumsS$718S$648
75-Year-Old PremiumsS$1,894S$1,592
Value (Coverage/S$ Premium)1,2362,379
Annual LimitS$2,000,000S$1,000,000
Inpatient PsychiatricS$5,000S$6,000
Surgery BenefitsAs ChargedAs Charged
Daily Ward (Non-ICU)As ChargedAs Charged

AIA HealthShield Gold Max Riders

AIA has one main rider, Max VitalHealth, that complements each of its base plans, with two riders available for Plan A. The riders vary widely in pricing, with the B plan rider costing up to 36% above market average and the B Lite plan rider costing between 14-36% below average. Consumers who have the AIA private hospital option can save on their total health insurance costs by choosing the VitalHealth A plan, as the total cost hovers just below market average. However, those who don't mind spending a bit more to get more benefits may find the Booster to be worth the slightly above market average cost. For instance, while all riders reduce co-insurance to 5%, fully cover immediate family member hospital accommodation, alternative treatment and nursing benefits, the Booster also includes emergency outpatient treatment, ambulance coverage and outpatient treatment for HFMD and Dengue Fever.

Premiums & BenefitsB LitePlan BPlan APlan A w/ Booster
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$144S$212S$314S$376
45-Year-Old PremiumsS$266S$333S$432S$494
65-Year-Old PremiumsS$675S$905S$1,204S$1,266
Family Member Accom.S$50/dayS$70/dayAs ChargedAs Charged
Emergency Accidental OutpatientS$800S$1,000N/AS$2,000
Ambulance Services (per treatment)S$100S$150N/AS$250
Post-Hospitalisation Home NursingS$2,000S$3,000S$5,000S$5,000

However, it is worth noting that ambulance service and emergency accidental outpatient benefits are usually included in most insurers' riders, so it may not make sense to consumers to have to pay extra to get these benefits. For instance, private hospital riders from AXA, Great Eastern and Aviva all offer these benefits for a total rider-base plan cost that is S$300-S$400 less than AIA.

Policy Exclusions

AIA does not cover treatment for weight-related issues, elective cosmetic or plastic surgery, routine eye and ear examinations, private nursing charges, purchase of medical equipment such as hospital beds and wheelchairs, vaccinations, self-inflicted injuries or suicide and injuries sustained while participating in illegal activity. Pre-existing conditions may be covered if you declare it on your application. Additionally, you should note, however, that while these treatments are excluded, your MediShield life may already be covering some of them.

Claims & Contact Information

Hospitalisation claims can be submitted electronically via your hospital at the time of admission or discharge. Claims that are related to follow-up appointments, such as post-hospitalisation expenses, will require a submission of the Further Claim Form (linked below). For all claims, you must also submit the relevant documents including, but not limited to, original final bills and receipts, clinical abstract application form and copy of detailed inpatient discharge summary.

Contact Information
General Contact PageContact & Appointments
Customer Service Number1 800 248 8000
Mailing AddressAIA Singapore Private Limited, 1 Robinson Road, AIA Tower, Singapore 048542
Medical Claims FormsClaims Page

AIA Healthshield Gold Max Cost & Features

Getting the right supplemental health insurance can mean peace of mind when severe illness or disaster strikes. However, as you get older, your private health insurance premiums may become too much to handle. Thus, it is vital that you consider all of your options and find a plan that offers not only sufficient coverage, but will also be affordable as you get older. Below, you'll find a summary of AIA's premiums and benefits. If you'd like to learn more about how it compares to other IP plans available, you can read our guide to the best Integrated Shield Plans available.

Premiums & BenefitsStandard PlanB Lite PlanB PlanA Plan
25-Year-Old PremiumsS$53S$70S$99S$174
45-Year-Old PremiumsS$112S$162S$298S$718
65-Year-Old PremiumsS$280S$360S$664S$1,894
Annual LimitS$150,000S$300,000S$450,000S$2,000,000*
Daily Room & BoardS$1,700As ChargedAs ChargedAs Charged
SurgeryS$590-S$16,720As ChargedAs ChargedAs Charged
Inpatient PsychiatricS$17,500S$3,500S$4,000S$5,000
Pre-Hospitalisation Benefits (Days)N/A100100395*
Post-Hospitalisation Benefits (Days)N/A100100395*
Pregnancy Complications BenefitN/AAs ChargedAs ChargedAs Charged
Accidental Dental BenefitsAs Per SurgicalAs ChargedAs ChargedAs Charged
Deductible B1 WardS$2,500S$2,500S$2,500S$2,500
Deductible A WardS$2,500S$3,500S$3,500S$3,500
Deductible Private HospitalS$2,500S$3,500S$3,500S$3,500
*If treatment is received at a public hospital or from a practitioner on AIA's specialist panel
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