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Average Cost of Country Club Memberships in Singapore 2020

For many, the allure of a country club membership is worth its high price tag. To help consumers understand just how expensive it is to belong to one of these organisations, we've outlined the average cost of country clubs in Singapore. It is important to keep in mind that prices vary significantly by the club's offerings. Therefore, we've broken out the local clubs into two categories: golf clubs and other country clubs. We also detail the estimated cost components of memberships including the initial membership price, monthly subscription fees and transfer fees.

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Average Cost of Golf Club Memberships in Singapore

Aside from the obvious appeal to avid golf enthusiasts, golf club memberships are often viewed as status symbols or even investments. While prices have decreased in recent years, becoming a member at one of Singapore's Golf Clubs still costs tens of thousands of dollars. To give a better characterisation, we've broken out the costs below.

Average Golf Club Membership Sale Price

We estimate that the average price of a golf club membership in Singapore in 2019 is about S$67,423. This amount represents the primary cost of belonging to a club and is typically paid upfront. It is important to note that these rates vary drastically depending on the club size as well as the remaining land lease. For example, Sentosa Golf Club costs the most at S$255,000 for local individuals and has 2 18-hole courses, while Changi Golf Club costs just S$6,000 due to its smaller size (1 9-hole course). Meanwhile, courses with land leases that expire in the next few years are also more affordable, like Keppel Club (S$13,000), which lease expires in 2021. Similarly, memberships with earlier expirations or simpler benefits are also cheaper, such as Orchard Country Club's Silver 2023 plan (S$4,000).

Average Price of Golf Club Membership in Singapore 2019

Average Golf Club Membership Monthly Subscription Fee

On top of the initial cost of joining a country club, golf clubs tend to charge a monthly membership fee. In Singapore, these fees range from S$1-200. According to our research, the average subscription fee of golf clubs in Singapore is S$139 for families and S$118 for individuals. Members can save on these monthly costs by paying with a credit card that offers significant rewards on recurring payments.

Average Golf Club Membership Transfer Fee

Another important cost associated with owning a golf club membership is the organisation's transfer fee. This cost is borne to members that sell their memberships, and is therefore crucial to understanding the net value of one's country club membership. We found that the average transfer fee is approximately S$18,866, with fees ranging from a few thousand dollars to as much as S$42,800.

Average Golf Club Transfer Fee Singapore

Average Cost of a Round of Golf at Singapore's Golf Clubs

To understand how much it costs to play each course as a non-member visitor, we gathered publicly available greens fees pricing from 8 courses in Singapore. The table below outlines the average cost by day and course length.

Average Greens Fees Singapore


Average Cost of Other Country Club Memberships in Singapore

In addition to golf clubs, Singapore has a number of other country clubs. These clubs are typically less expensive, while still providing a wide variety of amenities. For example many offer fitness centers, tennis courts and swimming pools.

Country ClubMembership Price
Raffles MarinaS$2,500
Japanese ClubS$4,800
SRC LadiesS$6,500
One Degree MarinaS$11,000
Tower ClubS$11,000
* Source: Tee-Up Golf (July 2019)

We found that the average membership price of these clubs is S$12,519. Additionally we estimate that the typically subscription fee at these clubs is S$125 for a family and S$106 for an individual. Finally, these country clubs tend to average transfer fees of S$6,229.


In order to estimate the average cost of joining a country club in Singapore we gathered pricing data from Tee-Up Golf and the Straits Times. We analysed the greens fees based on data from the club's websites. We also considered pricing data for local Singaporeans, rather than for corporations or foreigners. While certain locations may offer membership deals, the prices reported in this article help consumers get a better understanding of general pricing in the country.

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