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Aviva Car Insurance: Is It the Right Plan For You?

Aviva's car insurance plans offer more generous coverage and peace-of-mind benefits than other car insurance plans while maintaining a highly competitive edge in pricing.

Aviva Car Insurance: Is It the Right Plan For You?

Aviva's car insurance plans offer more generous coverage and peace-of-mind benefits than other car insurance plans while maintaining a highly competitive edge in pricing.


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  • Premiums cost 20-30% below average
  • Discounts on multi-year plans
  • Only 10% NCD reduction for at-fault claims with Standard & Prestige plans


  • Doesn't offer TPFT or TPO policies
  • Lite plan fails to stand out despite low cost
  • Benefit-rich plans may not appeal to drivers who need basic coverage

Aviva Comprehensive Car Insurance plan's highly competitive pricing and generous coverage has something for every kind of driver. However, customers shopping for a TPO or TPFT car insurance plan should look elsewhere, as Aviva does not sell third party policies. If you're looking for a more fully-featured car insurance plan with some unique perks, read on to see if Aviva's car insurance plans could be the right fit.

Table of Contents

Summary of Aviva Car Insurance
Lite plan is cheap but feature-light
Standard plan offers average coverage for below-average pricing
Prestige plan is feature heavy while still affordable
Only 10% NCD reduction for at-fault claims with Standard and Prestige plans
Option to buy a dual year plan, saving you an additional 5% per year

Aviva Car Insurance Highlights

You will benefit most from Aviva if you are an inexperienced driver or looking to insure a family car. Very budget-friendly, with premiums around 20-30% below average, Aviva still includes an impressive number of built-in, valuable features and coverage. Benefits include the standard third party and car loss coverage, as well as personal accident, medical, towing, child seat, personal belongings, loss of use and unlimited car accessory coverage alongside 24-hour roadside and emergency assistance. Your car will also be covered for fire, flood, theft and natural disasters. Aviva's Prestige plan is especially a high value deal, with features such as guaranteed renewal premiums (same or lower renewal premium given no profile changes) and eCall (a rapid assistance service for potentially fatal accidents). Given that other insurers charge similar premiums for more basic plans, Aviva ends up being one of the most high value plans on the market.

This graph compares the cost of car insurance premiums for the average compact sedan in Singapore.

Another cost-saving benefit is Aviva's dual-year plan option that saves you an additional 5% on your premium. If you don't want to change your insurance plan annually or you are worried about price increases, this can be quite convenient. For those looking to protect their NCD, Aviva distinguishes itself from competitors by reducing your NCD by only 10% for each at-fault claim. This is unlike most insurers, who reduce your NCD by 30% upon renewal. This feature could save you a lot of money over the next few years, as it would only take one year to regain your prior NCD, as opposed to three years with other insurance companies. Additionally, all three plans have an additional 5% discount if you are currently earning a 50% NCD.

Discerning customers should note that for all its high points, Aviva's car insurance plan does fall short in a couple of ways. Its Lite plan may not be worth considering, even as a budget option as other insurers offer similar plans for less. Secondly, though Aviva does offer a variety of ways to upgrade your plan for increased coverage, its core benefits may not be necessary for single drivers, and you may end up paying for coverage you don't need (like car seats).

Aviva Motor Lite

Aviva's Lite car insurance plan can be a good option for safe, experienced drivers who want want basic protection for market beating prices. Its premiums are 20-30% cheaper for drivers with a 50% NCD compared to the market average. However, compared to Aviva's other two plans, it isn't as feature heavy and doesn't offer the eCall feature, roadside rescue, personal accident, accident reporting or pickup from accident location coverage. However, it does still offer towing, child seat coverage and brand new car replacement (if your car's repair costs exceed 70% of its market value). It also offers S$500 of medical expense coverage for you and your passengers.

However, one noticeable setback to the Aviva Lite plan is that its features may not give experienced drivers much accident protection benefits. For instance, older experienced drivers may not necessarily need car seat coverage, and may instead need something more basic like transport allowance to help them get around while their car is in for repaired—which isn't offered. Additionally, Aviva's special 10% drop in NCD in case of accident does not apply to this plan. Instead,, your NCD will drop by the industry standard 30% if you cause an accident.

Aviva Motor Standard

Aviva's Motor Standard plan can be a good option for cost-conscious families with experienced drivers. This is due to the plan's 20% below average cost for sedans along with some family-focused benefits. While it is not as comprehensive as Aviva's Prestige plan, it does offer some notable features including allowing an unlimited number of windscreen claims, repairs at any repair shops (although your excess will be doubled), on-site accident reporting and a free ride home following an accident. It also offers up to S$2,500 of medical expenses for you and your passengers as well as personal accident coverage at no extra cost.

However, Aviva's Standard plan fails to stand out either for budget-seekers or those looking for maximum benefits. If you are looking for a budget friendly plan, you can either opt for Aviva's Lite plan or Budget Direct. If you are looking for a feature-laden plan, you can opt for Aviva's Prestige plan or a top-tier plan from FWD. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a plan that offers something in between, this could be a decent plan to consider.

Aviva Motor Prestige

Aviva's Prestige plan is one of the best value options for families or drivers of luxury cars looking to maximise accident-related protection. It costs around 7-10% below the market average for married drivers and drivers of luxury cars. In terms of coverage, Aviva's Prestige plan combines affordability with life-saving features such as their eCall service, which monitors your driving and will alert authorities if you get into a potentially fatal crash. This is in addition to S$5,000 of medical expense coverage for you and your passengers, along with personal accident coverage for death, loss of limbs and loss of sight/hearing. To give you peace of mind following an accident, you will also have on site accident reporting, towing services, loss of use (S$80 daily transport allowance) and a ride home following an accident.

What makes this plan specifically great for families or new drivers is that it has no additional young and inexperienced driver excess. It also offers child seat coverage, S$3,000 of personal belongings coverage and the ability to repair your car at any repairer. Last, if you get into a car accident that was your fault, you will also see only a 10% drop in your NCD—a very forgiving benefit that can help families who tend to get distracted while driving (other insurers drop your NCD by 30%).

Aviva TPO/TPFT Plans

Aviva notably does not sell a TPO or TPFT policy. However, you may find that Aviva's Comprehensive plan may end up being cheaper than third-party plans from other insurers, especially if you have a 50% NCD.

Customisation & Other Options

For customers who may be interested in paying a little extra for more thorough benefits and coverage, Aviva offers an average selection of options to upgrade its base car insurance plan. As mentioned previously, Aviva offers an optional NCD Protector feature once you reach an NCD of 30%. You can also pay extra for additional coverage for personal accident, replacement keys and locks, a loss of use benefit, costs associated with identity theft and even add home contents coverage.

Additional BenefitsAmountCost
Lock/Key ReplacementS$500S$26.75
Loss of UseS$80/day for 10 daysS$80.25
Additional Personal AccidentS$100,000S$53.50
Privileged Rate Home InsuranceS$150,000S$85.60
NCD Protector (30%+)1 claimS$60.74

Aviva's Car Insurance Exclusions

Like most other car insurance companies, Aviva may deny your claim if the accident, injury, loss, or damage to the vehicle happened while someone was driving uninsured or without proper documentation. Moreover, Aviva won't pay if your car was damaged during any other agreement, such as delivery or passenger ride-sharing services. Other general exclusions include any accident, injury, loss, or damage if:

  • Your car is registered outside the Republic of Singapore
  • Your car is being used outside of the territorial limits
  • There was any criminal activity or willful act, willful negligence, or collusion by the driver
  • The driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • There was any loss, damage, injury, or death arising from your failure to comply with any manufacturer’s recall or service bulletin
  • It was directly caused by pollution or contamination unless caused by a sudden, identifiable, unintended, and unexpected event
  • It was caused by loss of use, wear and tear, depreciation
  • It was caused by mechanical, electrical, or electronic failure, breakdown, or breakage
  • There was computer and equipment failure or malfunction.
  • Damage to tyres by braking or by punctures, cuts, or bursts unless your car is damaged at the same time

Make sure you read the policy wording carefully to see what is and isn't covered by Aviva's motor insurance policy.

Claims & Contact Information

Aviva requires you to let them know of a possible claim submission within 24 hours of the event. If the accident is not your fault, you will not have to pay an excess or deductible. If the accident is your fault, you will pay the excess and suffer a drop in your NCD. There are several claim forms offered depending on the type of event with no option to submit the claims online.

Contact Information
Car Accident and Emergency Breakdown Assistance+65 6333 2222
Customer Service Hotline+65 6827 9966
Claims InformationClaim forms
Claims e-mail[email protected]
Mailing Address4 Shenton Way #01-01 SGX Centre 2, Singapore 068807

Summary of Features & Benefits

Finding the right car insurance offers peace of mind and proper protection for one of your most expensive assets. Below, we've compiled a summary of Aviva's main benefits, as well as any additional costs or excesses. If you would like to see how it compares to other car insurance plans, you should consider reading our guide to the best car insurance policies in Singapore.

General ExcessN/AN/AN/AS$250-S$2,000
Accidental Loss/DamageMarket ValueMarket ValueMarket ValueN/A
3rd Party Liability (Death)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedN/A
3rd Party Liability (Damage)S$5 MnS$5 MnS$5 MnN/A
Personal Accident (Driver)N/AS$50,000S$100,000N/A
Personal Accident (Passenger)N/AS$50,000S$100,000N/A
Medical Expenses (per pass.)S$500S$2,500S$5,000N/A
WindscreenUnlimited w/ Aviva WorkshopUnlimited w/ Aviva WorkshopUnlimited w/ Aviva WorkshopS$0-S$100
Car AccessoriesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedN/A
Personal BelongingsN/AS$1,000S$3,000N/A
Roadside AssistanceNoYesYesN/A
Young Driver Excess (under 25)N/AN/AN/AS$0-S$2,500
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