Aviva Home Insurance: Should You Buy It?

Aviva Home Insurance: Should You Buy It?

Cheap, high-limit policy for homeowners looking for high value despite low benefits

Good for

  • HDB & private property owner-residents requiring cheap, essential coverage with high dollar limit
  • Those looking to maximise value (total coverage per dollar of cost)

Bad for

  • Properties requiring generous, unslashed benefits
  • Homeowners who care about other benefits like family accident, lock & keys and frozen food protection
  • Wealthy individuals with coverage needs over S$150,000, as HomePlus offers low value

Editor's Rating


For homeowners looking for no-frills home insurance, Aviva offers some of the best-value home insurance policies with high content and renovation limits. Thus, the Home Lite and Home plans can be great options for homeowners who are looking for a simple home insurance plan that offers some of the best value for your money. However, Aviva home insurance is not a good option for renters and landlords since it does not offer separate renovation or contents coverage.

Summary of Aviva Home Insurance
Lite Plan is cheapest option on the market for 4-room HDB coverage
Home and Home Plus are competitively priced but may provide less value for larger homes
Renovation and contents coverage is capped at S$100,000 each
Miscellaneous benefits such as bicycles and replacement lock replacement cost extra
Not a good option for renters or landlords on a budget

Aviva Home Insurance Features

Aviva's home insurance plans are sure to give you great value for money if you are looking for basic coverage for your home. It offers 3 plans of varying coverage amounts: the Home Lite plan, Home and Home Plus plan. Due to the high contents and renovation coverage limits, these plans are best suited for 4 and 5-room HDB owners, as owners with smaller flats may end up overpaying for coverage. However, despite the high coverage limits, premiums are 30-65% below average, making Aviva a great budget option.

This compares the cost of home insurance for 4-room HDB flats in Singapore from major insurance companies

However, while Aviva can be a great option for homeowners looking for a no-frills plan, it does have its drawbacks for customers who are looking for a wide array of benefits. First, miscellaneous coverage for bikes and lock replacements cost extra. Second, the plan may not be a good fit for homeowners living in landed properties or those who have expensive belongings they'd like to insure. Aviva's renovation and contents has a cap of S$100,000 each for its most premium plan and no building coverage, which means landed property owners will be underinsured. Furthermore, the individual item limit of S$1,500 means homeowners with expensive jewelry or tech may not receive enough coverage. Lastly, Aviva may not be the best choice for tenants or landlords as there is no option to buy contents or renovation coverage separately. This means renters and landlords will end up paying more for coverage they won't need.

Aviva Home Insurance for HDB Owners

Out of all of Aviva's plans, we believe Aviva Home Lite is one of the best options for HDB homeowners looking to maximise the overall contents and renovation coverage for their home. Despite being Aviva's lowest-tier plan, Home Lite costs 67% less than similar competitors. But provides ample total limits that are suitable for 4-room HDB flats. Because of this, its value ratio of over S$2,000 of sum insured per dollar of cost outperforms most of its competitors by 82%. Similarly, Aviva Home and Home Plus plans can be good choices for cost conscious HDB flat owners who made either none or little renovations. This is because despite the competitive pricing of the plans (30-60% cheaper than the peer average), the Home and Home Plus plans have below average renovation coverage.

Despite Home Lite's exceptional value ratio, you should base your decision on an upfront understanding of its shortcomings. Aviva's Home Lite and Home plans achieve their low pricing by slashing benefits to the bone, eliminating five commonly-found features like food replacement, bicycle or keys and lock replacement costs. Instead, these features are sold separately as add-on options which, unfortunately, are quite costly for the average level of benefit they offer. As a result, HDB homeowners who value these benefits should either be willing to pay the extra price or consider insurers who include those benefits in their coverage.

Home SizeContents CoverageRenovation CoveragePremium
4-Room (Home Lite)S$35KS$75KS$52.97
4-Room (Home)S$50KS$100KS$88.28
5-Room (Home Plus)S$100KS$100KS$160.50
Industry AverageS$50,623S$125,989S$157.00

Aviva Home Insurance for Private Property Owners

Out of Aviva's 3 plans, the Home plan will be the best choice for condo owners on a budget thanks to its abundant S$150,000 of total sum insured. While most high-limit policies skimp out on content coverage, Aviva Home generously allocates S$50,000 to home contents, which we think is sufficient for 5-room HDB or similar private properties. Boasting a great value ratio of S$1,699 sum insured per dollar of cost (vs. market average of $1,374), it also comes with value-add features like sub-limits on cash & credit cards (up to S$500), as well as accidental breakage of glass (up to S$500). However, Condo owners living in large and extensively renovated flats may not find Aviva to be suitable as its renovation coverage falls below average

While Aviva's home insurance coverage can be sufficient for condo owners living in modest flats, it has neither the best coverage nor the best value for landed property owners. Though the cost of the premium plan is enticing, there is a lack of building coverage that most landed property owners will need to ensure complete coverage. Furthermore, Aviva fails to make up the gap by providing extra perks that competitors may not offer. Lastly, it is worth noting that Aviva's individual valuable limit of S$1,500 for technology and jewelry can be insufficient for wealthy families with very expensive valuables. As a result, we think there are better alternatives in the luxury home insurance market such as Income or AXA.

Home SizeContents CoverageRenovation CoverageBuilding CoveragePremium
2-Bed (Home Lite)S$35KS$75KN/AS$52.97
3-Bed (Home)S$50KS$100KN/AS$88.28
4-Bed (Home Plus)S$100KS$100KN/AS$160.50
Landed (Home Plus)S$100KS$100KN/AS$160.50
Industry AverageS$54,896S$136,695N/AS$186.00

Aviva Home Insurance for Renters & Landlords

Aviva's home insurance offerings may not be the best option for landlords or tenants. Since Aviva does not allow you to buy just a renovation or just a contents plan, consumers will be forced to purchase both. Due to this, with the exception of landlords who are renting out a furnished flat, we find that most landlords and tenants will be paying for coverage they won't utilise.

Aviva Add-on Options

Across all three tiers of home insurance plans, Aviva allows you to add on five key features at your own discretion. While this gives the policyholder more control over what to pay for, we recommend against purchasing these add-ons due to their high price tags. For instance, if you purchase the coverage on food, keys, and locks on Aviva Home, the value ratio will go down to S$1,270 of sum insured per cost. Companies like NTUC Income and AXA provide more wholesome benefits while still maintaining value ratios of around S$1,400. In conclusion, we think Aviva's high-limit plans are best purchased without the add-on options that decrease their values relative to other options in the market.

Add-on OptionCostCoverageMarket Avg.
Family Personal AccidentS$25S$50,000S$50,000
Identity TheftS$15S$2,500S$3,417
Food in FreezersS$15S$500451
Replacement Keys & LocksS$15S$500631
All-In-One PackageS$75NANA


An excess is your financial responsibility for a claim before the insurer steps in to cover the rest of the damages. While some home insurers have excesses in place for certain coverage, Aviva does not, which can save you a considerable amount of money over the long run.

Claims Information

You must file a claim with Aviva within 7 days of a claimable event occurring and call Aviva before employing any contractors. You submit a claim via email or post by filling out their claims form and attaching all the relevant documents (receipts, police documents). Aviva mentions they will respond to your claim within 2 working days from the time they receive your submission.

Contact Information
Claims & Customer Service6827 9966
Emergency Home Assistance6460 9391
Claims InformationHome Insurance Claims
Claims Email[email protected]
Claims AddressAviva Home Insurance Claims, Aviva Ltd., 4 Shenton Way, #01 - 01 SGX Centre 2, Singapore 068807

Summary of Coverage

While Aviva can entice certain consumers with their low prices and basic coverage, it may not be the best fit for consumers who are looking for very high coverage limits. Before you best home insurance plans in Singapore.

Home LiteHomeHome Plus
Value ($Insured/$Insured)2,0771,6991,246
3rd Party LiabilityS$250,000S$250,000S$250,000
Alternative AccommodationS$12,000S$12,000S$12,000
Accidental Glass BreakageN/AS$500S$500
Loss of money/cardsN/AS$500S$500
Loss of DocumentsN/AN/AS$500
Accidental Death of PetN/AN/AS$500
Individual Item LimitS$1,500S$1,500S$1,500
Valuables Limit15% of Contents15% of Contents15% of Contents

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