Aviva Travel Insurance: Is It Worth Your Money?

Aviva Travel Insurance: Is It Worth Your Money?

Aviva's travel insurance plans stand out for their seamless, well-rounded coverage that will ensure peace of mind on your next trip out of Singapore.

Good for

  • Travellers seeking good value for your money
  • Sports enthusiasts who want to protect sports/golf equipment
  • People seeking seamless coverage with no gaps or notable weak points

Bad for

  • Travellers on a tight budget

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If you want to ensure that your next trip out of Singapore is totally stress-free, you may want to consider Aviva's travel insurance plans. We consider these policies to be great overall packages that cover all the bases without costing more than they should. In general, we think that Aviva's travel insurance plans may be a good fit for the traveller who wants to maximise both coverage and value for money.

Summary of Aviva Travel Insurance

Travel LiteTravel PlusTravel Prestige
Undistinguished budget plan featuring average coverage at an average priceSolid coverage in all areas for a great overall package at a very fair price
Great coverage and benefits for golfers and sports enthusiasts
Offers trip cancellation for any reason, including for pre-existing medical conditions

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Aviva Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know

Aviva's travel insurance plans stand out for being fairly priced policies with great overall coverage; few, if any, weak points; and some nice VIP perks thrown in that golfers and sports enthusiasts will appreciate. Its mid-tier and premium-tier plans, the Travel Plus and Travel Prestige plans, are Aviva's best travel insurance plans. They both offer great value for your money, providing well-rounded coverage in all areas. However, Aviva's budget option, the Travel Lite Plan, fails to make much of an impression, lacking the "oomph" of other cheap plans.

A graph comparing value of travel insurance in Singapore from all major insurers in the country, assuming a 1-week trip in ASEAN region

Whether you are looking for a basic or top-tier plan, a business traveller or an adventure seeker, Aviva provides benefits that will ensure complete coverage. If you are a business traveller, you will receive coverage for a replacement traveller (if you cannot go on the business trip). If you are travelling for sports, you have options to purchase comprehensive add-ons for extreme water sports, winter sports and golfing—regardless of the plan you choose. If you are not dependent on price, you can receive some of the best medical and trip inconvenience coverage. If, however, you are cost-conscious, Aviva's plans may not be the best choice as you may find other plans that include sports or golf coverage for cheaper.

Notable Exclusions

Aviva has pretty generous coverage, so most exclusions are the standard medical and trip-related events. For example, you are not covered for cosmetic surgery, diseases caught because you failed to receive proper inoculations, claims made because you didn't feel like travelling and mental disorders.

Medical ExclusionsTrip Inconvenience Exclusions
Medical Expenses for pre-existing conditionsEngaging in sport for compensation
Pregnancy-related eventsItems taken by customs officials
Suicide and mental illnessBaggage sent separately or items left unattended
Cosmetic or elective surgery (unless necessitated by injury)Fragile articles
Travelling when you are medically unfitInability to travel due to business or contractual obligations
Metastatic or terminal illnessWar, riots, rebellions
Bungee jumping, BASE jumping, pot holing, marathons, rock climbing

Aviva Travel Lite Plan

The Travel Lite Plan, Aviva's entry-level travel insurance plan, is a mid-priced plan featuring a medium level of coverage. Overall, it covers the necessary bases, providing generally average levels of coverage for medical expenses, travel inconvenience, etc. at a reasonable price. However, it struggles to stand out compared to other plans on the market that we think offer better value for your money. For example, the Allianz Global Assistance's Bronze Plan provides a similar or even greater level of coverage in most areas for a cheaper price.

That being said, Aviva's Travel Lite Plan does distinguish itself somewhat from other budget travel insurance plans by including some specialized benefits that might catch the eye of sports enthusiasts or vacationers. On the whole, it provides the most coverage among entry-level travel insurance plans for golf equipment and unused green fees, as well as coverage for water sports and winter sports during week-long trips to ASEAN countries. It also may be of interest to travellers to destination weddings, as it provides a rudimentary amount of coverage for the cost of wedding photos. However, if you don't plan to engage in these kinds of activities, keep in mind that you may be paying for coverage in areas you don't need with the Aviva Travel Lite Plan.

Premiums & BenefitsLite PlanBasic Plan Average
1-Week ASEANS$28.33S$34.00
1-Week GlobalS$53.66S$59.00
Annual ASEANS$183.00S$196.90
Annual GlobalS$249.00S$282.49
1-Week ASEAN Value Ratio0.640.79
1-Week Asia Value Ratio0.620.78
1-Week Global Value Ratio0.580.74
Total Medical & Personal AccidentS$310,000S$411,000
Total Trip InconvenienceS$10,000S$10,500

Aviva Travel Plus Plan

The Travel Plus plan offers the best coverage of all mid-tier travel insurance plans studied for medical expenses, baggage loss/damage per item and trip cancellations. Overall, the Aviva Travel Plus Plan provides among the best value for your money on the market within this category, challenged only by the Allianz Global Assistance's Silver Plan.

While travellers seeking to maximise coverage in the area of travel inconvenience (trip cancellations and delays, baggage loss and delays, etc.) may be better served by the Allianz Global Assistance Silver Plan, the Aviva Travel Plus Plan is a better pick for those who want to maximise peace of mind as they engage in recreational activities while on holiday. Unlike the former, the Aviva Travel Plus Plan includes generous coverage for water and winter sports and sports/golf equipment, as well as a couple added perks for golfers and wedding-goers. Combined with its top-shelf medical expenses coverage, the Aviva Travel Plus Plan ensures that you can fully enjoy your vacation without worry.

Premiums & BenefitsPlus PlanMid-Tier Industry Average
1-Week ASEANS$39.42S$46.00
1-Week GlobalS$74.70S$78.00
Annual ASEANS$255.00S$242.00
Annual GlobalS$346S$343.00
1-Week ASEAN Value Ratio1.621.03
1-Week Asia Value Ratio1.570.99
1-Week Global Value Ratio1.471.00
Total Medical/Personal AccidentS$2,100,000S$819,600
Total Trip InconvenienceS$22,000S$16,700

Aviva Travel Prestige Plan

While other premium plans may excel in certain areas while failing in others, the Aviva Travel Prestige Plan will back you up no matter what. Like the Travel Plus plan, the Travel Prestige is a fully-featured, generous plan that costs less than the top-tier average at S$52. Even better, this plan lacks any weak points in terms of coverage, tending to provide at least the average amount of coverage in every single category and often exceeding the average. For example, the Aviva Travel Prestige Plan stands only with Allianz's Global Assistance Gold Plan in providing unlimited medical coverage.

Overall, the Aviva Travel Prestige Plan is certainly good value for your money. But depending on your preferences, there could still be a premier travel insurance plan better suited to your needs. If, you are most interested in a plan that offers maximum protection against baggage loss or damage and trip cancellations, the Allianz Global Assistance Gold Plan is another high-value plan that offers greater coverage in these areas. The Allianz Gold Plan also tends to be cheaper - sometimes significantly cheaper - than the Aviva Travel Prestige Plan. However, you should weigh this against the Allianz Global Assistance Gold Plan's extremely low coverage for personal accident/death and inferior coverage for trip and baggage delays compared to the Aviva Travel Prestige Plan. Furthermore, Aviva's Travel Prestige Plan distinguishes itself from Allianz's premium plan by offering better coverage for golfers and water/winter sports enthusiasts.

Premiums & BenefitsPrestige PlanTop-Tier Industry Average
1-Week ASEANS$52.33S$56.00
1-Week GlobalS$99.23S$90.00
Annual ASEANS$339.00S$302.00
Annual GlobalS$460.00S$421.00
1-Week ASEAN Value Ratio1.911.33
1-Week Asia Value Ratio1.851.32
1-Week Global Value Ratio1.731.35
Total Medical/Personal AccidentS$3,500,000S$1,639,000
Total Trip InconvenienceS$32,000S$26,200

Sports Coverage

Although you'll have to pay extra for whatever activity you know you'll be participating in, Aviva has some of the best sports coverage you can find. There is comprehensive coverage for golfing, winter sports and extreme water sports (rafting, canoeing/kayaking, yachting, jet skiing, sailboarding, wind surfing, water skiing, dragon boating, deep sea fishing). The main thing to note is that you have to do some of activities with a licensed operator only. Though not necessarily sports-related, there is also full cover for motorcycling. Additionally, if you choose not to buy specific cover for an activity, you will automatically be covered for normal adventurous activity that poses no severe health risk—as long as you do it with a guide or tour operator.

Golf CoverAll Plans
Loss of Golf Equipment (incl. In Use)S$2,000
Hiring of Golf EquipmentS$500
Damage of BuggyS$500
Unused Green FeesS$500
Add'tl CostS$6.64
Winter SportsAll Plans
Accidental Death/DisablementS$50,000
Emergency Medical CoverS$250,000
Loss of Equipment (Inc. in Use)S$3,000
Hire of EquipmentS$500
Loss of Deposit Due to Ski Track ClosureS$1,000
Delay due to AvalancheS$200
Ski and Ski Lift PassesS$500
Addt'l CostS$5.46
Extreme Water SportsAll Plans
Accidental Death/DisablementS$50,000
Emergency Medical CoverS$250,000
Loss of Equipment (Inc. in Use)S$3,000
Hire of EquipmentS$500
Addt'l CostS$5.62

Claims Information

You can submit claims with Aviva online through their claims portal. If you are claiming for reasons that required you to pay upfront (such as medical), you have to mail the original documents, along with your policy number.

Contact Information
Customer Service(65) 6827 9966
24-Hour Emergency Assistance(65) 6322 2022
AddressAviva Travel Insurance Claims, Aviva Ltd. 4 Shenton Way, #01-01 SGX Centre 2, Singapore 068807

Aviva Travel Insurance Details

It is important to make sure that you will be adequately protected for whatever you decide to do on your next vacation, and therefore it is vital that you choose the right travel insurance plan. Below, you'll find how Aviva compares in price and coverage to the industry's overall averages. If you would like to see how Aviva compares to other plans on the market, you can read our guide to the best travel insurance policies in Singapore.

LitePlusPrestigeIndustry Average
1-Week ASEANS$28.30S$39.40S$52.30S$46.00
Annual ASEANS$183.00S$255.00S$339.00S$248.00
1-Week AsiaS$35.80S$44.98S$66.00S$56.00
Annual AsiaS$202.00S$281.00S$373.00S$264.38
1-Week GlobalS$53.70S$67.60S$99.20S$78.00
Annual GlobalS$249.00S$346.00S$460.00S$355.00
1 Week ASEAN Value Ratio0.731.912.241.00
Annual Global Ratio0.631.621.901.00
Coverage BenefitsLitePlusPrestigeIndustry Average
Personal Accident & DeathS$50,000S$100,000S$500,000S$329,300
Emergency Medical & RepatriationS$250,000S$2,000,000UnlmtdS$1,043,000
Trip CancellationS$5,000S$15,000S$20,000S$12,900
Trip DelaysS$1,000S$1,000S$2,000S$1,300
Baggage Loss DamageS$3,000S$5,000S$8,000S$5,700
Baggage DelayS$1,000S$1,000S$2,000S$1,100

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