AXA Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

AXA offers plenty of customisation options for those who are willing to pay a high premium.
AXA For Her
AXA For Her

AXA Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

AXA offers plenty of customisation options for those who are willing to pay a high premium.


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  • Offers some of the most specialised plans available
  • Great quality of life benefits


  • Very pricey, especially for luxury car drivers
  • Can't buy certain plans online
AXA For Her
AXA For Her

AXA stands out from other car insurers by offering highly personalised policies depending on your driver profile. However, its high premiums and complex customisation procedures can make AXA out of reach for the average driver.

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Summary of AXA SmartDrive Private Car Insurance

AXA SmartDrive Private Car Insurance
Highly customisable policy if willing to purchase policy off-line
Above average prices for most driver profiles
Geared more towards affluent individuals
Not the best option for bargain hunters or those looking to maximise value

AXA SmartDrive Highlights

By far, the main draw of AXA is the variety of customization options it offers its customers. There are 7 different car insurance plans, each targeting a different kind of driver with different priorities and needs, as well as 5 optional Value Packs that can be purchased alongside any of the plans to offer address more specific concerns. The cumulative effect is that AXA offers some of the most specialized plans in the market for customers who prioritise coverage and quality-of-life benefits over affordability. That being said, AXA does tend to be pricey on average, with premiums that are well above average for most driver profiles. It is especially pricey for luxury cars, as premiums for cars like the BMW 530i range between S$7,000-S$8,750. For the sake of simplicity, this review focused on the Essential, Peace, For Her and Flexi plans as they are the only ones you can purchase online.

this graph shows the cheapest car insurance premiums for male drivers of sedans in Singapore

For drivers who want to feel like they're getting a personalised policy, AXA's SmartDrive plans could be worth looking at. Because AXA focuses on specialization, there are few benefits that are shared across all the plans. These benefits are 24/7 towing and transportation coverage, windscreen coverage and medical and dental coverage (besides the Essential plan). Besides that, coverage varies for specific plans around personal accident, increased flood protection, daily transport allowance, personal belongings and roadside assistance. If you want to customise your plan even further you can add individual coverages or purchase a Value Pack, which offers a curated selection of benefits. Luxury car drivers may appreciate the car protector option that will pay up to 110% of the market value of your car in the event of total loss.

Though the customisation can be a good thing, the bundling of features into pre-made plans and value-added packs can result in a somewhat clumsy customer experience. Though some features can be added individually, other features are part of a package of benefits, which could result in you paying for more features than you need. For example, if you wanted a plan that included coverage for the loss of personal effects and the ability to choose your own workshop, you would have to purchase either the Flexi Family plan or the Overseas Protector or Family Protector Value Packs, all of which might come with features that you don't actually need. Additionally, AXA is far from being the cheapest insurer on the market. For the average driver, premiums will be above average even for the Essential plan, so cost-conscious drivers should consider insurers like Budget Direct or FWD.

AXA SmartDrive Essential, Peace, For Her & Flexi Plans

As AXA's cheapest option, the Essential plan still costs 10-30% above market value, making it less than ideal for those on a budget or looking to insure mid-priced cars. its coverage is also very basic and offers only a repair guarantee and windscreen replacement besides the legally required third party and fired/theft coverage. We wouldn't recommend this plan to anyone as you can get much cheaper plans with the same or more coverage from virtually any other insurer in Singapore.

AXA's Peace plan is a male driver only plan that offers a bit more features than the Essential plan and costs 18-35% above the industry average. It seems to be designed for the affluent businessman with its S$3,000 of personal belongings (excluding jewellery, monetary items and watches) coverage, delivery of your repaired car to your chosen destination and flood coverage of up to 110% of the market value of your car. However, it doesn't include some pretty industry standard features such as phone and roadside support and a daily transport allowance. While the Peace plan's features certainly offer convenience and are unique to the market, it will be up to you to decide if they are worth the extra cost—it may only really be appealing to drivers of luxury cars who are not in the market for budget plans. However, even luxury drivers can get a better deal with luxury car-minded insurers like Direct Asia.

AXA's For Her plan is designed to predict the needs of female drivers by adding some peace of mind and cost-saving coverage like roadside assistance, daily transport allowance and an excess waiver after 2 years of having no claims. It also offers coverage comparable to its male-only equivalent, the Peace plan, as it offers medical and dental expenses and up to 110% of market coverage if your car gets totalled during a flood. However, its premiums are 18-25% more expensive than the industry average for female drivers and it doesn't include personal belongings coverage, so women who are looking for a bargain or a high-value plan can find better coverage for cheaper with insurers like FWD or Aviva.

For the driver who wants the ability to get his car repaired at any workshop, the Flexi plan can be a good option if you are willing to pay premiums 50% higher than the industry average. Besides allowing you to choose any workshop, you also get coverage for medical and dental expenses and 110% market value flood coverage. Interestingly enough, for premiums that are around 15% more expensive than the Peace or For Her plans, it offers less coverage than them, meaning you are spending more for an arguably less comprehensive plan. Additionally, if you value the ability to choose your own workshop but don't want to pay such a high premium, you may be better off with Aviva's policies.

Customisations & Other Options

AXA offers a plethora of optional benefit packages and add-ons in addition to its specialized plans.

Summary of Optional Add-ons

Additional CoverageAmountCost
Personal Accident (Driver)S$50,000-S$500,000S$14.45-S$133.75
Personal Accident (Passenger)S$20,000S$37.45
Car AccessoriesS$2,000S$96.30
Courtesy CarStandard-Luxury ModelS$83-S$130
Medical & Dental ExpensesS$5,000 per personN/A
Phone & Roadside AssistanceN/AS$107
Protector Plus PackS$100/day (10 days)S$146.48

AXA's Flexi+, Essential+, FlexFamily and all of the Value Packs besides Protector Plus are not available for purchase online. Still, their details are listed in our table below:

Extra PlansValuePacks
Essential Plus: Premium version of the Essential plan with additional features. Highlights: daily transport allowance; S$1,000 of medical and dental expense coverage; delivery of repaired car; and car protector feature (payment of 110% above market value for total loss).Protector Plus: Daily transport allowance of S$100 for 10 days, delivery of repaired car, car protector, renewal discount and 110% above market value payment in the event of a total loss. Can be purchased online.
Flexi Plus: Premium version of the Flexi plan with additional features. Highlights: daily transport allowance; delivery of repaired car; car protector feature.Duo Protector: Daily transport allowance, medical and dental expenses, personal accident, monthly allowance in case of permanent disablement, excess reduction for a couple.
Flexi Family: Premium version of the Flexi plan with additional family-friendly features. Highlights: personal accident benefits; S$3,000 personal belongings coverage; waiver of named Young or Inexperienced Driver Excess; monthly allowance in case of permanent disability resulting from car accident.Family Protector: Loss of personal belongings, medical and dental expenses, personal accident, monthly allowance, waiver of named Young or Inexperienced Driver Excess.
Claim Protector: Excess waiver, NCD Protector. Cannot be purchased online.
Overseas Protector: Loss of personal belongings, medical and dental expenses, hotel accommodation, overseas allowance, courtesy car overseas.

AXA's Car Insurance Exclusions

If you get an AXA insurance policy, you should know that you won't be insured for any more money than what is stated on your previously agreed policy terms. Moreover, you won't be covered for depreciation, wear and tear, or mechanical, electrical, or electronic breakdown or failures. AXA's policy also won't cover you for damage to your tyres or theft or damage to anything you keep in your car. This means that if you deck out your vehicle with high-tech accessories, you won't be insured for them if something happens. In summary, AXA won't insure you against:

  • Depreciation, wear and tear to your car
  • Mechanical, electrical, or electronic breakdown, failures, or breakage
  • Damage to tyres unless other parts of the Motorcar are damaged simultaneously in the
  • same accident
  • Loss of use of your car or any other indirect or consequential loss;
  • Loss of or damage to accessories and spare parts which are not on the car at the
  • time of damage, loss, or theft
  • Any willful act and/or wilful negligence of yourself or that of your Authorised driver.
  • Any claim in respect of damage to your own vehicle lodged after 14 days of the occurrence of the loss.
  • Death or bodily injury due to intentional self-injury or suicide, physical defect or infirmity, and the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs

Always try and read the policy wording before purchasing an insurance policy. This way you can check what is and isn't covered by AXA's car insurance policy.

AXA Claims & Contact Information

To successfully submit a claim with AXA, you have to report the accident within 24 hours and submit the proper damage and third party paperwork. You can do this by filling out their pdf forms and submitting it in person together with all the other appropriate documents. Windscreen claims can be submitted online (link below).

Contact Information
Tow Truck or Accident Services1 800 880 4741
Customer Service Hotline1 800 6880 4888
General Claims InformationClaim Procedure
Windscreen Claim SubmissionOnline forms
Mailing Address8 Shenton Way, #24-01 AXA Tower, Singapore 068811

Summary of Features and Benefits

AXA Flexi
AXA Flexi

Since car insurance premiums are already so expensive, finding a policy that provides the right amount of coverage while still fitting within your budget is a great way to maximise your peace of mind. Below, we've summarised AXA's general coverage and excesses. If you would like to compare it to other plans on the market, you can read our guide to the best car insurance policies in Singapore.

Standard ExcessN/AS$500
Accidental Loss/DamageMarket ValueN/A
3rd Party Liability (Death)UnlimitedN/A
3rd Party Liability (Damage)S$5 MnN/A
Windscreen Repair/ReplacementUnlmtdS$100 for replacement
S$0 Excess & S$50 cashback for repair
Young Driver Excess (Below 27)N/AS$2,500 (S$5,000 for own workshop)
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