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Bank of China Great Wall International Debit Card Review: Is It Good for Low Budget Spenders?

Cashback on general spend, with no annual fee

Bank of China Great Wall International Debit Card Review: Is It Good for Low Budget Spenders?

Cashback on general spend, with no annual fee


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  • Individuals with less than S$400 monthly spend
  • Those who desire a no-obligation debit card


  • Individuals with high monthly spend

For individuals that want to earn cashback on general spend without having to meet an annual fee waiver requirement, the Great Wall International Debit Card could be a good choice. This debit card offers 0.1% cashback on all purchases up to S$10 per month (or up to S$10,000 of spend). In order to qualify for cashback, a cardholder must spend a minimum of S$100, which is one of the lowest cashback requirements in comparison to other debit cards on the market, and doesn't charge an annual fee. The Bank of China Great Wall International card is a great, maintenance-free debit card.

Table of Contents

  • No annual fee
  • Low minimum spend to qualify for cashback
  • No fees when withdrawing from a BoC ATM in Mainland China
  • Low cashback earnings cap

What Makes The Great Wall International Debit Card Stand Out

The Great Wall International Debit Card has one of the lowest minimum spend requirements for general rewards debit cards. This debit card offers individuals a 0.1% rebate on all types of spend. In order to earn this rate, there is a minimum spend of S$100. In comparison to other debit cards, this minimum spend is one of the lowest requirements.


Minimum SpendGeneral RateEarnings Cap
Great Wall InternationalS$1000.1%S$10
DBS NUSSUS$5001%S$20
DBS UnionPay PlatinumS$4000.5%S$50

This debit card is one of the best options for individuals that have less than S$400 monthly spend. Despite having a low earnings rate, this card allows individuals to start earning cashback on their purchases with significantly less overall spend. The Great Wall International Debit Card has a cap of S$10 per month. In order to earn this maximum cashback cap, an individual must spend around S$10,000 a month, in which case another card with a higher minimum spend would provide more value. Therefore, this card is much more beneficial for individuals that have a general monthly spend below S$400.

Comparison of Earned Rewards by Monthly Expenditure

Monthly Grocery SpendS$100S$300S$400S$500
Great Wall InternationalS$0.10S$0.35S$0.40S$0.50
DBS UnionPay PlatinumS$0S$0S$2S$2.50

How To Apply

In order to apply for the Great Wall International Debit Card, an applicant must go to a Bank of China (BoC) branch with their personal documents. Once validated, the applicant can select the debit card, and activate it instantly.

Great Wall International Debit Card Eligibility

In order to be eligible for this debit card, Bank of China has a couple of requirements before an individual can be approved. Applicants must be at least 16 years old and have an SGD savings account, SGD current account, Multi-Currency Savings account (with an SGD sub account) or Future Savers account.

How To Cancel

Unlike other cancellation services, Bank of China does not offer the option to cancel your card online. In order to cancel your debit card, you must visit a Bank of China branch with your personal documents. Once validated, you can cancel your card in-person.

Credit Card Alternative: CIMB Visa Signature

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Consider this if you want to earn 10% cashback on online retail, groceries, pet shops & vet services, and more
  • Pros
    • Rewards online shopping, groceries and beauty spend
    • Rewards pet spend and cruises
    • No annual fee credit card
    • Cons
      • Lacks discounts on transport & petrol
      • Speciliazed spend
      • Doesn't fit frequent travellers
      • 10% on grocery, online, beauty, and petcare purchases
      • Free travel insurance
      • Global concierge access
      • 0% interest installment plans

      The CIMB Visa Signature Credit Card offers individuals a great way to earn cashback on retail & grocery spend with no added fees. Cardholders have the opportunity to earn 10% cashback on groceries, petcare, cruise lines, online fashion, and beauty, with a minimum monthly spend of S$800. There is a monthly cap of $100 on earnings, which gives cardholders the opportunity to earn S$1,200 annually.

      Cashback earnings are limited to S$20 per spend category. In order to maximize cashback, cardholders must spend a minimum of S$200 in each category. An added benefit to this card is that there is no annual fee, making it a great maintenance-free option.

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