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5 Affordable Enrichment Classes for Primary and Secondary School Students in Singapore

While all centre-based tuition and enrichment classes have moved activities online until the end of Phase 2, primary and secondary school...

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4 Interpersonal Skills You Must Develop If You Want a Promotion

Look beyond the technical skills if you want to get a promotion this year.

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How Much Will It Cost to Get Your Dog Ready for a Dog Show?

Ever wondered what it takes to enter your dog in a dog show? Read below to learn about the costs involved and the steps to take to ensure...

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Vesak Day 2021: 4 Affordable Ways to Celebrate Vesak Day in Singapore

Vesak Day is coming up next week! Wondering what to do on the public holiday? We’ve shortlisted a few (budget-friendly) options for you to...

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How Freelancers in Singapore Can Save for Retirement

Looking for ways to save for retirement as a freelancer? Read our article below to learn about different ways of saving that you can start...

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4 Key Money Lessons for Kids of All Ages

Most parents want their kids to grow up as respectful neighbours, diligent students and caring members of the family. But one role that...

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5 Reasons You Must Have an Emergency Fund

Why do I need an emergency fund? Find out how an emergency fund creates a financial buffer for you and your family when you need it the...


4 Smart Ways To Spend Your First Paycheck

Don't spend your first paycheck without reading smart personal finance tips on what you should do with it.

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In-Person Social Interaction Is More Beneficial Than You Think for Your Career

The negative effects of social isolation have been well documented, but the increasing work hours and lockdowns brought upon by the...