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Travel Insurance

Top Ways to Go on Your Dream Vacation For Less

Want to go on holiday but fear it's too expensive? Read our top tips on ways you can afford to go on your dream vacation.

Maid Insurance

3 Maid Insurance Conditions You Must Know to Save on Your FDW's Medical Costs

If you employ a foreign domestic worker, you are responsible for her medical care. Plan better for unexpected medical expenses by learning...

Travel Insurance

50% of Singaporeans Don't Know About This Travel Hack

Hundreds of Singaporeans' travel plans are disrupted every year when their travel agency suddenly goes bankrupt. Read on to learn how you...

Education Loans

Start University on the Right Foot: The Best Student Loans to Fund Your Education

While getting an acceptance letter from your dream university is a wonderful accomplishment, the tuition fees that follow are not always...

Travel Insurance

How Much Do You Really Save by Booking Your Vacation Early?

Planning a budget-friendly trip can be difficult due to the many factors that can suddenly affect airfare and hotel prices. Read on to find...

Life Insurance

A Comprehensive Guide To Cash Value in Whole Life Plans

Often offered in whole life insurance plans, you may come across the term “cash value”. While it has attractive returns, it is not for...

Life Insurance

Buy Term Invest the Rest: What it Means & Why People Are Opting For It

Buy Term Invest The Rest (BTIR) is a method of getting life insurance coverage for cheaper premiums and investing the difference. From how...

Fixed Deposits

A Basic Guide to Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit Accounts

Foreign currency fixed deposits offer a great way to earn interest, though there's some risk involved. Learn more from our basic guide.

Maid Insurance

Can Maid Insurance Help You Save Money in the Long Run?

Just how much does one have to earn to afford a foreign domestic worker in Singapore today? Can having a good maid insurance policy really...