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HDB Loan vs Bank Loan – What Should You Consider?

When purchasing your new HDB flat, you have an option to get a bank loan or a HDB loan. Read our guide to decide which one is the better...

Credit Cards

7 Data-Driven Ways Of Saving On Your Monthly Recurring Bills

Save on your monthly recurring bills with these proven, data-driven methods!

Home Loans

Home Construction at the Lowest Point Since 2007

Home construction in Singapore has reached the lowest point since 2007. But what's driving this? We've researched the numbers to find out.

Home Loans

Housing Prices in Singapore Feb 2017: How Much Will Your First Home Cost?

Here's our analysis of the latest housing price trends in Singapore as of February 2017

Budgeting & Saving

What You Need to Know About Petrol Prices in Singapore

Singapore is the dominant oil trading nation in Southeast Asia. If you are curious about how and why petrol prices in Singapore changes,...


Is Mobile Phone Insurance Worth the Cost?

Is a cell phone insurance worth your money?

Travel Insurance

Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

Making travel plans soon? Don't know if you need to buy travel insurance? Here's all you need to know about why travel insurance is...


Household Debt in Singapore – Trends and Causes Analyzed

Household debt in Singapore has been called as one of the biggest issues facing economic growth in the years to come. Why is household debt...

Credit Cards

Singapore 2nd Lowest In Asia In Unpaid Credit Card Debt

We have analyzed data on different credit card usage behavior by country in the developed part of Asia. Find out how people in each country...