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What Does Mindful Living Have to Do with Saving Money?

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in becoming more mindful. A variety of research suggests that mindful practices can make us...

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Comfort on a Shoestring: Cost of 5 Underrated Destinations

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Are Canadian Universities a Better Choice than U.S. Schools for International Students?

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Budgeting for Altruism: Tipping Expectations Worldwide

As tipping becomes more common around the world, knowing when to tip and how much can keep your travel costs in check.

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Here's How Much it Could Cost You to Catch the Northern Lights

Not much can fascinate like the elusive Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. Which destinations are best to catch the...

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How Much Can You Actually Save by Moving From a Condo to an HDB Flat?

HDB flats are often viewed as a downgrade from condos. However, many Singaporean's recognise the value of HDB flats as a relatively less...

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Picking Up a New Sport? Here's How Much It Could Set You Back

Starting a new sport can be a fun way to keep fit, shake off stress, and form new friendships. That said, the costs involved can be a cause...


What the Trade War Means for the Everyday Investor

As an investor, news regarding the trade war between China and the United States can be worrisome. What do individual investors need to...

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Can PropTech Save You Money?

Innovative companies have disrupted industries from hospitality to finance. Is real estate next?