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Can Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Really Help You Save Money?

Electric vehicles have been growing rapidly in popularity in Singapore. According to our calculation, however, the cost advantage of hybrid...


How Bad Is the Gender Wage Gap in Singapore?

Has Singapore's gender wage gap been improving, deteriorating or remaining stagnant? We dove into the data to find out.


Fixed vs. Floating Rate: Which is Better for Your Home Loan?

One of the most challenging tasks when shopping for a home loan is to choose between a fixed rate loan or a floating rate loan. Is fixed...


Rent or Own, Which Is Better For You?

Renting, rather than owning, is becoming increasingly popular in one of the world's most expensive property markets. But is it the best...

Travel Insurance

You Should Consider Getting Travel Insurance Before Visiting These Countries

Planning a trip out of Singapore? You may think that travel insurance isn't really necessary–what are the odds that you'd need it? As a...


3 Investing Tips for Millennials: Start Investing Early, Aggressively and Independently

With rising difficulties in earning an income through employment, an increasing number of people are looking for sources of passive income...

Credit Cards

3 Things to Consider Before Blindly Applying for the Newest Credit Cards in the Market

Don't just apply for the newest credit cards in the market. Carefully consider which one is the best fit for your needs.

Credit Cards

3 Tips On Planning Your National Day Long Weekend Holiday

Another long weekend is coming up in Singapore in August: National Day. By taking time off on either the 7th and the 8th or the 10th and...


4 Things to Consider Before Borrowing For Your Home Renovation Project

It might be tempting to borrow money to complete your dream home renovation project. But, you must consider these financial factors before...