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Health Insurance

Prevent Costly Dental Visits By Adopting These 4 Dental Hygiene Behaviors

Dental care in Singapore is expensive and your health insurance won't cover most procedures, leaving you to pay for your dental care...

Maid Insurance

3 Maid Insurance Conditions You Must Know to Save on Your FDW's Medical Costs

If you employ a foreign domestic worker, you are responsible for her medical care. Plan better for unexpected medical expenses by learning...

Education Loans

ValueChampion Student Interview Series: Lim Yee Xien, SMU

ValueChampion helps consumers make well informed personal finance decisions. To help students and their families navigate the university...

Credit Cards

Whey Protein or Meat–Which Better Suits Your Active Lifestyle?

Both protein powder and meats help you meet your dietary protein requirements. But which is better for you?

Travel Insurance

Splurging on Seclusion: Cost of 5 Remote Honeymoon Destinations

How much would you be willing to spend to have your honeymoon in some of the remote hotels in the world?

Travel Insurance

Make Learning Fun: 4 Affordable & Educational Trips for the Whole Family

Encourage your kid's curiosity by making your next holiday an educational one.

Credit Cards

Amazon's Launch in Singapore: Where Should You Shop Online Now?

With Amazon officially launching its website in Singapore, its first in SouthEast Asia, competition among e-commerce platforms in the...

Property & Home Loans

Rising Mortgage Defaults in Singapore: Should You Be Worried?

Fluctuations in the housing industry can be a cause of concern for investors and homeowners alike. What do you need to know about the...

Credit Cards

Choosing Activewear: Are Premium Brands Really Worth It?

If you're shopping for activewear, you may be surprised by price discrepancies between brands. Are expensive labels really worth the extra...