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Is Becoming an E-Sports Athlete a Potentially Good Career Path For You or Your Child?

Esports has been experiencing an explosive growth in popularity in the last few years. With its rise, a growing number of people are also...

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Review of Singapore Government's Budget: 2009-2017

The government of Singapore is set to announce its budget plans for 2018 on Monday, 19 Feb 2018. While many media outlets have been...

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4 Financial Lessons to Teach Your Children in 2018

It's unreasonable to expect our children to be financially savvy the moment they turn 18. Instead, parents should teach their children how...

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3 Steps to Take If Your Car Was Affected By a Flood

Flash floods are not uncommon in Singapore. Still, the latest flash flood along Upper Changi Road on 9 January was unusually bad, with half...

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5 Money-Saving Hacks On Your Beauty and Skincare Spending

It's always easy to overspend on beauty and skin products. After all, skin and face is some of the most intimate body parts that shape...

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BlueSG: Is Electric Car Sharing Really Cheaper Than Other Alternatives like Grab and Uber?

BlueSG, an electric car sharing service that recently launched in Singapore at the end of 2017, has been making headlines as it already...

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Maid Insurance: Is Purchasing the Waiver of Counter Indemnity Add-On Worth the Extra Cost?

Find out whether or not you should be purchasing the Waiver of Counter Indemnity add-on with your maid insurance.