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Top Ways to Go on Your Dream Vacation For Less

Want to go on holiday but fear it's too expensive? Read our top tips on ways you can afford to go on your dream vacation.

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Consumer Taxes in Singapore: Trends Analyzed

Ahead of Singapore government's upcoming budget announcement scheduled for 19 February 2018, we've prepared a brief overview on how taxes...

Budgeting & Saving

Can Bike Sharing Services in Singapore Really Help You Save Money?

With the promise of providing cheap and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, bike sharing services have been growing like weeds...

Travel Insurance

Maldives' State of Emergency: What Singaporean Travellers Should Do

The political crisis in the Maldives can be worrisome to those travelling there in the near future. Here's what you should do to regain...

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Singapore Airlines' Blockchain-Based Loyalty Program: Is It a Good Move for Consumers and the Company?

If done carefully, cryptocurrency-based loyalty programs could be a legitimate source of funding and operation improvements for these...


Which Companies Could Be the Next ICO Candidate?

With the hype around Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in the last few months, several sizable public companies in the US have benefited...