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Small-Medium Business (SME)

5 Must Ask Interview Questions When Hiring a New Employee

Nearly 3 in 4 companies use traditional, structured interviews to find new employees. But how do you ensure that your interview process is...


Crowdfunding: A Great Alternative to Traditional Investing?

In this article, we explain in detail the most important things you should consider prior to investing in crowdfunding platforms.

Credit Cards

If Cash Isn't "Dead," Then What Is It Being Used For?

Bank of International Settlements (BIS) recently published a study showing that cash is not dead, and in fact is quite alive. In fact, they...

Small-Medium Business (SME)

4 Reasons Singapore is Great for Startups

With the power of increased connectivity, startups are increasingly able to choose where they do business. With its strong economy, well-...

Small-Medium Business (SME)

Best Countries in Asia-Pacific for Startups

We evaluated available economic data to determine the best countries in Asia-Pacific for startups. Our analysis covered the general...

Personal Loans

Is Singapore's Debt Consolidation Plan Working? Household Debt Data Shows Mixed Signals

In 2017, the Association of Banks in Singapore introduced a new financial instrument called debt consolidation plan (DCP) to help consumers...

Property & Home Loans

The Most Expensive and the Cheapest Residences in Singapore by Neighborhood – March 2018

In 2018, Singapore was ranked as the most important property market in ASEAN by Morgan Stanley's research. Given this, it is not surprising...

Credit Cards

How Contactless Mobile Payments Can Help Singaporeans Save

Contactless payments aren't just convenient. Now they can also help you save money.

Property & Home Loans

Renewing Your Mortgage Loan: Why, When and How You Should Do It

Making the right move with your mortgage at the right time can save you thousands of dollars.