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Small-Medium Business (SME)

3 Ways Startups in Singapore Should Assess Different Financing Options

As a startup, financing is crucial to your development. Find out which financing options are available for you and how to pick the best...


Which Companies Could Be the Next ICO Candidate?

With the hype around Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in the last few months, several sizable public companies in the US have benefited...

Credit Cards

How E-Commerce Tax Might Affect Consumers and How to Reduce Its Impact

Ahead of the Singapore government's budget announcement in February, there has been much talk of rise in GST. Currently, consumers in...

Property & Home Loans

This Is Why Experts Advise Against Wiping Out Your CPF to Buy Your First Home

While Singapore's HDB has kept housing prices relatively affordable compared to other urban areas around the world, it's still very...

Credit Cards

5 Fashionable Ways of Saving on Your Wardrobe Cost

Shopping can be an expensive hobby. Here, we discuss some easy ways of reducing this cost by correcting some of the common mistakes...


Is Becoming an E-Sports Athlete a Potentially Good Career Path For You or Your Child?

Esports has been experiencing an explosive growth in popularity in the last few years. With its rise, a growing number of people are also...

Personal Finance

Review of Singapore Government's Budget: 2009-2017

The government of Singapore is set to announce its budget plans for 2018 on Monday, 19 Feb 2018. While many media outlets have been...

Personal Loans

3 Steps to Avoid Financial Hangover from Year End Shopping Spree

It's easy to go overboard with shopping. But when you do, you are almost guaranteed to have some financial pains later on.

Personal Finance

4 Financial Lessons to Teach Your Children in 2018

It's unreasonable to expect our children to be financially savvy the moment they turn 18. Instead, parents should teach their children how...