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Car Insurance

Afraid of Getting Dragged into a Car Insurance Fraud? Take These 3 Precautions

Follow our advice to help protect you from car insurance fraud.

Credit Cards

Should You Pay Your Rent with a Credit Card?

For young folks, rent can be one of their biggest expenses. But can you earn credit card rewards on them?


Loans: Exploring the Good vs the Ugly

Not all loans are bad, and not all loans are good. Knowing which ones to use and when is critical in improving your personal finance.


Power of Airbnb: Growing Tourism in Singapore, but Falling Hotel Industry?

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3 Ways Mimicking Hedge Funds Can Actually Hurt Your Investment Portfolio

Investing is hard, and sometimes you can't just copy what the professionals seem to be doing.

Budgeting & Saving

3 Money Mistakes That You Commit Without Even Trying

We all make money mistakes, but sometimes we don't even realise we are doing them.

Credit Cards

2 Lessons from China on How Singapore Can Become Truly Cashless

China has leapfrogged into a cashless payment society, and has surpassed almost every other country in this aspect.

Credit Cards

4 Credit Card Perks That Make Dating in Singapore Cheaper

Dating doesn't have to be expensive. There are easy ways to save with some credit card tricks.

Credit Cards

4 Costly Grocery Shopping Habits That You Can Stop Today

Save money everyday by stopping some of these grocery shopping habits that you may not have even realized.