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Buying a Resale Flat in Singapore? Here are 6 Things You Need to Check

Demand for resale flats is expected to remain heightened in the face of BTO delays. Avoid buying a resale unit that is wrong for you by... Read More

How the Recent Property Cooling Measures Will Affect You as a Potential Homeowner

The Singapore government unveiled a new round of cooling measures for the property market on 29 September. Here’s what this means for you. Read More

How To Refinance Your Mortgage Loan For More Savings

With continuing Federal Reserve Rate hikes and mortgage rates in Singapore on the rise, the topic of refinancing grows ever more crucial.... Read More

Loans, CPF, and Grants: What are Three Ways to Help Finance Your First Very Home in Singapore

Getting your first home can be a nerve-wrecking experience. But fret not, here are three different ways to help finance your very first... Read More

HDB Resale Prices Rising – Should You Opt For Resale Or BTO?

HDB resale prices have been rising, with an increase of 2.8% in Q2. Amidst the higher-than-ever HDB resale flats prices, would the average... Read More

All You Need To Know About Singapore’s Home Loan Rates Hitting New Highs Amidst Fed Interest Rate Hike

Amidst the Fed's latest interet rate hike, the rates of housing loans in Singapore have all surged. What does this mean for us? Read on to... Read More

One-Million-Dollar Properties: HDB v.s Condo

With so many HDB flats reaching S$1 million dollars, many of us would be wondering whether it is worth the price tag or whether a... Read More

Everything To Know About US Largest Interest Rate Hike Since 1994 & How It'll Affect Singaporeans

With news of US largest interest rate hike since 1994, many will be worried about the effects on Singapore. Will mortgages get more... Read More

Can You Use CPF To Pay Your Monthly Mortgage Bank Loan?

Everyone has heard of using CPF to finance their HDB loans. However, some will be shocked to find out that they can actually use their CPF... Read More