Citibank Balance Transfer Review: Is it Worth Considering?

Citibank Balance Transfer Review: Is it Worth Considering?

Citibank offers competitive 6 month interest-free balance transfers to new customers.

Good for

  • New Citibank customers seeking a 6-month balance transfer loan

Bad for

  • Current Citibank customers
  • Borrowers seeking balance transfers with interest-free periods of 3 or 12 months

Editor's Rating


Citibank is a great option for new Citi customers seeking 6-month balance transfers, but is not as good for individuals seeking other interest-free periods or existing Citi customers. This is because the bank offers competitive rates on 6 month interest free balance transfers to new customers, while its offers to existing customers tend not to be competitive. Additionally, Citibank's balance transfers with 3 and 12-month interest-free durations are less competitive with other banks in Singapore.

Summary of Citibank's Funds Transfer
Competitive offers for 6 month interest-free balance transfers to new Citibank customers
Minimum monthly repayment of 1% - 3%
Transfer amount: S$500 - 90% of credit limit

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What Makes Citibank Stand Out to Borrowers

Citibank offers competitive fee rates for its 6 month interest-free balance transfers. These transfers have processing fees of just 1.58% to new customers, making them among the cheapest balance transfer options. However, Citibank's offers aren't competitive for existing customers who have had any banking relationship with the company in the past 12 months. Also, Citibank's rates to borrowers seeking 3 and 12 month interest-free balance transfers are less competitive than its offers for 6 month interest-free transfers.

Additionally, Citibank charges relatively high interest rates upon the conclusion of its balance transfers' interest-free periods. These rates are 20.95% for Citibank Ready Credit customers and 26.9% for Citibank credit card customers. This indicates that borrowers that do not expect to repay their loans within 6 months should consider a 12 or 18 month balance transfer in order to avoid accruing a significant amount of interest after their interest-free period concludes.

Citibank's credit card balance transfer requires monthly repayments of 1% or S$50, whichever is higher. This is one of the lower requirements among balance transfers in Singapore. Meanwhile, the Ready Credit balance transfer requires a much higher monthly repayment of 3% or S$45, whichever is higher.

Summary of Citibank's Balance Transfer Costs

Interest-Free PeriodProcessing FeeCredit Card Balance Transfer EIRReady Credit Balance Transfer EIR
3 months1.58%6.73%6.69%
6 months1.58%3.65%3.60%
6 months2.50%5.81%5.72%
12 months5.50%7.87%7.58%
* rates for existing customers

Who Can Apply: Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Citibank's balance transfers, borrowers must have annual incomes of at least S$30,000. Citibank offers balance transfers to both new and existing customers. With that said, the bank offers much more competitive rates to new customers.

Other Charges & Fees

In addition to its processing fee, Citibank charges a late payment fee of S$100 and a S$40 penalty for borrowers whose outstanding balance exceeds their credit limit.

FeeFee Amount
Late Payment ChargeS$100
Overlimit FeeS$40

How to Apply for Citibank's Balance Transfer

Individuals interested in Citibank's balance transfers can apply online. Applicants must provide their NRIC/Passport number/FIN, annual income amount and contact information.

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