Citibank Personal Loan Review

Citibank Personal Loan Review

Best personal loan for borrowers seeking small, short-term financing.

Good for

  • Individuals seeking small personal loans
  • Borrowers seeking personal loans tenures of 1 - 2 years

Bad for

  • Borrowers seeking large, long-term loans
  • Existing Citibank credit card or personal loan customers
  • Individuals seeking a specific-use loan (e.g. car loan)

Editor's Rating


Citibank's Personal Loan is a great option for individuals seeking a short-term personal loan. The loan offers the lowest interest rates for 1 year loans, with effective interest rates (EIR) of 8.5% for new customers and 11% for existing customers.

Summary of the Citibank Personal Loan
Lowest short-term interest rates for Personal Loans: 8.5 - 11% EIR
No processing fee
Low minimum loan amount: S$1,000
Promotion: New customers receive lower interest rates 8.5 - 10.5% EIR

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What Makes the Citibank Personal Loan Stand Out to Borrowers

Citibank's Personal Loan (formerly known as Ready Credit PayLite) is a great financing option for individuals seeking a small short-term personal loan. Citibank charges competitive effective interest rates for loans of 1 to 3-year loans (8.5 - 9%), making it a great option for your short-term personal loan needs. Additionally, Citibank's minimum loan amount of S$1,000 is lower than other banks that tend to require minimum loans of at least S$5,000.

Loan TenureAnnual RateFeeEffective Interest RateMonthly Instalment*Total Cost*
1 year4.94%0%9.0%S$874.50S$494
2 years4.92%0%9.0%S$457.67S$984
3 years4.55%0%8.5%S$315.69S$1,365
4 years5.72%0%10.5%S$256.00S$2,288
5 years5.79%0%10.5%S$214.92S$2,895
*Assuming loan of S$10,000, total cost includes impact of promotions

Some of the most prominent downsides to the CitiBank Personal Loan are that it features more expensive long-term interest rates and slightly slower cash disbursement than other banks. Citibank Personal Loans with tenures of 4 or 5 years have effective interest rates of 10.5% to 12.25%, compared to HSBC which charges 7 to 9% EIR. Finally, Standard Chartered's current cashback promotion, which offers 1 - 1.5% of approved loan amount (up to S$1,088) plus S$50 cashback to online applicants, presently makes Citibank's personal loan the second cheapest 1-year personal loan, despite having the best EIR.

Who Can Apply: Eligibility Criteria

Consider this if you require a small, short-term personal loan

Eligibility S$30,000 of annual income
Max. Loan Amount 4x monthly salary
Min. Loan Amount S$1,000
Processing Fee None
Approval Time 1 hour (before 5pm)

Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents below age 62 with annual incomes of at least S$30,000 are eligible for the Citibank Personal Loan. Citibank's best rates are offered exclusively to new customers. Existing Citibank credit card or personal loan holders are charged higher interest rates for short-term loans, making it a less attractive option for these borrowers. While these rates are still competitive to offers from other banks, they are not always the best rates available.

Tenure (Years)New CustomersExisting Citibank Credit Card or Personal Loan Holders

Other Charges and Fees

The Citibank Personal Loan does not charge a processing fee, which helps keep the total cost of borrowing competitive. However, Citibank does charge a cancellation fee of S$100 or 3% of the outstanding unbilled principal amount, whichever is higher. This fee is quite similar to those charged by other banks.

How to Apply: Application Process

Citibank's personal loan application process requires that you provide your personal contact, financial and employment information. Citibank's Personal Loan offers 1 hour loan approval. Cash is disbursed within 3 to 5 days of approval; either at a branch location or directly into your preferred bank account.

  • Completed and signed Letter of Instruction
  • Photocopy of NRIC (front and back)
  • CPF statement (past 12 months) or Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment
  • 2 years' Income Tax Notice of Assessment and last 3 months' bank statements (Self-employed)

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