Ergo Travel Insurance: Is it Worth Your Money?


Ergo Travel Insurance: Is it Worth Your Money?

Ergo's plans may not stand out with exceptional coverage or highly competitive prices, but they may offer just the right type of coverage for active individuals.

Good for

  • Sporty, healthy individuals
  • Those looking for basic golf coverage
  • Those not dependent on price

Bad for

  • Those looking for high-value plans
  • Cost-conscious travellers
  • Elderly individuals
  • Those looking to protect their winter sports equipment

Editor's Rating


Healthy, active individuals who care about trip inconvenience over price or medical coverage stand to gain the most from Ergo's travel insurance. While its price competitiveness fluctuates based on region and length of travel, its travel inconvenience coverage is consistently above average. Additionally, if you opt for their more expensive plans, you will get a few notable perks such as adventurous activity cover like bungee jumping and skydiving, golf cover, rental car excess cover and home protection cover.

Summary of Ergo TravelProtect Travel Insurance

Only for travel to Malaysia, Batam Island, Bintan IslandAverage price, average coverageIncludes adventure, pet care, home contents, car rental excess cover
Low coverage for elderly individuals
Automatic 30 day extension of policy

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Ergo Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know

Ergo's TravelProtect plans are neither the best in price nor in value, but there are certain perks and coverages that may interest certain types of consumers. There are 4 plans to choose from: Basic (for single trips to Malaysia/Batam/Bintan islands), Essential, Standard and Deluxe. Your premiums are set based on the number of days you travel, and there is an additional flat price for every week of travel beyond a month. You can purchase family or individual plans either as single or annual trips.

If you are shopping based on breadth of coverage rather than budget, you can stand to gain from Ergo's TravelProtect plans. While TravelProtect has decent medical coverage, it has above average trip inconvenience coverage for its main three plans, benefiting those who value protection for baggage loss or trip delays. Though a couple of perks aren't offered for its Basic and Essential plans, all plans include terrorism, rental car excess and personal liability cover as well as coverage for trip cancellation due to travel agency insolvency and repatriation for your child if you end up in the hospital. You are also covered for electronics such as laptops and tablets. Ergo's more expensive plans also include golf and adventurous activity cover like skiing, bungee jumping and trekking, meaning Ergo can also work for you if you are a sporty traveller who wants to make sure their itinerary and belongings are well protected.

This graph shows the cheapest travel insurance premiums for a 1-week trip to the ASEAN region

Those who are looking for cheap plans or high value plans may not get what they're looking for with Ergo. Since most of its perks and value come from its more expensive options, those who are looking for comprehensive but cheap basic plans may not find what they're looking for. Additionally, though Ergo's basic plan offers medical coverage for participating in sports activities, it won't cover damaged or lost sports equipment unless its golf equipment. This can be a deterrent for adventure seeking individuals who also travel with expensive gear (skis, snowboards, etc,). Additionally, due to its very modest coverage for those who are older than 70, if you are, or are travelling with elderly relatives, you may not receive adequate coverage.

Notable Exclusions

Ergo's exclusions are standard with no cover for pre-existing conditions, extreme sports (potholing, racing, yachting), suicide or mental disorders, and you can not claim for expenses that you filed for with other insurers. A notable exclusion is the lack of coverage for sports equipment, despite the adventure activity cover—thus, there is no cover for skis, snowboards or toboggans.

Medical ExclusionsTrip Inconvenience Exclusions
Injury due to war/riotDamage to fragile items
Pregnancy-related expensesDamage of art, musical instruments, antiques
Extreme sports without guide (unless add-on is purchased)Items retained by customs
Prosthetics, dentures, contact lensesItems left unattended
Pre-existing medical conditionsClaims resulting from airline or tour operators willfully declining business with you
Travel booked against advice of doctorTrip cancellation due to financial reasons
Damage done to skis, snowboards, toboggans, motorcycles, bicycles

Ergo TravelProtect Basic Plan

If you are travelling to Malaysia, Batam Island or Bintan Island, you can consider Ergo's Basic plan. While cheaper than basic ASEAN plans at $14 for a one week trip, the Basic plan is an abridged plan offering modest medical and baggage loss coverage. This can be a good option for travellers to this region, as you won't be overspending on unnecessary coverage since you'll be close to home. However, you should keep in mind that the Basic plan doesn't cover trip cancellation or postponement. Therefore, you may find greater coverage with Chubb's Saver plan for 50 cents more or get a solid basic-tier plan from Budget Direct for only S$4 more.

Ergo TravelProtect Essential Plan

Ergo's Essential plan has average prices and average coverage, which doesn't make it stand out if you are looking for either a very cheap or a very high value plan. With a cost of S$34 for a one-week ASEAN plan and S$58 for a one-week global plan, it has S$250,000 in medical coverage and a total of S$11,000 of trip inconvenience coverage (trip cancellation, baggage loss, trip delay, etc.). While you don't get adventure activity or all of the golf coverage, you do get home protection (for theft and fire), rental vehicle excess & return and terrorism cover. Thus, if you are someone who wants a basic plan with sports coverage, you can either opt for one of Ergo's other plans or cheaper but golf oriented insurers like Aviva. Alternatively, FWD's basic plan could be a good alternative as it offers comprehensive sports equipment and home contents coverage.

Ergo TravelProtect Standard & Deluxe Plans

Because Ergo's Standard plan costs around S$10 more than its peer average for ASEAN and Asia trips, we would not recommend this plan to those who frequently travel to those regions. However, its price is below average for global trips. Although the Standard plan has below average medical coverage, it still has above average trip inconvenience coverage with S$12,000 of trip cancellation, S$2,000 of tip postponement and S$5,000 of baggage loss. You will also automatically have adventure activity cover (skiing, skydiving, bungee jumping, etc.), golf cover, home protection, pet care and rental car excess cover. In general, however, most travellers would be better off with other plans like FWD or Aviva may be better choices, as both have similar or better coverage while being cheaper than Ergo.

The Deluxe plan has an an average value as both its price and coverage is 20-30% above average, so it may not be a great choice for those seeking to get the most coverage per dollar of premium spent. Additionally, its one-week prices are about 50-60% higher, which doesn't bode well for the bargain seeking single-trip consumer. In terms of coverage, it has above average trip inconvenience coverage and you will also receive terrorism coverage, pet care coverage, adventure activity coverage, home excess coverage and golf coverage. There is also up to S$1,500 of coverage for your laptop, computer or tablet. Overall, if you don't care about prices, this plan can be a decent option to protect an excursion-based itinerary and potential medical or damage-related expenses. However, if you are looking for a high value premium plans, you may fare better with Allianz or Aviva.

Sports Coverage

Ergo's golf coverage includes equipment, green fees loss and hole-in-one cover. However, the equipment coverage is only applicable to loss or damage that occurs when not in use. For other sports, there is full adventure activity cover for the Standard and Deluxe plans, which covers you for accidents while bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, hot air ballooning, jet skiing, mountaineering under 3,000 metres, skiing and snowboarding and canoeing/white water rafting (up to level 3 rapids). However, you will not be covered for mountaineering, professional sports, racing, motorsports and any underwater activities besides scuba diving.

Golf CoverBasicEssentialStandardDeluxe
Golf EquipmentN/AS$500S$500S$1,000
Golf Hole in OneN/AN/AS$250500
Green Fees LossN/AN/AS$250S$250

Claims Information

You can submit your claims online along with a copy of your passport and travel documents, original medical bills and receipts and other relevant medical or accident-related documents. Additionally, you can submit your claims by mail or in person. Ergo's claims page has a thorough list of all the documents you need depending on what type of claim you need to file, as well their claims procedure and claim form.

Customer Service Phone Number(65) 6829 9199
24-Hour Emergency Assistance Hotline(65) 6238 9909
AddressErgo Insurance Pte. Ltd. 5 Temasek Boulevard, #04-01 Suntec Tower Five, Singapore 038985
Claims Email[email protected]

Ergo Travel Insurance Benefits & Coverage Summary


Buying the right travel insurance policy is important as it can save you against expensive risks and give you peace of mind on your next vacation. Below, we've compiled a summary of Ergo's benefits and price, as well as how it compares to the industry average. If you think this is the plan for you or you want to compare it to some of the best plans on the market, you can read our guide to the top travel insurance policies in Singapore.

BasicEssentialStandardDeluxeIndustry Average
1-week ASEANS$14S$34S$54S$88S$42.09
1-week AsiaN/AS$39S$60S$97S$50.11
1-week GlobalS$N/AS$58S$69S$109S$70.25
Annual ASEANN/AS$190S$245S$375S$251.11
Annual AsiaN/AS$210S$275S$400S$264.38
Annual GlobalN/AS$260S$345S$520S$353.87
1-week ASEAN Ratio0.280.550.600.540.86
Annual Global Value RatioN/A0.620.811.080.87
Coverage & BenefitsBasicEssentialStandardDeluxeIndustry Average
Personal AccidentS$50,000S$150,000S$200,000S$500,000S$312,325
Emergency Medical EvacuationS$20,000UnlmtdUnlmtdUnlmtdS$767,647
Trip CancellationN/AS$6,000S$12,000S$20,000S$12,937
Trip DelaysS$400S$1,000S$1,000S$1,000S$1,327
Baggage Loss/DamageS$1,000S$3,000S$5,000S$8,000S$5,923
Baggage DelayS$400S$1,000S$1,000S$1,500S$1,195

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