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Etiqa eProtect Personal Mobility Personal Accident Insurance: Good for Cyclists?

Etiqa's eProtect Safety personal accident insurance can be beneficial for cyclists who want accident protection tailored for themselves and their bicycles.

Etiqa eProtect Personal Mobility Personal Accident Insurance: Good for Cyclists?

Etiqa's eProtect Safety personal accident insurance can be beneficial for cyclists who want accident protection tailored for themselves and their bicycles.


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Region of Coverage
Total Disability Coverage


  • Insures bikes up to S$20,000
  • Provides S$300K of 3rd party liability coverage
  • Can purchase plan online


  • Only covers accidents related to personal mobility equipment (bikes, scooters, etc.)

Etiqa's eProtect Safety is personal accident policy that may be a good fit for individuals who frequently use their bicycles or personal mobility devices like a skateboard or an e-scooter. Not only does it cover you for accidental death and disability, but it also gives you the option to add protection for your equipment. On the other hand, it may not be the best fit for individuals who are looking for traditional personal accident plans because it only covers accidents related to your bicycle or mobility device.

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Summary of Etiqa's eProtect Personal Mobility
Can insure bicycles with values up to S$20,000
Also covers wheelchairs, scooters, rollerblades, skateboards and power-assisted devices
Provides third party liability insurance of S$300,000
Can purchase plan online

Etiqa eProtect Personal Mobility Highlights

Etiqa's eProtect Personal Mobility plan is a specialised personal accident policy aimed at cyclists and other personal mobility device riders (like skateboards, wheelchairs, roller skates, hoverboards). It will provide coverage for any accidents relating to getting on, riding and getting off your device. You can purchase these plans for policy terms of 1, 3 or 6 months or 1 year. There are 4 plans in total, the Basic, Essential, Advanced and Ultimate. The Basic plan costs about S$12 less than the cheapest traditional personal accident plan. Because the Essential, Advanced and Ultimate plan's premiums change depending on your bike's value instead of the sum assured, they're not comparable to other premiums on the market.

This table shows where Etiqa's Personal Mobility plan stands in comparison to traditional Personal Accident Plans on the market

Etiqa's eProtect Personal Mobility is fairly unique, with only one other insurer offering a similar personal mobility policy. In terms of coverage, the Basic, Essential and Advanced plans offer the same amount of accidental death, total disability, medical expense and liability coverage. The Ultimate plan offers higher accidental death and disability coverage but the same medical expense and liability coverage as the other 3. Furthermore, while the Basic plan only provides accident coverage for you, while the Essential, Advanced or Ultimate plan also provide increasing amounts of coverage for your bicycle(s).

Permanent Disablement CoverageBasicEssentialAdvancedUltimate
Permanent total paralysisS$150,000S$150,000S$150,000S$200,000
Permanent total loss of sight, hands & feetS$150,000S$150,000S$150,000S$200,000
Permanent total loss of speechS$150,000S$150,000S$150,000S$200,000
Permanent total loss of hearingS$150,000S$150,000S$150,000S$200,000
Permanent total loss of sight of one eye/use of one limbS$75,000S$75,000S$75,000S$100,000
Permanent total loss of hearing in one earS$30,000S$30,000S$30,000S$40,000
Permanent total loss of one thumbS$22,500S$22,500S$22,500S$27,500
Permanent total loss of shoulder, elbow, hip, kneeS$22,500S$22,500S$22,500S$27,500
Permanent total loss of one forefingerS$15,000S$15,000S$15,000S$20,000
Permanent total loss of any other finger or one big toeS$7,500S$7,500S$7,500S$10,000
Permanent total loss of any other toeS$3,000S$3,000S$3,000S$4,000

Overall, we found individuals with multiple or expensive bicycles may find the Ultimate plan to provide the most coverage. On the other hand, the average bicycle rider may prefer the more affordable Essential plan. However, while this plan may benefit consumers who often commute or spend time cycling, skateboarding or rollerblading, it is not a good fit for those looking for traditional personal accident coverage. This is because these plans' coverage is limited to accidents that are directly related to your mobility device. Furthermore, these plans will be unsuitable for those who have cheap or old bicycles, since they only cover new bicycles valued over S$1,500.

Etiqa eProtect Personal Mobility Optional Add-ons

Etiqa's eProtect Personal Mobility offers two optional add-ons. The first one expands your coverage into West Malaysia and Thailand. This includes transit by sea and the straits between Changi Point and Tanjung Belungkor. This add-on can be beneficial for long-distance amateur cyclists who utilise these routes and require extra protection. The cost to add this option is S$39.90. The second add-on is loss in transit coverage. Under this benefit, you will receive S$1,000 of coverage if your bicycle is lost or damaged while in transit. This add-on costs S$25 regardless of the plan you choose.

Policy Exclusions

You won't be covered if you use your bike to carry passengers, for delivery or for competition. Eligible bikes must be valued above S$1,500 and be less than 2 years old. In terms of eligible damage, you can not claim for cosmetic damage, rust, wear and tear, structural defects, mechanical breakdowns or faulty workmanship. You will also not receive coverage for custom bicycle parts or accessories. Additionally, damaged bike parts are subject to a sub-limit of your total coverage and the depreciation value. For example, you will receive 70% of the sum assured for a damaged frameset. Furthermore, accidents resulting from negligence, mental and nervous disorders, intoxications or pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Claims & Contact Information

You should let Etiqa know about your accident as soon as possible to ensure your claim will be accepted. If you need help lodging a claim, you can contact Etiqa's Claims team. Alternatively, you can submit the claim online or mail the claim form and all supporting original documents by post. If the claim is related to death, you will be appointed a loss adjuster to investigate the cause of death. You should contact Etiqa's customer care service and submit images of the bicycles for bicycle replacement claims.

Contact Information
Customer Care Hotline+65 6887 8777
Whatsapp Service+65 8677 8780
Customer Care Email[email protected]
Claims Rep. Email[email protected]
Claims Rep. Hotline+65 6331 9241
Customer Care Centre16 Raffles Quay, Hong Leong Building, #01-04A, Singapore 048581
Online Claim SubmissionWebpage

Etiqa eProtect Personal Mobility Cost & Features

While Etiqa's eProtect Personal Mobility may be a good option for some consumers, it may be less so for others. It is highly recommended to compare different personal accident plans against your needs and budget. This ensures that you are not overpaying for coverage you do not need. If you'd like to compare Etiqa's eProtect Personal Mobility to other personal accident insurance plans on the market, you can read our comprehensive guide to the best personal accident plans in Singapore.

Premiums & BenefitsBasicEssentialAdvancedUltimate
Accidental DeathS$150,000S$150,000S$150,000S$150,000
Permanent DisablementS$150,000S$150,000S$150,000S$150,000
Medical Expense Coverage (S$200 deductible)S$3,000S$3,000S$3,000S$3,000
Personal LiabilityS$300,000S$300,000S$300,000S$300,000
Loss & Damage of Bike (S$200 excess)N/AS$1,501-3,000S$3,001-S$10,000S$10,001-S$20,000

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