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Great Eastern Critical Illness Review: Who Does it Benefit?

Great Eastern's GREAT Family Care is a critical illness plan that offers coverage for the entire family and can be purchased online.

Great Eastern Critical Illness Review: Who Does it Benefit?

Great Eastern's GREAT Family Care is a critical illness plan that offers coverage for the entire family and can be purchased online.


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  • Families looking to be protected under one plan
  • Parents who want free protection for their kids


  • Consumers looking for a fully fledged CI plan for their parents
  • Consumers on a tight budget

Great Eastern's GREAT Family Care is a unique multi-generational critical illness plan that stands out due to its convenience. For instance, it can be easily purchased online—unlike other critical illness plans that require you to either first purchase a life insurance policy or go through an insurance agent. Another unique feature is that it also lets you cover your kids and parents simultaneously and without a medical assessment. However, consumers who are looking for a fully fledged critical illness policy for their parents may not find the add-on suitable, as it only covers parents for a limited number of conditions.

Summary of Great Eastern GREAT Family Care
Purchasable online without a need to have a life insurance policy
Children and parents don't need to get medical assessment
Covers 53 critical illnesses and 25 juvenile conditions

Great Eastern GREAT Family Care Highlights

Great Eastern's GREAT Family Care plan is a critical illness plan that provides coverage for you, your children and optionally, your parents. Thus, families who are looking to get one critical illness policy for the whole family may find this plan a suitable option. It is also one of two critical illness plans that can be purchased online, making it convenient for those that don't have time to visit an insurance agent.

In terms of coverage, you will get a lump sum payout in the event you suffer from death, total and permanent disability (TPD), terminal illness or one of the 53 critical illnesses. You'll be covered up to age 85 for death, terminal illness and critical illness and up to age 65 for TPD. Your children will be automatically insured and will receive protection from 53 critical illnesses and 25 juvenile conditions until they turn 18. The maximum sum assured for your children is 25% of your policy's sum assured, up to S$50,000 per child. You can also add an optional rider to provide coverage for your parents for major cancers, Alzheimer's Disease, severe dementia, or Parkinson's disease. Upon diagnosis of these conditions, Great Eastern may pay out a lump sum of either 15% of the sum insured or S$15,000, whichever is higher.

While Great Eastern may be suitable for some consumers, it may not be for others. For instance, consumers who are looking for fully fledged critical illness plans for their parents may not find Great Eastern's limited coverage from the add-on comprehensive enough. Furthermore, price can play a major role in the suitability of the product. While the premiums are reflective of the fact that multiple people are covered under one policy, they can still be expensive for some families. Thus, you should make sure you know you can afford the premiums before purchasing this plan.

Policy Exclusions

Great Eastern's GREAT Family Care plan is eligible to consumers between 18 and 65. In order to be eligible for the Parent Protect add-on, parents must be under the age of 80. Additionally , children must be under age 16 at the time of the policy issue date. For a list of policy exclusions, you should consult your policy document.

Claims & Contact Information

You can submit your critical illness claim through your distribution representative or by post to Great Eastern's Claims Department (see table below). You can check the status of your claim online via e-Connect. You should carefully follow the instructions provided by Great Eastern and submit all the required documentation to avoid delaying your claims payout.

Contact Information
Customer Service Hotline1800 248 2888
Product Enquiry Hotline+65 6248 2211
E-mail[email protected]
Mailing AddressThe Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited, 1 Pickering Street, Great Eastern Centre #13-01, Singapore 048659
Claims SubmissionDocumentation and Instructions

Great Eastern GREAT Family Care Summary

If you are concerned about your financial future if you or someone in your family were to get critically ill, then a critical illness plan may be a suitable insurance option for you. However, you should always carefully weigh the benefits of any insurance policy against your ability to pay. If you want to compare how Great Eastern's critical illness policy compares against others on the market, you can read our guide to the best critical illness plans in Singapore.

Amount InsuredAge 25Age 35Age 45Age 55
Annual premiums are for non-smoking males including the Parent Protect rider and are subject to change. Accurate as of 12/2020

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