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The world is becoming more connected than ever, and many investors may find it difficult to stay on top of all of the important things happening in the market. Our analysts provide commentaries on the important and interesting developments that every investor should be aware of such as Singapore exchange-traded funds and stock prices.

Best Online Brokerages and Trading Platforms in Singapore 2023

Find the best online trading platforms in Singapore based on commission cost of trading, international market access and exchange rates.

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Best Trading Platforms in Singapore 2023

Compare the best online trading platforms and robo advisors in Singapore to start investing and growing your money. From the cheapest online trading platform, to the best one for international markets, you can be sure to find the right platform for yourself to start building a portfolio.

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From exchange-traded funds to stock prices in Singapore, use our guides to familiarise yourself with the basic investing terms. You can also learn about how to think about different investment vehicles in SIngapore and strategies to begin formulating a portfolio.

Top Online Video Streaming Apps in Asia: Netflix and Youtube's Absolute Dominance

Seeing Netflix's stock price increase by over 10x since 2012, many entrepreneurs in Asia have been launching their own video streaming...

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