Kristal.AI Robo Advisor Review: What Makes This Platform Special?

Kristal.AI Robo Advisor Review: What Makes This Platform Special?

Kristal.AI charges some of the lowest fees of robo advisor in Singapore, making it a great choice for nearly all individuals.

Good for

  • Investors seeking a low cost robo advisor

Bad for

  • Investors seeking to invest millions of dollars
  • Those that prefer that their robo advisor invests in unit trusts

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Kristal.AI is one of Singapore's top robo advisors due to its industry beating fees. For instance, the robo platform does not charge any management fees to those with account balances of less than $50,000 and charges a flat 0.3% for its standard investment accounts. On top of that, the platform allows investors to join with a minimum investment of just S$10. For these reasons, Kristal.AI is incredibly attractive to all types of individuals.

Summary of Kristal.AI's Robo Advisor Platform
Lower management fees than most other online brokers
No management fees for accounts of less than $50,000
Minimum investment requirement of just $10

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What Makes Kristal.AI Stand Out to Investors

Kristal.AI is the lowest-cost robo advisor for nearly all individuals in Singapore. First, it does not charge any management fees to individuals with accounts of $50,000 (approximately S$70,000) or less and just 0.3% p.a. for accounts of more than S$50,000. The only instance in which Kristal's platform is not the least expensive robo advisor, in terms of management fees, is for investments of more than S$2,000,000.

Annual Fee Cost Comparison, based on S$50,000 investment

Not only does its pricing structure make it a great option, Kristal.AI's goal-based robo portfolio design (early retirement, vacation, college, etc.) is accessible to anyone with at least $10 to invest. Additionally, the platform stands out due to it's 24-hour, 7-day a week customer service, which includes phone, email and chat options. Like many of the other leading robo advisors in Singapore Kristal.AI does not charge additional advisory, brokerage, performance or account closure fees.

Summary of Kristal.AI's Management Fees

Total InvestmentKristal FreedomKristal Private Wealth*
First $50,000FreeN/A
Any additional above $50,0000.30%0.50%
* Professional investors only (Net worth S$1M (excluding residence) or S$200,000 annual income for at least 2 years)

Investment Opportunities at Kristal.AI

Kristal.AI offers two wealth management options. First, its Kristal Investment Account offers individuals low-cost, customised portfolios comprising of curated ETFs. On the other hand, the Private Wealth account is specially designed for professional investors. This account allows investors to customise the specifics of their portfolio themselves, allows for portfolio hedging using options and futures and comes with a dedicated relationship manager.

Kristal.AI Investment Account vs. Kristal.AI Private Wealth

Investment AccountPrivate Wealth
EligibilityN/AProfessional Investors
Min. InvestmentUSD 10USD 50,000
InstrumentsETFs OnlyMulti-Asset Investments
Currency Conversion Rate0.05%0.05%

Kristal.AI's Investor Eligibility Requirements

Consider this if you seek a robo advisor with very low fees

Minimum Investment N/A
MAS Licence Capital Markets Services License

Individuals seeking to sign up for Kristal's traditional investment account only need $10 as an initial investment to join. However, in order to be eligible for KristalAI's Private Wealth accounts, individuals must qualify as professional investors. This entails either a net worth of at least S$1 million (excluding one's primary residence) or an annual income of at least S$200,000 for the last 2 years.

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