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Women in Fintech

Top 5 Asia-Pacific Countries for Women in Fintech

Fintech is a rapidly growing industry in Asia, but it isn't always accessible to females seeking professional advancement. We've analysed...

teacher in class

Where Are Teachers Paid the Most & the Least Compared to Other Professions in Asia?

How well are teachers paid in Asia? We've compiled data on teacher income as % of GDP per capita to compare how teachers in different Asian...

Singaporean Millennials Are Divorcing Less, But Why?

Singaporean Millennials Are Divorcing Less, But Why?

Sometime, millennials get a bad rep in the media for all kinds of things. But, it seems like they have been driving divorce rates lower in...


6 Things You Need to Know About the May 2019 BTO Sales Launch

Are you interested in this month's BTO sales launch? Here are some important things to consider before you apply.

What Are the Top Healthcare Systems in Asia-Pacific

Top 5 Healthcare Systems in Asia-Pacific

Many countries in Asia are known to have exceptionally strong healthcare systems. Our study aims to examine which one of these countries is...


Which Countries Pay the Most at UNIQLO?

UNIQLO has become a mainstay for casual fashion around the world. How do its prices compare internationally?

How Bad is Singapore's Mental Health Problem?

What is the State of Mental Health in Singapore?

The release of the latest Singapore Mental Health Study gave us rare insight into Singapore's state of mental health. In using this report...

Mount Fuji, Japan

Top 5 Greenest Countries in Asia-Pacific

Which countries in Asia-Pacific are the most environmentally friendly? We analysed a range of publicly available data to find out. In this...


Wedding Costs Even Higher in 2019: Banquet Prices Continue to Increase

The price of getting married rose dramatically in the last decade, and 2019 was no different. What happened between 2019 and 2018 to...

Where in Asia Pacific Do Women Have the Best Quality of Life?

Top 5 Safest Countries in Asia Pacific for Women

Feeling safe as you carry out your day-to-day activities is something that many people tend to take for granted. Unfortunately, half of the...

Office Employees

Singapore's Gender Wage Gap Widened in 2018

Singapore has one of the world's strongest economies and richest populations. However, it's gender wage gap grew in 2018. We explored...