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Diapers Are Going to Become More Expensive: What Can You Do?

Diaper companies are going to charge you more for their products, but you can still find ways to save on disposable diapers.

Boats of Gili Meno Beach in Indonesia

Lombok Travel Advisory: What Singaporean Travellers Should Do

Find out what steps you should take following the earthquakes in Lombok, Indonesia if you are either currently in Lombok or have upcoming...

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Rising Credit Card Frauds in Singapore: What You Need to Start Doing Immediately to Protect Yourself

Cyber attacks represent a big threat to consumers' finances. Here are a few things Singaporeans can do to immediately reduce the risk of a...

How Do Singapore's Housing Market Cooling Measures Affect First-Time Home Buyers?

If you've been considering purchasing your first home, you may be concerned by the property market cooling measures introduced by the...


How Big of a Problem is Income Inequality in Singapore?

Income inequality is a major concern for rich and poor countries, alike. Severe income inequality can be divisive and even lead to social...

The Safest Neighbourhoods in Singapore

Singapore, which ranked second in the Economist's 2017 Safe Cities Index, has a great reputation as a safe place. But how safe is each...

Wedding Banquet

Wedding Costs Continue to Grow in Singapore: Can You Still Afford to Get Married?

As the cost weddings continues to rise, we analyse the impacts for consumers as well as some potential explanations.

Are Singapore's SMEs Really Prospering?

With an unemployment rate of 2.1% and per capita GDP of nearly $53,000, Singapore's economy is one of the world's strongest. This economy...

How E-Commerce Will Change the Real Estate Market and Make BTOs More Attractive in Singapore

Convenience of online stores & deliveries may change how consumers view real estate market.

Paying for a Polytechnic Diploma in Singapore: Is It Worth Your Money?

In the past year, there has been a lot of focus on improving social inclusivity through better education system. Polytechnics are at the...

If Cash Isn't "Dead," Then What Is It Being Used For?

Bank of International Settlements (BIS) recently published a study showing that cash is not dead, and in fact is quite alive. In fact, they...