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Global Landscape of Ride Hailing Apps: Is the Dust Settling?

Several ridesharing companies around the world are planning to list their stocks publicly in 2019. But how are they actually faring, and do...

Millennials in Singapore

Top 5 Millennial-Friendly Cities in Asia-Pacific

In an increasingly globalised society, young people are more likely to have the opportunity to choose the city in which they live. To help...

Affordability Crisis? How Expensive Has Singapore Truly Become?

Affordability Crisis? How Expensive Has Singapore Truly Become?

Singapore is widely recognized as an expensive place to live. In this study, we've examined the cost of living in Singapore across several...

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TikTok's Rise: What Does It Mean for Facebook and Snapchat?

TikTok's viral growth has been superbly impressive. But what does its success mean for more established competitors like Snapchat and...

HDB Buildings

November BTO Sales Launch: Where Can You Find the Best Value?

The latest HDB Sales Launch gives Singaporeans the opportunity to purchase a brand new home in one of five different towns. We analysed the...

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Does Singapore Have the Highest Car Insurance Premiums in the World?

It costs a lot to own and maintain a car in Singapore. However, while car prices in Singapore are among the highest in the world, are car...

Traffic in Singapore

How Safe Have Singapore's Roads Gotten in the Past 10 Years?

Road accidents in Singapore have decreased, but are Singaporeans really safer on the roads than they were 10 years ago?

singapore HDB

Is HDB Lease Buyback Really Worth Pursuing?

For elderly Singaporean homeowners, the new HDB Lease Buyback Scheme that is being rolled out to all HDB flats could be an interesting way...

Punggol HDB Flats

4 Things Prospective Homeowners Need to Know About the August BTO Sales Launch

Owning a brand new HDB flat is an enticing proposition. The new sales launch gives Singaporeans this chance, so we dug into the details of...

Toddler sleeping in car

Nissan's Latest Features to Prevent Hot Car Deaths: What Does It Mean for Singaporeans?

Nissan is the latest car manufacturer to install rear seat safety features to help prevent hot car deaths of forgotten pets and toddlers....

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Diapers Are Going to Become More Expensive: What Can You Do?

Diaper companies are going to charge you more for their products, but you can still find ways to save on disposable diapers.