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The Safest Neighbourhoods in Singapore

Singapore, which ranked second in the Economist's 2017 Safe Cities Index, has a great reputation as a safe place. But how safe is each...

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Wedding Costs Continue to Grow in Singapore: Can You Still Afford to Get Married?

As the cost weddings continues to rise, we analyse the impacts for consumers as well as some potential explanations.

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Are Singapore's SMEs Really Prospering?

SMEs account for around 70% of total employment in Singapore. Are they flourishing?

How E-Commerce Will Change the Real Estate Market and Make BTOs More Attractive in Singapore

Convenience of online stores & deliveries may change how consumers view real estate market.

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Paying for a Polytechnic Diploma in Singapore: Is It Worth Your Money?

Does a Polytechnic diploma help increase your earning ability? And which diploma would allow you to earn more after graduating? Read on to...

If Cash Isn't "Dead," Then What Is It Being Used For?

Bank of International Settlements (BIS) recently published a study showing that cash is not dead, and in fact is quite alive. In fact, they...


Best Countries in Asia-Pacific for Startups

We evaluated available economic data to determine the best countries in Asia-Pacific for startups. Our analysis covered the general...

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Is Singapore's Debt Consolidation Plan Working? Household Debt Data Shows Mixed Signals

Is Singapore's deb consolidation plan effective in tackling the household debt problem?

Consumer Taxes in Singapore: Trends Analyzed

Ahead of Singapore government's upcoming budget announcement scheduled for 19 February 2018, we've prepared a brief overview on how taxes...

Can Bike Sharing Services in Singapore Really Help You Save Money?

With the promise of providing cheap and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, bike sharing services have been growing like weeds...


Maldives' State of Emergency: What Singaporean Travellers Should Do

The political crisis in the Maldives can be worrisome to those travelling there in the near future. Here's what you should do to regain...