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women with credit cards

Cashback Cards Are Better Than Miles Cards for Most Singaporeans: ValueChampion Analysis

Cashback vs miles: what should you pick? For most, the former can be a better option.

2 Hidden Costs of Getting in a Car Accident in Singapore

How much will getting into a car accident cost you in Singapore? The answer could be more than you might think. Our team at ValueChampion...

a car in flooded area of singapore

Should You Care if Your Car Insurance Plan Covers Flood Damage?

Is flood coverage an important feature of your car insurance plan? Or does it not matter as much as you expect?

3 Types of People Who Should Get Annual Travel Insurance

Singaporeans love to travel. With round trips tickets from Singapore to other destinations in SE Asia costing S$100 to S$200, it's not...

How Bad is Singapore's Drink Driving Problem?

Where does Singapore stand internationally when it comes to the issue of drink driving? Read more to find out.

Best Grocery Supermarkets in Singapore

Our team at ValueChampion is highly focused on helping consumers in Singapore find the best value, regardless of what it is. Groceries is...

Instagram Is Killing Both Snapchat And Snow: Short SNAP, Long FB

Snap's IPO has been immensely successful so far. It is up around 50% since its listing in the first week of March, trading around $25...

6 Tips on How to Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud

Credit cards offer the most convenient way to pay for your shopping and for everyday transactions. In addition to convenience, your credit...

singapore construction

Home Construction at the Lowest Point Since 2007

Home construction in Singapore has reached the lowest point since 2007. But what's driving this? We've researched the numbers to find out.

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Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

Making travel plans soon? Don't know if you need to buy travel insurance? Here's all you need to know about why travel insurance is...

Education Inflation in Singapore: Tuition Outpaces CPI by More Than 10 Pct

Inflation in cost of education has been a big point of discussion in Singapore. For instance, a survey by the Department of Statistics...