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Singapura Mortgage Review

Singapura's home loans have a higher interest rate than most, making it one of the more expensive options in the market.

Singapura Mortgage Review

Singapura's home loans have a higher interest rate than most, making it one of the more expensive options in the market.


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  • Individuals looking for a 35-year long loan tenor, longer than other providers


  • Borrowers looking for the cheapest home loan
  • Individuals looking for refinancing options

Singapura's property loans can help you finance up to 75% of your property value for 35 years. With some of the highest interest rates on the market, however, this might not be the best loan for some customers.

Summary of Sing Investment & Finance Home Loans
High interest rates of 2.08%-2.25% p.a.
Bridging loans available
Up to 35 years loan tenor
Non-Singaporean citizens can acquire a loan with a local guarantor

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What Makes Singapura Stand Out to Borrowers

Singapura's loans have a monthly rest rate, meaning that interest is calculated after monthly payments and your average monthly interest costs will eventually decrease. Still, with rates as high as 2.08%-2.30% per annum, Singapura's loans are nowhere near as cheap as some of its competitors. For example, if you took out a long-term loan of 25 years, you could end up spending nearly S$150,000 more than some of the cheapest mortgages currently available. If cost is less restrictive for you, Singapura is one of the few firms that offer a bridging loan, which allows borrowers to put a down payment on their new home prior to receiving the funds from their previous home's sale.

Singapura HDB Loans Mortgage Rates as of March 29, 2023

Singapura's HDB loans are more expensive than most other loans available on the market. For example, Singapura charges 2.28% annual interest. With a two-year lock-in period, this could prove expensive quickly.

Bank1st Yr InterestLock-in PeriodApply Now
No offerings at this time

Singapura Private Home Loans Interest Rates as of March 29, 2023

Singapura's base interest rate for their private home loans are 2.28% per annum, making them significantly more expensive than other home loans on the market. While they offer bridging loans and tenors up to 35 years, which is five years longer than the standard amount, Singapura's two-year lock-in period and high interest rates may outweigh the benefits the former features provide.

Bank1st Yr InterestLock-in PeriodApply Now
No offerings at this time

Applicable Fees

There are several fees associated with Singapura's loans. First, if your GIRO payment is rejected when you go to pay your monthly installment, you will have to pay S$50. Moreover, you will be charged S$50-S$200 if the bank needs to acquire loan related documents.

How to Apply for an Singapura Home Loan: Application Process

In order to apply, you must be a Singaporean PR or citizen who is 21 years or older. Foreigners who wish to apply must provide a local guarantor. Moreover, your TDSR cannot exceed 90%. You will need to go to their customer center to apply for their loan. They also charge for statements of accounts from previous years and audit confirmations.

Documents required to apply to Singapura's Home Loans

  • NRIC/Passport
  • Income Documents: Last Income Tax Notice of Assessment, IR8A form or pay slips
  • Latest CPF statement, if you are using CPF funds

How Do Singapura's Rates Compare to Other Bank's Home Loans?

Singapura's home loans are more expensive than other banks in Singapore. For example, HSBC, Standard Chartered, and OCBC have cheaper interest rates, more flexible lock-in periods, and similar high loan quantums of up to 75% of the property value.

Find the Cheapest Home Loans in Singapore

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