Tuas Power Supply Electricity Retailer Review: Competitive Rates?

Tuas Power Supply Electricity Retailer Review: Competitive Rates?

Competitive rates for long-term fixed rate electricity plans.

Good for

  • Individuals electricity plans with fixed rates for up to 3 years
  • Those that prefer a electricity retailer that is also an electricity generator

Bad for

  • Individuals seeking tariff discounted plans
  • Households seeking the cheapest possible electricity rates

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Tuas Power Supply does not currently have the cheapest electricity rates, but it's rates are competitive for long-term (36 month) fixed rate plans. Therefore, if you would prefer to sign up with an electricity retailer and lock in a competitive rate, Tuas might be a good choice for you. In this article we review Tuas Power Supply's electricity plans and compare them to those of its competitors.

Summary of Tuas Power's Electricity Plans
Competitively Priced Long-Term Plans
Less Competitive Short-Term Electricity Rates
Generates & Retails Electricity
Earn NTUC Linkpoints
Free AVIVA Personal Accident or Home Contents Insurance (1 year)

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What Makes Tuas Power Supply Stand Out to Consumers?

Tuas Power Supply (TPS) offers some of the best fixed electricity rates for long-term plans (36 months). These fixed rate plans are useful as they allow households to lock in an affordable rate for a longer period of time. On the other hand, those seeking the cheapest possible plans would be better off comparing this electricity company's competitors.

PlanContract DurationPricing TypePrice (per kWh)Monthly Bill
PowerFIX 1818 MonthsFixed Price17.98¢S$67.43
PowerFIX 2424 MonthsFixed Price17.98¢S$67.43
PowerFIX 3636 MonthsFixed Price17.98¢S$67.43
PowerDO 2424 Months22% Tariff Discount19.21¢S$72.04
PowerDO 66 months18% Tariff Discount20.20¢S$75.74
Estimated bill assumes 375 kWh, typical usage for 4-Room HDB Flat

Aside from its rates (listed above), Tuas offers a range of promotional packages, which may interest prospective customers. For example, Tuas is currently offering 1 year of Aviva Home Contents or Personal Accident coverage. If you happen to be shopping for both products, this might be worth keeping in mind.

Tuas also allows customers to earn NTUC Linkpoints by paying their bill. The electricity retailer also gives referral bonuses to current customers that refer their friends.

How to Enroll: TPS Sign-Up Process

Consider this if you prefer a fixed rate plan with a longer contract

If you like the sounds of Tuas Power's electricity plans, you can sign up by clicking any of the buttons on this page and going to their website. Once on the TPS site, you will be prompted to provide personal contact information and review your preferred contract's documentation.

In order to avail the Aviva insurance policies, TPS’ customers are required to meet with an Aviva representative in order to get a full introduction to the products and to complete the relevant application. To read more about home insurance and personal accident insurance, please review our comparison pages.

Other Charges and Fees

Tuas Power Supply charges a few standard fees, which are easy to avoid with proper planning. Avoiding these types of fees is important as they can cut into your savings. In order to do so, please review the table below.

Early Termination FeeS$200
Late Payment1% per month on outstanding amount
AdministrativeS$50 (before GST)
Applicants who fail to provide TPS with mandatory supporting documents (including a copy of recent SP Services Bill)
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