UOB One Card: Highest Flat Rate Cashback Card

UOB One Card: Highest Flat Rate Cashback Card

The highest flat-rate cashback card on the market.

Good for

  • Optimisers who can consistently spend S$2,000 per month
  • Up to 5% rebate on all your spendings

Bad for

  • People with irregular spending pattern month to month
  • Below-average spenders with monthly budget less than S$2,000
  • Affluent spenders who can comfortably spend more than S$4,000-$5,000 per month

Editor's Rating


UOB One Card provides the highest flat rate cashback in the country for consumers who are willing to manage their expenses closely and make an effort to maximise their awards. To get the most out of UOB One Card, you should know for sure that you will spend just about S$2,000, S$1,000 or S$500 every single month on your credit card. If you can spend exactly that amount, UOB One Card is one of the top cashback cards you can get in the market.  Given this, we think UOB One is suitable for people who have high visibility on their monthly expenses and can optimise their balance on the card at exactly S$2,000 a month. This would most likely include families with large recurring or fixed expenditures.

Pros of UOB One Card

  • Flat rate cashback of up to 5%, one of the highest in the market
  • Up to 24% discount on petrol at SPC and Caltex
  • Extra interest income of up to 3.33% on your UOB One Savings account
  • High monthly cap on cashback at S$100

Cons of UOB One Card

  • High monthly spending requirement of up to S2,000 to qualify for high rewards
  • Rather complicated to use to maximise rebate

What makes UOB One Card Stand Out

The way UOB One Card provides cash rebate is a bit complicated. We’ve prepared an easy to read table below so you can understand it as clearly as possible. You can enjoy up to 3.33% cash rebate based on a spend of S$500 or S$1,000 monthly for each qualifying quarter with a minimum of 3 purchases monthly to earn the quarterly cash rebate of S$50 or S$100 respectively. If you spend S$2,000 monthly for each qualifying quarter with a minimum of 3 purchases, you can enjoy up to 5% cash rebate with a quarterly cash rebate of S$300. Each qualifying quarter consists of 3 consecutive months since your card is approved. If you are a UOB bank customer, you can boost your earnings by up to 3.33% interest on your savings in your UOB One Account as well.

Tier Monthly Minimum Spend Minimum Spend for the Quarter Total Rebate Max Rebate Rate %
1 S$500 S$1,500 $50 3.3%
2 S$1,000 S$3,000 $100 3.3%
3 S$2,000 S$6,000 $300 5.0%

Essentially, given the structure of the program, you maximise the bang for your buck by spending exactly S$500, S$1,000 or S$2,000 each month consistently. Only by doing this can you earn the market-leading 3.33% or 5% rebate on every S$1 you spend on this card, regardless of the category. For instance, if you spend S$500 for 2 months and S$1,000/month for 1 month, you will still only get S$50 of rebate for the quarter or a 2.5% rebate. It’s even worse if you spend considerably more than the minimum spend: spending S$1999 monthly would net you S$100 or 1.6% rebate. In such a situation, you might be better off using a different card like Standard Chartered Manhattan World MasterCard Card. Given this dynamic, it is extremely important that you spend your target tier amount (S$500, S$1,000 or S$2,000) every single month.

Overall, UOB One Card has the best flat rate cashback in Singapore as long as you use it wisely. 5% flat rate rebate is unheard of in the market, and UOB tops the offer with another up to 24% discount for petrol at SPC and Caltex. UOB One Card is also affordable to use, with the low annual fee of S$128.4 that is waived for the 1st year. Despite the high rate, you must be careful not to overspend on this card because you won’t get extra rebate for spending more than the predesignated amount. If you spend more than S$4,000 monthly, American Express True Cashback Card could award you with a higher cashback amount given that it has no cap on its award. 

UOB One Card's Features and Benefits:

UOB One Card
  • Annual fee: S$192.6, waived for first year
  • Salary requirement: S$30,000 for locals, S$40,000 for foreigners
  • Up to 5% cash rebate for all your spending
  • Up to 24% savings on petrol at SPC and Caltex
  • High monthly cap on cashback at S$100
  • Access to UOB privileges with up to 10% discount at over 900 merchants
  • Extra interest income of up to 3.33% on your UOB One savings account
  • Promotion: Up to S$120 cash credit for online applications

How does the UOB One Card Compare with Other Cards?

We have done a compare and contrast analysis of UOB One card against other cards in the market. Read below to learn how they are different and which card would be most suitable for your circumstances.

A graph displaying how UOB One Card compares to other credit cards in Singapore in terms of their rewards
UOB One Card vs Other Cards by Dollar Value*

UOB One vs American Express True Cashback

American Express True Cashback is one of our favorite flat rate cashback cards in Singapore. First, American Express True Cashback has no minimum spend, making the card one of the easiest to use in Singapore. While it has a lower flat rate of 1.5% compared to UOB One card, American express True Cashback is one of the few cards in Singapore that has no cap on cashback earned. While UOB One card definitely earns a higher rate of cashback up to S$2,000 of monthly spend, a monthly spend of S$7,000 or more will yield higher cash earned on American True Cashback card. So if you are looking to maximise dollars you earn back instead of optimising for rebate rate and if you have the budget to back it up, American True Cashback card would be a more optimal choice for you. 

UOB One vs Standard Chartered Manhattan World MasterCard Card

We think UOB One card is a much better flat rate card than Standard Chartered Manhattan World MasterCard Credit Card. Yes, SC Manhattan World card offers a S$138 welcome gift, but UOB One card is cheaper by S$50 to begin with and also offers a S$50 cash credit. Not only that, Standard Chartered Manhattan World card offers only a 3% flat rebate on everything for an annual fee of S$180 (waived for the 1st year). The card also requires a minimum spend of S$3,000 a month to qualify for 3%, and then imposes a S$200 cap on quarterly rebate. This effectively implies that the maximum rebate you can earn is 2.5% on S$8,000 of quarterly spend. Compared to this, 5% on S$6,000 of quarterly spend for a total of S$300 of rebate from UOB One Card seems to be a no-brainer.  Even if you spend S$8,000 on UOB One Card, S$300 of rebate is still better than SC Manhattan World’s S$200.

UOB One vs UOB Delight

UOB Delight Card

Given the popularity of UOB cashback cards, we wanted to compare UOB One card with other cards offered by the bank. UOB Delight Card offers the best rebate program as far as groceries are concerned. Its 8% rebate on groceries is the top rate for the category, and UOB Delight card takes a step further to provide 10% discounts on private-label brands at supermarkets like Cold Storage and Giant. The only caveat, however, is that UOB Delight's rebates in other categories are quite limited. Nevertheless, this cheap card costs only S$85.6 per year to use and offers great value to consumers.



UOB YOLO is another card from UOB, but it’s catered to a very different audience. YOLO stands for “You Only Live Once” and UOB YOLO provides benefits designed to help you do just that. We recommend this card for young professionals who have an active social life outside of their homes and offices, and thrive in basking in the night life swagger. If paying the high annual fee of S$192.6 doesn’t present much problem for you, UOB YOLO will provide some of the highest rebates on dining & entertainment, and also provide perks filled with party perks ranging from VIP access to clubs and 1-for-1 deals at hottest bars in Singapore.

*ValueChampion calculates the dollar value of rewards based on S$2,000 of monthly spending. We sum the value of points, miles and cashback in dollar terms and subtract the annual fee over a 24-month period. The estimates here are ValueChampion's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the credit card issuer.

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