Best Online Brokerages for Forex Trading 2024

Finding the best online trading platform can be a complicated process. To make this process easier, our researchers conducted a thorough analysis of the best online brokerages for foreign exchange trading based on FX spreads, commission fees and market access.

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Best Overall Forex Trading Platform: Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers
Interactive Brokers
Consider this if you plan to focus on forex trading

Interactive Brokers is the best platform for forex trading due to its low spreads, wide market access and minimal fees. The platforms fees are typically far lower than the market average and its commission fees are negligible. Furthermore, Interactive Brokers offers traders access to 22 trading currencies. On top of its competitive offerings, Interactive Brokers provides a wealth of educational materials to its users.

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Min. SpreadIndustry Average
EUR USD0.10.7
USD JPY0.10.7
GBP USD0.30.9
AUD USD0.10.7
* figures based on min. advertised spreads advertised October 21, 2020
Monthly Trade AmountCommissionMinimum Fee per Order
$1 billion or less0.20 basis point[3] * Trade Value[4]USD 2
$1 billion - $2 billion0.15 basis point[3] * Trade Value[4]USD 1.50
$2 billion - $5 billion0.10 basis point[3] * Trade Value[4]USD 1.25
$5 billion+0.08 basis point[3] * Trade Value[4]USD 1.00
Figures in USD.
[3]: basis point=0.0001.
[4]: Commissions for currency trades are calculated off the trade value and then converted and charged to the base currency of the account.<<<


Best for Overall Online Brokerage: Saxo Markets

Consider this if you plan to trade forex and other financial instruments

Saxo Markets is a great choice for investors that seek to make FX trades while also investing in a range of other securities (e.g. stocks, bonds, ETFs), due to its great market access and low fees. In general, the brokerage's trading fees are the most competitive of the platforms available in Singapore and its forex spreads are the second-lowest. Additionally, Saxo does not charge commission fees for FX trading, making it a good fit for frequent traders.

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* figures based on min. advertised spreads

BronzeSilverGoldPlatinumDiamondIndustry Average
* Saxo min. SG: S$5; US:$3-$4; JPY1,000-1,500; HKD60-90; EUR6-12

US 301.
US 5000.
Japan 22510101086
HK 5077765
GER 302.

How to Compare Online Brokerages as a Forex Trader

There are a few important characteristics to consider when choosing an online platform for FX trading. Investors should first consider the comparative cost of each brokerage. The best way to do this is to compare average spreads for currencies of interest.

Additionally, some platforms charge commission fees with each trade or a monthly fee for using the service. Furthermore, users should be aware of the ease of use of each platform.

Finally, investors seeking to buy and sell a range of securities should consider how competitive the platform is in terms of the pricing and offerings of these assets. We also strongly suggest that investors have a thorough understanding of FX markets before investing their own funds.


In order to conduct our review of the best online brokerages for foreign exchange trading, we researched the FX spread pricing of the top platforms available in Singapore, as this is the most indicative measure of each platform's forex trading costs. We used comparable pricing data from July 2019 when possible and live spreads from August 2019 in all other cases.

Online Trading Platforms in ValueChampion's Study
DBS Vickersi*TradeIG
Interactive BrokersiOCBCKGI Fraser
LCGLim & TanMaybank Kim Eng
OandaPlus 500POEMS 2.0
RHB SecuritiesSaxo MarketsStandard Chartered
TD AmeritradeThebinaryoptionsexpertU Trade

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