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How Much Could You Earn as a Freelancer?

Thanks to a wide range of new platforms, there are more freelancing opportunities available than ever. But which one pays the most and fits...

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What You Should Know to Stay Safe During Global Pandemics

Global pandemics are a major health concern in an increasingly connected world. Here's how to keep yourself as safe as possible when health...

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ValueChampion Student Interview Series: Shreyas Krishnaswamy, SMU

Attending university is a significant investment. ValueChampion's student interview series aims to help students and parents better...

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Make Money Doing What You Love: 5 Hobbies You Can Monetise

For most people, hobbies are fun activities to indulge in when they’re not working. However, some hobbies are profitable, which can be the...

Small-Medium Business (SME)

Can Sick Employees In-Office Cost You Money?

Which has a greater adverse impact on your company's bottom line–employee sick absenteeism or presenteeism? We weigh the costs of both to...

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5 Fun Side Gigs to Supplement Your Day Job Income

Living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, it can feel like your income from your full-time job isn’t quite enough. What can...

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3 Ways Volunteering Can Advance Your Career

Beyond the obvious benefits of helping out in the community and impacting lives, volunteering can also help you further your career.

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3 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power & Your Wallet

Boosting your brain power and wealth don't necessarily need to be distinct goals–here are 3 activities that can help you achieve both.

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ValueChampion Student Interview Series: Michelle Lim Si Jia, SMU

To help students and their families understand the costs and benefits of attending university,ValueChampion conducts interviews standout...