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Credit Cards

Is Priority Pass Membership Really Worth Paying For?

Many travellers covet having a Priority Pass membership. With over 1,200 locations globally, Priority Pass can seem like an oasis for tired...

Car Insurance

Thinking of Getting an Electric Car? Here's 5 Things You Should Know

Electric cars have been gaining popularity in Singapore the past few years. Here are 5 things you should know if you are considering...

Personal Finance

ValuePenguin SG Rebrands into ValueChampion

ValuePenguin SG is now called ValueChampion SG. Here's the background story of why we're making this change.

Small-Medium Business (SME)

Making Fashion Sustainable: Small Business Interview Series with Swapaholic

In Singapore, Swapaholic gives environmentally-minded fashion enthusiasts the opportunity to trade their used clothes for credits that can...

Travel Insurance

Travel Cancellations, Delays and Postponements: Will Your Insurer Pay Out?

Under what circumstances will you get your travel insurance claim accepted if your trip is cancelled, delayed or postponed? Read on to find...

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Car Loans

COE Price Declines: How Much Do Singapore's Most Popular Cars Cost Now?

Cars in Singapore are typically very expensive; however, COE premiums dropped in the last year, which may entice Singaporeans to consider...

Personal Loans

How Expensive Is It to Get Divorced in Singapore?

When marriages end, it can be tragic for all parties involved. For that reason, many individuals would rather not think about divorce and...

Travel Insurance

Top Travel Destinations of 2018: How Much Will They Cost You?

Lonely Planet always has great recommendations for your next travel destinations. But how much will these trips actually cost for...

Education Loans

How Much Does it Cost to Send Your Children to a University Abroad?

Studying at a university abroad offers students a great opportunity to gain foreign language skills, exposure to other cultures and even...