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Why is Singapore's Insurance Industry So Competitive?

Singapore's newest players in the insurance industry have seen unparalleled growth in the past few years, an anomaly for insurance markets...


CPF Life vs Retirement Sum Scheme — Which Should You Go For?

Are CPF Life and Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) the same thing? If you are in the midst of retirement planning in Singapore, you need to know...


Key Financial Trends of November 2023

In this month’s roundup of the latest economic, business, and financial news, higher salaries may be coming, COE prices make a U-turn, and...

Home Loans

Homes Loans: From SIBOR and SOR to SORA – What Homeowners Should Know

Home loans in Singapore are transitioning to SORA, while SIBOR and SOR will be phased out. Here’s what the change means, and how it affects...


Making a Career Switch? These Are the Most Lucrative Industries to Be In 2024 and Beyond

If you are looking for a career switch that is more rewarding, here are the highest paying jobs and industries in Singapore you can explore...

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Best Year-End Travel Destinations to Beat the Crowd

Looking forward to a year-end holiday but not too fond of crowds? Here are five alternative travel destinations for an enjoyable trip where...

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CDC and GST Vouchers 2023: Everything You Need To Know Plus The Amount You'll Get

GST Voucher, Cost-Of-Living, Assurance Package & more; if you're confused, read this to find out what they are, how much you'll get...


How to Help Your Parents If They Don’t Have a Retirement Plan

What if your ageing parents do not have enough CPF savings for retirement? Here’s how you can help them with retirement planning.

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Travel Diaries: 5 Safest Travel Destinations in the World

These are the five safest places and important travel tips to consider before planning your next trip.