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Health Insurance

5 Affordable Ways to Set Your Child Up for a Lifetime of Good Health

To help your kids stay healthy and develop good lifestyle habits, we explored a few ways to keep your children happy and healthy throughout...

Renovation Loans

3 Ways to Boost Your HDB Flat's Resale Value

With HDB flat resale prices stagnate, we looked into ways that homeowners could boost their properties value based on different budgets.

Travel Insurance

Travelling for Deepavali? Where to Go and How to Save While Celebrating

Deepavali is just a couple of weeks away. For those who want to explore how the Festival of Lights is celebrated worldwide, we compiled a...

Small-Medium Business (SME)

Making Connections: SME Interview Series with Minterest

Minterest has ambitious goals as a young startup. The business hopes to connect underserved businesses with a variety of loan products in...

Car Insurance

Does Singapore Have the Highest Car Insurance Premiums in the World?

It costs a lot to own and maintain a car in Singapore. However, while car prices in Singapore are among the highest in the world, are car...


3 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Crowdfunding Scam

After hearing crowdfunding horror stories, such as the SME that cheated investors out of S$6.9 million, individuals may be hesitant to...

Education Loans

Which University Program in Singapore Offers the Highest Return on Investment?

Paying for a university education is a major investment. For this reason, we were curious which majors and schools offered the highest...

Home Insurance

How Rich Do You Have to Be to Own Landed Property in Singapore?

While landed properties are some of the most coveted property types in Singapore, their high cost makes them more of a dream than a reality...

Property & Home Loans

What Do Rising Interest Rates in the U.S. Mean for Singaporeans?

As interest rates continue to rise in the United States, we analyse what this will mean for consumers and small businesses in Singapore.