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Brdge Tech (SeedIn) Crowdfunding Platform - Review for Investors

Affordable crowdfunding platform for short-term investing in South East Asian and Chinese SMEs

Brdge Tech (SeedIn) Crowdfunding Platform - Review for Investors

Affordable crowdfunding platform for short-term investing in South East Asian and Chinese SMEs


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  • Investors seeking short-term investments
  • Risk averse investors seeking secured business loan investment opportunities


  • Investors seeking equity investments
  • Investors seeking long-term investments

Brdge Tech (SeedIn) is a decent P2P investment platform in Singapore, which provides investors access to short-term investments in SMEs across Asia Pacific, including Singapore, Cambodia, Taiwan and the Philippines. The platform's fee structure is competitive; however it lacks investment opportunities longer than one year and features a much more complicated application than its competitors, rendering it a less than ideal experience for all investors. Still, the fact that Brdge Tech (SeedIn) offers the second largest financing opportunities (up to S$5 million) investments in secured and unsecured business loans, makes it appealing to some investors.

Summary of Brdge Tech's Investment Platform
Competitive Fee Structure: 15% of interest earned
Platform allows investments as large as S$5 million
Secured investments available

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What Makes Brdge Tech Stand Out to Investors

Brdge Tech's platform provides short-term (1-12 months) loans as large as S$2 million and allows for deals as large as S$5 million. This indicates that investors will have access to large scale investment opportunities. Moreover, Brdge Tech is one of two crowdfunding investing platforms that offers secured and unsecured investment opportunities. Secured business loans are backed by borrowers' collateral, meaning the borrower has provided an asset that it can sell to repay lenders in case of default. Because of this, secured loans may be attractive for risk averse investors.

However, investors seeking longer-term opportunities may be disappointed in Brdge Tech's offerings, as the platform does not provide financing longer than one year. Short-term investments may present extra hassle due to the more frequent reinvestment process. Additionally, the application process, which includes significant documentation and a suitability test, appears to be more burdensome than other P2P/Crowdfunding investment platforms.

Total Deal AmountsUp to S$5 million
Investment Durations:1 - 12 months
Investor fee:Unknown
Security:Unsecured or secured against invoices/collateral

Brdge Tech's P2P Lending Platform Recent Performance

Brdge Tech has delivered impressive results in terms of its low default rates. From 2016 to 2018, the platform had zero non-performing loans (greater 90 days of non-payment). Brdge Tech's recent returns were slightly less impressive compared to its competitors; however, it is crucial to understand that past performance is not an indicator of future outcomes.

Online reviews, however, have shown that some investors are concerned about the default rate of the deals, especially for large loans. According to these reviews, many have indicated that some large loans have had a lack of or delayed repayment.

YearWeighted Average Annual ReturnNon-Performing Loans (90+ days)

Brdge Tech's Investor Eligibility Requirements

Individual and corporate investors are eligible to invest with Brdge Tech. Individual investors must be at least 18 years old, a Singapore citizen or permanent resident (with employment, dependent, or student pass), have a mobile phone number, and a have a local or foreign qualifying bank account. Registration may take up to 3 days. Corporate investors must be incorporated in Singapore, have a mobile phone number and a have a local or foreign qualifying bank account. Additionally, Brdge Tech requires that potential investors take a suitability assessment test to ensure that they understand the risks of investing.

Investor RequirementsIndividualCorporate
Singapore Requirement18+ years old Singapore citizen or permanent residentIncorporated in Singapore
PhoneMust have mobile numberMust have mobile number
Bank AccountLocal or foreign qualifying full bankLocal or foreign qualifying full bank

Individual investors must submit proof of identity (NRIC identity card or passport) and residence (utility/phone/internet bill, bank statement, etc.). Corporate investors must submit certified true copy of the Limited Liability Partnership agreement or Memorandum and Articles of Association, proof of identity and residential address of directors/partners/managing partners, and proof of local trading address dated within the last six months.

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