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FSMOne Online Brokerage Review: What Makes it Stand Out?

Cheap online platform that provides an attractive rewards system but may fail to impress with quarterly and annual fees and below average international market options

FSMOne Online Brokerage Review: What Makes it Stand Out?

Cheap online platform that provides an attractive rewards system but may fail to impress with quarterly and annual fees and below average international market options


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  • Low international trading fees
  • rewards programme for investments


  • Not the lowest fees in the market
  • Access to limited markets

FSMOne FundSupermart's online trading platform has low fees for trading in Singapore and international markets. In addition to low fees, the FSMOne Prestige Privileges offers interesting rewards for those who invest large sums of money. Take a look at one of Singapore's online brokerage platforms below to know more about their features such as processing fees and more.

Summary of FSMOne Online Brokerage
Flat processing fee of SGD 8.80 for all FSMOne clients
Low minimum commission fees of 0.08% for the US, China, Malaysia and Hong Kong
Access to 2 international markets
Quarterly or annual fees for Bonds, Trusts and Funds
Reward system for standard and gold/diamond customers

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What Makes FSMOne FundSupermart Stand Out to Investors

FSMOne FundSmart is a good platform for investors looking to pay lower-than-average fees for trading the United States, China, Malaysia and Hong Kong, as they only charge 0.08% commission for each trade and have below average minimum rates. FSMOne also has a rewards program, the FSMOne Prestige, making it a good option for those looking to make larger-scale investments since the entry requirement is over S$200,000. With both their standard and Gold/Diamond accounts, one can receive points from transactions to redeem vouchers, charity donations and gain access to exclusive events.

That being said, FSMOne is not the cheapest online brokerage on the market when investing in Singapore. While they only charge flat fee of SGD 8.80, other firms like Tiger Brokers charge 0.03% with a minimum fee of S$0.99 per order to invest in Singapore.

Moreover, since some of the products you can trade carry quarterly or annual fees, FMSOne is not the cheapest on the market. Those who wish to find the most inexpensive trading options may wish to see our top choices to find a more suitable alternative.

Investment Opportunities at FSMOne FundSupermart

With an FSMOne Personal Account, you can invest in stocks, ETFs, and funds with both cash and your CPF/SRS retirement funds. Traders who wish to invest a large amount of money (S$200,000 and up) might instead consider applying for one of FSMOne's premier accounts. These accounts reward customers with exclusive shopping and dining vouchers, donations to charity, priority invitations to closed-door events, and discounts on estate planning services and insurance products. Check out the table below to the full extent of rewards offered for the premier accounts.

StatusGoldDiamondGold+ & Diamond
Qualifying Amount to TradeS$200,000-S$499,999>S$500,000Tiered accordingly to AUA
No Rewards Points ExpiryYesYesYes
Priority invitation to Closed-Door EventsYesYesYes
Exclusive Rewards Item for RedemptionYesYesYes
Investing on your Birthday Month1,800 points2,500 pointsTiered according to Status
Reward Points for Investment Product Purchase20%30%Extra 10% (Tiered according to Status)
FSMOne Referral Program20%30%
Rewards Points on Your First Transaction30%40%
SGX Stocks/ETFs (Processing Fee)S$8.80 flat fee permanently
HKEX Stocks/ETFs (Processing Fee)HK$50 flat fee permanently
Dedicated Dealer Access-YesYes (Diamond+ Only)
Subscription to new SGX IPO private placement issue--Yes
Subscription to new HKEX IPO issue--Yes
Monthly Market Data Subscription10% off20% offTiered according to Status
Wholesale / Retail Bonds
Investing from S$5,000 on Bond Express--Yes
Unit Trusts
0% Platform Fee for Unit Trusts-YesYes (Diamond+ Only)
Insurance (Commission Rebate)
Insurance products (only for policies paid with cash and upon inception)40%45%Tiered according to Status
Estate Planning Services20% offTiered according to Status
Rewards Points on your Birthday Month (Unit Trusts/MAPS/Bonds(buy or sell)/Stocks/ETFs (buy or sell)1,800 points2,500 pointsTiered according to Status
Rewards Points On Your First Transaction*
Unit Trusts20%30%Extra 10% (Tiered according to Status)
Wholesale / Retail Bonds
Bond Express
Managed Portfolios

FSMOne allows any account holder to make use of their managed portfolio services and cheap robo-advisor platforms. For those interested in having FSMOne manage their portfolio, it's worth noting FSMOne could be a cheap option. For instance, the commission rate is 0% for FSM compared to the market average of 0.10%-0.20% and FSMOne's portfolio management fee is 0.0875% and 0.125% compared to the market average of 0.25%.

FSMOne FundSupermart Fees

Compared to other online trading platforms, FSMOne offers some of the lowest fees in the market for international trading. For example, many traditional banks charge between 0.18%-0.28% while non-banking institutions charge between 0.06%-0.10%. This lends FSMOne to being a preferable option for those looking to find lower fees and a variety of services.

The table below indicates the investment fees for Singapore and the international markets that you could invest in with FMSOne. While their charges for trading in Singapore aren't the least expensive, the rates are still lower than most major financial institutions.

Investment Fees for Trading with FSMOne

MarketCommission Fee Per TradeMinimum Amount
SingaporeFlat fee of SGD 8.80-
United States0.08%USD $8.80
Hong Kong0.08%HKD 50
Malaysia0.08%MYR 8.80
China A Shares0.08%CNH 40

One thing to be aware of is that FSMOne charges quarterly and annual fees depending on which products you decide to invest in. This means that despite the low commission and minimum rates for certain markets, FSMOne could lose its competitive edge compared to other online brokers. Moreover, most FSMOne products require an initial investment of $1,000, though once you have purchased a fund at the minimum amount subsequent purchases will only require $100. The following table outlines those fees.

Robo-Advisory Portfolio0.0875%-0.125% per quarter
Bonds (Retail, Wholesale, Bond Express)0.05% per quarter
SGS Bonds0.025% per quarter
All Unit Trusts CPF Investments0%
All Unit Trusts Cash and SRS InvestmentsFixed Income Funds0.05% per quarter
Other Funds (Alternative Investments, Balanced Equity, Etc.)First S$300,0000.0875% per quarter
Remaining Amount Above S$300,0000.05% per quarter

FSMOne FundSupermart Investor Eligibility Requirements

Consider this if you want to trade online securities with a bank

To open an account, you must provide a photocopy of your NRIC and a proof of address, which could be in the form of your latest bank statement, latest phone bill, latest CPF or latest insurance statement. New and existing FSMOne customers can easily apply online and expect to hear a decision within one day.

Since you are not required to maintain a minimum balance to keep your account active, this trading platform also works well for those who are not familiar with trading and might want a more passive application. Moreover, it could also be useful for experienced traders who want to accumulate rewards while they invest. While the up-front costs are lower-than-average, other providers offer cheaper rates.

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