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FundedHere Crowdfunding Platform - Review for Investors

Great platform for investing in early-stage startups and listed company bonds in Singapore

FundedHere Crowdfunding Platform - Review for Investors

Great platform for investing in early-stage startups and listed company bonds in Singapore


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  • Individuals seeking equity investment opportunities
  • Investors seeking to purchase equity in early stage startups for as little as S$5,000
  • Investors seeking to invest in corporate bonds of publicly listed (SGX/Catalist) companies


  • Investors with annual incomes of less than S$100,000
  • Individuals with less than S$5,000 to invest

FundedHere is the only platform to specialize in equity deals in early-stage in Singapore. It allows accredited investors to purchase equity shares in early-stage startups or for as little as S$5,000. The platform also offers a unique chance for investors to invest in publicly listed (SGX/Catalist) companies via ListCo corporate bonds.

Summary of FundedHere Investment Platform
Investments in Early-stage startups or SGX/Catalist listed companies
No brokerage fee for ListCo Bonds for investors
Users must be registered on the FundedHere platform to invest

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What Makes FundedHere Stand Out to Investors

FundedHere is one of two crowdfunding platforms that provides investors the opportunity to invest in Singaporean startups. It stands out due to its focus on equity investments in early stage startups and low minimum investment requirement (S$5,000). It's also different because of its ListCo bonds, which allow investors to invest in corporate bonds of listed companies without brokerage fees.

Investment Opportunities at FundedHere

FundedHere presents a rare opportunity for a wide range of investors to have have early access to shares of potentially high growth entities. In general, equity investments give investors a high risk/high reward opportunity compared to other crowdfunding investments. If the business is successful, investors have the potential to earn returns far greater than other investment types. On the other hand, the investors face more risk and are more likely to lose their initial investment compared to other investments. By investing in equity of early-stage startups, investors can gain exposure to the highest risk and potential return category of equity investments. In this sense, FundedHere provides the angel investing experience for as little as S$5,000.

ListCo bonds gives investors the opportunity to make loans to SGX/Catalist listed companies. While this option does not give investors ownership shares of the startup, it tends to provide less risk than equity.

EquityListCo Bond
Financing amountsS$100,000 - S$1,000,000S$1,000,000 - S$5,000,000
Minimum investmentS$5,000S$50,000
Eligible CompaniesEarly-stage startupsSGX/Catalist listed companies
Typical Market Returns for Asset Class*20 - 30%3 - 8%
Investor feesNoneNone

* return ranges not specific to FundedHere platform

Investor Eligibility Requirements

Funded here requires that investors are professional, accredited, or institutional investors. To qualify as accredited, individuals must have net personal assets of S$2 million, with one's primary residence value accounting for no more than S$1 million, and an income of at least S$300,000. Corporations with net assets greater than S$10 million can also qualify for institutional investor status. Professional investors must earn S$100,000 annually and pass FundedHere's suitability test in order to be eligible.

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