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Be Rewarded With Up To S$800 Each Month With HSBC Everyday+

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Typically, people view savings accounts as places to store their money, focusing on interest rates.

But what if we tell you that there’s an all-in-one account that gives you bonus interest on your savings and additional cashback for your transactions, be it GIRO bill payments and/or your card spend? With the HSBC Everyday+ Rewards Programme, you can enjoy up to S$800 in cashback and bonus interest each month.

1% p.a. bonus interest on your incremental balances in your Everyday Global AccountS$300
1% cashback on all eligible spending with your HSBC credit card/Everyday Global Debit Card (with no minimum spend)S$500 (or S$300 for Personal Banking)
1% cashback on all your eligible GIRO bill payments (with no minimum spend)

Plus, new joiners to the HSBC Everyday+ Rewards earn a one-time bonus cash reward of S$300 (or S$150 for Personal Banking).

Here’s an illustration of the cashback and bonus interest you’ll receive with the HSBC Everyday Global Account and Everyday+.

CashbackBonus InterestTransactionAmountReward
1% p.a. Bonus Interest RateDeposit for the monthS$2,000S$1.64
1% CashbackCredit card transactionsS$1,000S$10
1% CashbackEveryday Global Debit Card TransactionsS$200S$2
1% CashbackBill Payments via GIROS$150S$1.50
Total Cashback + bonus Interest for the monthS$15.14
PerksHSBC Personal BankingHSBC Premier Banking
Welcome GiftUp to S$1,5701 in rewards when you open an HSBC Everyday Global Account, spend on your credit card, insure and invest with us.

T&Cs apply. Find out more at
Get up to S$13,8212 in rewards when you join HSBC Premier.

T&Cs apply. Find out more at
S$0 fee for overseas retail spend and cash withdrawals with the HSBC Everyday Global Debit CardYesYes
Bonus 1% Cashback + 1% p.a. Bonus InterestYesYes
Global Money TransfersYesYes
Access to Preferential Rates for HSBC Products (Savings, Loans, Mortgage)NoYes
Wealth InsightsYesYes
Access to HSBC Credit Cards that gives cashback and/or milesYesYes, including exclusive access to HSBC Premier Mastercard

To qualify for HSBC Everyday+, all you need is to:

  • Make five eligible transactions with your Everyday Global Debit Card or any HSBC Credit Cards.
  • Deposit at least S$2,000/S$5,000 into your Everyday Global Account.

Note that almost all savings accounts with bonus interest rates require some transactions for users to qualify for higher interest rates. In that aspect, the requirements of HSBC Everyday+ are easier to fulfil. All you need is to save and transact.

You can use the HSBC Everyday+ calculator here to see how much cashback/Bonus Interest you’ll get with your spending here.


Consider this if you want to enjoy SGD 0 fees when transacting in 10 foreign currencies.
  • Min. Age Requirement
    • 18
    • Min. Initial Deposit
      • S$100 or equivalent
      • Min. Balance Requirement
        • S$2,000
        • Qualified HSBC Personal Banking customers can get up to S$1,570 in rewards when they bank, spend, insure and invest when signing up for the HSBC Everyday Global Account
        • Qualified HSBC Premier customers can get up to S$5,500 cash credit when signing up for HSBC Premier with Premier Elite service.

        In addition, qualified HSBC Personal Banking customers can get up to S$1,5701 in rewards when you bank, spend, insure and invest when signing up for the HSBC Everyday Global Account, while HSBC Premier customers can get up to S$5,5002 cash credit when signing up for HSBC Premier with Premier Elite service.

        How To Apply

        The HSBC Everyday Global Account is suitable for everyone, allowing you to travel with peace of mind and enjoy additional cashback across a wide category of spending.

        You can apply for the HSBC Everyday Global Account via the HSBC Singapore app.

        When you apply online, you can choose to apply for a Personal Banking Everyday Global Account or a Premier Everyday Global Account.

        Account TypeRequirement
        Premier Everyday Global AccountMinimum Total Relationship Balance of S$200,000
        Credit monthly salary of S$15,000 or more
        Personal Banking Everyday Global AccountMinimum balance of S$2,000

        The perks of having a Premier banking status with HSBC include having a dedicated Premier Relationship Manager to manage your finances and global recognition of your Premier status at HSBC centres worldwide.

        Transact & Withdraw in Foreign Currencies with No FX Fees

        It’s worth mentioning that other than the bonus interest and cashback with HSBC Everyday+, HSBC Everyday Global Account also offers competitive FX rates.

        With the HSBC Everyday Global Account, you can make transfers or bill payments in ten different foreign currencies with S$0 FX fees.

        Singapore Dollar (SGD)
        Chinese Yuan (RMB)
        US Dollar (USD)
        Australian Dollar (AUD)
        Canadian Dollar (CAD)
        Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
        New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
        Great Britain Pound (GBP)
        European Euro (EUR)
        Japanese Yen (JPY)
        Swiss Franc (CHF)

        Do note that if you are spending using the HSBC Global Everyday Debit Card, you will enjoy S$0 FX fees on nine foreign currencies as RMB is not a transactable currency via the debit card.

        The debit card, which is extended for free to HSBC Everyday Global Account holders, gives cardholders access to millions of touchpoints worldwide, allowing you to travel with peace of mind. This account is especially convenient given that Singapore is surrounded by nearby countries with different currencies.

        (Do note that while the magnetic strip of your credit card is not activated for overseas use, you can still make transactions with your debit card using other modes of payment, such as online or chip-enabled transactions. You will need to enable your HSBC Everyday Global Debit Card for overseas magnetic strip usage.)

        Making Overseas Transfers Easy

        On the HSBC Singapore app, you can send money internationally faster and fee-free via HSBC Global Money Transfers, including:

        • Send like a local to over 50 countries/territories
        • Transfer to other HSBC personal accounts in over 20 countries/territories
        • Instantly transfer to China via UnionPay cards issued in Mainland China
        • Send wire transfers to over 200 countries via SWIFT

        You can also make FX transactions with real-time rates under the Online GetRate feature. To use the Global Money Transfers, you will need to have an Everyday Global Account.

        Sending toMaximum daily limit
        Accounts held in other banksUp to S$250,000
        China via UnionPay cards issued in Mainland ChinaUp to US$10,000 (with a single transaction limit of US$5,000)
        Other third-party HSBC accountsUp to S$250,000

        Global Money Transfers can be useful if you have family or relatives abroad and need to send money. It can also be useful when conducting business or travelling in a foreign country.

        Terms and conditions apply. SGD deposits are insured by up to S$75K by SDIC.

        1 Only new HSBC deposit or savings account customers are eligible. Customers who participate in HSBC Premier Welcome Reward Promotions will not be eligible. Terms and conditions for the HSBC EGA Welcome Reward and Terms and Conditions for the HSBC Credit Card Sign Up Promotion apply.
        2 HSBC Premier Welcome Reward Promotional terms and conditions apply.

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