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Maybank Kim Eng Online Brokerage Review: The Best Bank Brokerage in Singapore?

Seemless banking and investing platform that includes access to 7 international markets and a broad range of investing products

Maybank Kim Eng Online Brokerage Review: The Best Bank Brokerage in Singapore?

Seemless banking and investing platform that includes access to 7 international markets and a broad range of investing products


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  • Broad range of investing products
  • Offline trading
  • Investing academy


  • High trading fees for foreign market
  • Only access to 7 markets

Maybank Kim Eng Brokerage is an online trading platform with access to 7 markets. Compared to other online brokerages, Maybank Kim Eng Brokerage has one of the highest trading fees of S$25 and 0.275% trading commissions for SG stocks. You can find cheaper brokerages offering similar products and market access in Singapore. However, some consumers who already bank with Maybank might find using their brokerage services as a convenient option. You can easily integrate your cash and margin accounts using one login.

Summary of Maybank Kim Eng Online Brokerage
Diverse Investing Product Offering
High commission rates and fees
Seven available markets
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What Makes Maybank Kim Eng Stand Out to Investors

Maybank Kim Eng isn't the cheapest online brokerage option for the average investor. Maybank KE offers comparatively higher trading fees, but they now offer online application forms that can be easily filled out from the comfort of your home. Additionally, Maybank Kim Eng offers a number of accounts that can be useful for specific types of investors, such as for those interested in forex accounts and time deposits. New Investors may also be attracted to Maybank Kim Eng's Invest Academy, which offers seminars and other resources to new, intermediate, and advanced investors.

Maybank Kim Eng has reduced commission rates for 3 markets (Singapore, U.S. and Hong Kong/Shanghai-Hong Kong). However, this rates only apply to prefunded trades from a prefunded account, which is a collateralised trading account and shares bought using this account are kept in Maybank Securities' custody and can only be sold through Maybank Securities.

That being said, investors only interested in SGX, HK, or US markets, can find cheaper online brokerages in Singapore with commission fees as low as 0.08% and lower minimum fees per trade. With commission fees ranging from 0.18%-0.275% and access to limited markets, Maybank Kim Eng falls short of other online brokerages in Singapore.

The list below includes the types of SG stock available to trade with Maybank Kim Eng. The commission fees for all range from 0.18%-0.275% per trade. The commission fee will range depending on the initial amount you put into your trading account. For a more detailed description of the fees, check out the fees section.

  • Common stock
  • CFDs
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • REITs
  • Daily leveraged certificates
  • Online unit trusts
  • Forex
  • Multi-currency trades
  • Fixed income securities
  • Bonds and structured products
  • Warrants

Investment Opportunities at Maybank Kim Eng

Maybank Kim Eng offers a variety of account options for investors who seek different risk profiles. If you already bank with Maybank Kim Eng, the online application process to begin trading is streamlined. If you are a new customer, the process may take a few days longer, however, this can still be done online. Be aware that some of these accounts require different criteria for eligibility.

  • Basic Brokerage Account: Also known as MKE Trade, this is Maybank's new trading platform that allows you to trade securities in 7 different markets using advanced charting tools and customizable workspaces. Depending on your trade amount, the commission fees will range between 0.18%-0.275% in SGX. You must be above the age of 21 and either a Singapore citizen, or a foreigner with a CDP securities account and a Singapore bank account. Minors will require a parent to be listed as a guarantor. US persons are not eligible to trade on this platform. You can use this account to trade both on a desktop or mobile device.
  • CFD account. The CFD account allows you to trade between thousands of Share CFDs and Index CFDs. You can gain up to 10 times leverage for Share CFDs and the counters are reviewed regularly so to be margined competitively. Trade on your desktop or at the touch of a button on iOS and Android mobile devices. To open an account, a minimum deposit of SGD 3,000 is required.
  • Forex Accounts: With this account you get access to trade over 40 currency pairs with no brokerage fees. Keep in mind Maybank KE's system automatically will close out all open positions in your portfolio when account equity drops below 30%. You can only conduct margin FX trading and their spreads can be viewed here online. This account is not offered to individuals who reside in the EU, European Economic Area, Switzerland, Guernsey, Jersey, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican, The Isle of Man or the UK.have initial deposit requirements of S$10,000 for Singapores and Singapore permanent residents. Although there are no transaction fees charged, there are rollover charges for interest paid or earned for holding a position overnight.
  • Investing Academy: This additional resource is available to investors of all levels, but is particularly useful for new investors looking to start building wealth. There is a range of resources and guides available as well as regular seminars to introduce you to investing. These regular seminars range from basic investing topics to relevant trends and changes to the market.

Maybank Kim Eng Fees

Once you choose an account, you must decide how much you would like to keep in it prior to investing. The table below illustrates the three different segments you can choose from and how that will influence the charges you will incur.

InputMinimum Commission FeeMinimum Charge
S$50,000 and below0.275%S$25
S$100,000 or more0.18%S$25
International MarketsCommission Fee %Min. Charge
United States0.30%USD 20
Hong Kong0.25%HKD 100
International market fees from Maybank Kim Eng aren't the most expensive, but is certainly far from being the cheapest. You might find HK markets to be a bit more reasonably priced compared to other traditional banks offering brokerage services, but many online brokerages these days offer much lower rates when trading securities. For example, to trade in the US, iOCBC charges a minimum of USD $30 at 0.30% commission, whereas Maybank Kim Eng chargest USD 20 and 0.30% commission. Japan markets are even lower at 0.50% for Maybank Kim Eng and 0.75% for iOCBC.

That being said, there are still cheaper alternatives outside of traditional banks that offer the best rates. For example, Saxo Markets charges only USD 1-4 at 0.02-0.06%. Investors looking to get the cheapest rates for their preferred international market should read our picks for the cheapest online brokerages.

Maybank Kim Eng Investor Eligibility Requirements

Consider this if you want to trade online securities with a bank

You can apply for a Maybank Kim Eng trading account with or without a Maybank Kim Eng bank account. Additionally, Maybank Kim Eng is one of the few banks that offer online application forms that can be submitted for review. Applications are open to all Singaporeans and foreigners (excluding US citizens/residents). Foreigners must provide a valid passport, Singapore Residence Pass/Work Permit/Dependent's Pass/Student's Pass, and proof of address.

New Investors who already bank with Maybank Kim Eng and looking to trade traditional stocks, ETFs, and Unit Trusts, in US, SG, HK markets may find Maybank Kim Eng as a convenient trading platform. However, if you prefer to trade with lower fees or simplified and intuitive platform features, check out our top choices for the best online trading platforms in Singapore.

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