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StashAway Robo Advisor Review: How Does This Platform Compare?

StashAway is a great option for investors seeking to make a very large investment.

StashAway Robo Advisor Review: How Does This Platform Compare?

StashAway is a great option for investors seeking to make a very large investment.


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Minimum Deposit


  • Individuals planning to make a very large investment
  • Individuals seeking a robo advisor platform with great flexibility


  • Individuals seeking the cheapest possible robo advisor for small investments

StashAway is an excellent robo advisor for both those seeking to make large investments and those that desire to have flexibility in making withdrawals. In particular, this robo platform sets itself apart as the lowest cost option for investments of at least S$1 million and for allowing users to make unlimited, free withdrawals. Additionally, users that sign up through ValueChampion will receive 50% off of their management fees.

Summary of StashAway's Robo Advisor Platform
Lowest management fees for very large investments
Diverse investment product line
Thematic portfolios that gives you exposure to new sectors that doesn't exist in most balanced portfolios
Enhanced flexibility: no minimum account balance, unlimited free withdrawals
Less competitive management fee rates for smaller investments
No Rebalancing Fees
ValueChampion Exclusive Promotion: 50% off management fees

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What Makes StashAway Stand Out to Investors

StashAway is a great robo advisor due to its low management fees charged on large investments. The platform is one of the cheapest robo advisors for investments of at least S$1 million and the cheapest for amounts above that. This robo advisor also allows users to invest using cash or SRS funds.

With StashAway's diverse set of product lines, it is no surprise that StashAway remains one of the most popular robo advising platforms in Singapore. Using their platform, you can automate SRS investing, open a StashAway Simple cash management account, and purchase a new term life insurance plan for an all-inclusive wealth management service. Not only this, but with StashAway's unique Income Portfolio, users can invest in a diversified pool of asset classes to earn income and returns in SGD.

While StashAway's fees for smaller investments are slightly more expensive than average, users that sign up through ValueChampion will receive 50% off Stashaway's fees for their first S$70,000 for 6 months. For a further breakdown of StashAway's management fees, please refer to the table below.

Summary of StashAway's Management Fees

Total InvestmentAnnual Fee Rate
First $25,0000.80%
Any additional amount $25,000 - $50,0000.70%
Any additional amount $50,000 - $100,0000.60%
Any additional amount $100,000 - $250,0000.50%
Any additional amount $250,000 - $500,0000.40%
Any additional amount $500,000 - $1,000,0000.30%
Any amount above $1,000,0000.20%

Besides low fees on large investments and diverse product line, StashAway is noteworthy due to the flexibility that it provides its users. First, this robo advisor does not have a minimum account balance. This is particularly helpful for those who want to withdraw their funds in the future. Furthermore, StashAway does not charge fees for account opening, closing, transfers or withdrawals.

Investment Opportunities at StashAway

StashAway uses a trademarked algorithm (Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation®) to invest users funds strategically. The algorithm accounts for economic trends and investors' risk preferences when investing in ETFs to provide cost-efficient portfolio management. Additionally, StashAway offers SRS investing, cash management accounts, and even a unique Income Portofio investment service. While users can customise their account preferences and withdraw without penalty, StashAway's strategy focuses on medium to long-term investments of at least 3-5 years.

StashAway has also recently launched a set of thematic portfolios, a long-term investment product that allows you to invest in what you believe can transform the world while keeping their risk under control. Some of the areas you can invest in with StashAway's thematic portfolios include A.I., Blockchain, Fintech, Biotech (and more).

Management Fees: StashAway

As one of Singapore's first robo advisors, we've outlined the annual management fees of each Stashaway to help consumers. StashAway charges a less expensive fee for very small and very large investments, while you can find a bit cheaper options for those between S$10,000 and S$275,000. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that Kristal.AI charges the lowest fees for investments of less than S$1 million, with zero fees for those with less than S$50,000 invested and a management fee of 0.3% for its other individual investors.


StashAway Investor Eligibility Requirements

Consider this if you plan to invest in thematic portfolios, a long-term investment product that allows you to invest in areas such as A.I., Blockchain (and more) while keeping your risk under control
  • Minimum Investment
    • N/A
    • MAS Licence
      • Capital Market Services License

      In order to be eligible for StashAway, investors must be at least 18 years old. Applicants are not required to be Singaporean citizens or permanent residents (not the case for SRS investing). Those interested in applying can sign up online by clicking "Learn More" on this page. Singaporean citizens and permanent residents must submit their NRIC/FIN or passport copy, proof of residence, and IC number. There is no minimum deposit amount of SGD deposits; however, depositing USD must add at least $10,000 per deposit.

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