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Syfe Robo Advisor Review: What Makes it Unique?

Best robo advisor for investing in REITs.

Syfe Robo Advisor Review: What Makes it Unique?

Best robo advisor for investing in REITs.


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  • Individuals seeking invest in real estate with an affordable robo advisor


  • Individuals seeking the cheapest possible robo advisor

Syfe's is the only robo advisor in Singapore to offer a REIT-specific portfolio. On top of that, it charges some of the lowest fees of any robo platform. Syfe builds personalised, risk-adjusted portfolios to help users invest with confidence. Syfe offers both an REIT focused portfolio as well as a more traditional ETF portfolio giving users options when it comes to investing their money. On top of it's great service, Syfe is currently offering a sign-up bonus of S$10-S$100 those that register with the promo code "VALUECHAMPION".

Summary of Syfe's Robo Advisor Platform
Competitive Fees
Automatic Rebalancing Based on Risk Prefences
No Minimum Investment
No Fees for Account Opening / Closure
Promotion: Sign-Up Bonus of up to S$100 with Promo code VALUECHAMPION

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What Makes Syfe Stand Out to Investors

Syfe could be the best robo advisor for you. Here's why.

Syfe offers a competitively priced robo advising platform, with no extra fees or minimum account balance. It's defining feature is its REIT+ portfolio, which allows individuals to invest in local and international REITs. This is unique among robo advisors in Singapore, and an interesting option for investors as investing directly in an REIT typically requires purchasing a specified number of units.

TierMinimum InvestedFinancial AdvisorFinancial Planning Session
BlueN/A0.65%1st MonthS$299
Initial Investment DepositPromotional Bonus

Additionally, Syfe platform gives users the option to have their portfolio automatically rebalanced based on market fluctuations according to their specified risk preferences. It also allows them to have their dividends automatically reinvested, which is not typical with most traditional brokers. Syfe is also available to foreign citizens living in Singapore, which can be a major draw for expats. For these reasons, Syfe is worth considering for those interested in real estate investing via a robo advisor.

Investment Opportunities at Syfe

Syfe offers broad types of portfolios. The platform's REIT+ portfolios give individuals the choice between a 100% REIT portfolio and a REIT portfolio with risk management. The first invests exclusively in Singapore-listed REIT (real estate investment trusts), while the risk management version includes a mix of S-REITs and Singapore government bonds. To help inexperienced users, Syfe provides a question According to our research, Syfe is the only robo advisor in Singapore that invests in REITs, which are hugely popular among individual investors in the country.

Ascendas REIT11%
Mapletree Logistics Trust11%
Mapletree Commercial Trust9%
CapitalLand Commercial Trust9%
Mapletree Industrial Trust9%
CapitalLand Mall Trust9%
Keppel DC REIT7%
Suntec REIT5%
Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust4%
Keppel REIT4%

Syfe's other portfolio option, Global, invests in a range of low-cost ETFs from around the world. Syfe states that the Global Portfolio could be compared to the Moderate Risk classification by Morningstar. This type of portfolio typically has a benchmark asset allocation of 60% equities 40% bond over the medium to long term. Syfe's underlying ETFs for the Global portfolio include investments in low-cost ETFs from fund managers such as BlackRock iShares, Invesco, State Street SPDR and Vanguard.

Syfe's also offers financial planning services. These sessions are free for Black and Gold customers and cost S$299 for Blue customers. Syfe's financial planning sessions include a holistic review of the user's financial health, goals analysis and a personalised action plan.

Syfe Investor Eligibility Requirements

Consider this if you want to invest in REITs via a robo advisor
  • Minimum Investment
    • N/A
    • MAS Licence
      • Capital Markets Services License

      In order to sign-up with Syfe, you can click any of the buttons on this page. Make sure to use the promotion code "VALUECHAMPION" to get your full sign-up bonus. Once you're on Syfe's site, you will be prompted to choose between the REIT+ Global ETF portfolios and take a risk questionnaire. Once you've accepted your portfolio recommendation you must confirm your email address and submit supporting documentation, including your personal contact information and your tax identification number (IC number in Singapore).

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