Best Travel Insurance Promotions 2019

With so many travel insurance policies available, it's difficult to know when you're getting a great deal. To help you find the right policy for you, we compiled a list of travel insurers who offer the most lucrative promotions in Singapore.

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Best Travel Insurance Promotion: FWD

Consider this if you are looking for a high value plan that can benefit you on any type of holiday

Personal Accident Coverage S$200,000-S$400,000
Trip Delay Coverage S$300-S$1,000
Baggage Delay Coverage S$500

FWD's travel insurance is a good option whether you're travelling alone, as a group or with a family due to its robust benefits and attractive prices that will appeal to a wide consumer base. FWD's 20-25% off promotions come on top of already competitive prices, which makes any of its 3 travel insurance plans great value options. Regardless of destination or trip duration, FWD's premiums end up 15-30% below average, while still providing coverage that extends beyond basic medical and trip inconvenience.

For instance, it includes coverage for loss of passport and money theft, travel agency insolvency and payment of rental car excess, as well as up to S$2,000 of coverage for your sports equipment that costs only an additional S$8. Additionally, if you want some perks besides just a discount, FWD sometimes has special promotions that include vouchers for things such as EZ-link cards. Read our full review.

Premium PlanBusiness PlanFirst Plan
1-Week Global Trip PremiumS$33.60S$43.20S$55.20
Annual ASEAN PremiumS$143.20S$204S$224.80
Trip CancellationS$7,500S$10,000S$15,000
Baggage Loss/DamageS$3,000S$5,000S$7,500
Medical ExpensesS$200,000S$500,000S$1,000,000
Promotion: "BESTTRAVEL20" 20% off +S$30 CapitaVoucher* (*Annual Trip premiums > S$200)

Best Budget Travel Insurance: Etiqa

Consider this if you are choosing travel insurance based on affordability

Personal Accident Coverage S$200,000-S$400,000
Trip Delay Coverage S$300-S$800
Baggage Delay Coverage S$200

Etiqa's travel insurance plans are a great option for people on a tight budget who are willing to sacrifice some, but not all, benefits in exchange for affordability. Before discounts, Etiqa's pricing is not necessarily competitive—in fact, its top tier Business Plan actually costs more than the industry average. However, Etiqa's generous promotions of 51% off for Single Trip plans (with an additional 10% off every Friday) and 35% off for Annual Trip plans create plans that are some of the cheapest on the market (around 40-35% below average).

In terms of coverage, you'll receive standard trip cancellation, delay, misconnection and curtailment coverage in addition to flight overbooking, personal belongings and bankruptcy of a travel agent. Though trip inconvenience and personal accident coverage is below average until you get to its Business Plan option, Etiqa's above average medical, hospital allowance, hospital visitation and emergency evacuation coverage may appeal to consumers who are looking for a medically-inclined plan. Read our full review.

Basic PlanEconomy PlanBusiness Plan
1-Week Global Trip PremiumS$31.90S$48.19S$70.07
Annual ASEAN PremiumS$133.55S$202.34S$231.66
Trip CancellationS$5,000S$10,000S$15,000
Baggage Loss/DamageS$2,000S$3,000S$5,000
Medical ExpensesS$205,000S$510,000S$1,015,000
Promotion: 56% off single-trip and 35% off annual-trip travel insurance; add'tl 10% off on Fridays

Best Global Travel Insurance with Misc. Perks: HL Assurance

Consider this if you are looking to for cheap coverage for global destinations and hotel or rental car perks

Personal Accident Coverage S$200,000-S$350,000
Trip Delay Coverage S$1,000
Baggage Delay Coverage S$1,000

If you are looking to travel outside of the ASEAN region, HL Assurance's travel insurance plans are great for the budget global traveller. The 60% off Single Trip plan and 50% off Annual Trip plan promotion makes the HLAS Enhanced Plan's premiums 42% below average for global trips. However, while coverage isn't the highest compared to its more expensive peers, it does provide robust trip inconvenience and medical coverage compared to plans in a similar price point. For example, there is coverage for lost items, trip curtailment, postponement, cancellation and delays, as well as rental car excess (the excess you owe if you get into a car accident abroad), medical expenses and hospital cash benefit both abroad and back in Singapore.

Other promotional perks that certain consumers may find useful is its S$50 hotel booking voucher for the Single trip plan (for its first 2,000 customers) and 20% off car rental for its annual plan. You can redeem the the voucher through the Changi Recommends website and the car rental discount is redeemable through Hertz. Read our full review.

Basic PlanEnhanced PlanSuperior Plan
1-Week Global Trip PremiumS$32.40S$43.60S$56.80
Annual Asia (inc. ASEAN) PremiumS$178.00S$187.00S$223.50
Trip CancellationS$5,000S$7,000S$12,000
Baggage Loss/DamageS$3,000S$5,000S$7,000
Medical ExpensesS$160,000S$265,000S$520,000
Promotion: 10% Travel NCD + S$20 Agoda Voucher & S$10 Attractions discount for Single Plans; S$20/S$50 Agoda Voucher + S$10 Attraction Discount + up to 10% car rental discount for Annual Plans

Best Trip Inconvenience Coverage: Allianz Global Assistance

Consider this if you want to maximise travel inconvenience coverage

Personal Accident Coverage S$35,000-S$100,000
Trip Delay Coverage S$1,500
Baggage Delay Coverage S$1,400

For those who are looking for a combination of affordability and value with a focus on trip and baggage coverage, Allianz Global Assistance can be a great match. Due to their 40% off promotion for Annual, Single and Family trip plans, their pricing is around 20% below average regardless of destination for the Bronze and Silver plans and 15% below average for the Gold plan.

What makes these plans stand out is that they exhibit very high value with their generous trip inconvenience coverage. In fact, these plans consistently have the highest trip inconvenience coverage trip cancellation, baggage loss/delay and trip delay coverage) among their peers. If you tend to travel with valuable belongings or you are concerned with sudden changes to your trip itinerary, Allianz Global plans can provide maximum peace of mind in that area. However, it does lag behind peers in terms of personal accident coverage. Read our full review.

Bronze PlanSilver PlanGold Plan
1-Week Global Trip PremiumS$40.00S$47.50S$69.00
Annual Asia (inc. ASEAN) PremiumN/AS$161.00S$239.50
Trip CancellationS$10,000S$15,000S$25,000
Baggage Loss/DamageS$7,000S$12,000S$15,000
Medical ExpensesS$400,000S$1,000,000Unlimited
Promotion: 45% off with "travel45"

Best Travel Insurance for Couples: AXA

AXA Insurance
AXA Insurance

Consider this if you like to pursue sports and adventure activities during your trips

Personal Accident Coverage S$250,000-S$500,000
Trip Delay Coverage S$1,000-S$2,000
Baggage Delay Coverage S$1,000-S$2,000

If you are looking for a great promotional travel insurance plan with robust sports coverage, you can consider AXA's travel insurance. AXA's current promotions are pretty decent for couples: 45% off the annual Comprehensive plan (for 2 or more people); 27% off for the annual Essential plan (for 2 or more people); 17% off for annual plans for individuals; and 50% off single trip plans. The result of these promotions doesn't do much in terms of providing market beating premiums, but it does make this high coverage plan more affordable for active travellers who prefer to travel with a companion.

AXA travel insurance's notable benefits include coverage for leisure amateur sports such as skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping and parachuting, accidental dental treatment coverage and full terrorism coverage. There is also coverage for sports equipment for balls, hockey and lacrosse sticks, cricket equipment, bicycles and golf equipment). Also, AXA allows you to make a claim for trip curtailment in the event you're hospitalised, even if you have to stay overseas to do so. One possible setback with AXA is that it is rather pricey even with promotions, especially for individuals. Read our full review.

Essential PlanComprehensive Plan
1-Week Global Trip PremiumS$42.50S$54.50
Annual ASEAN PremiumS$247.47S$301.95
Trip CancellationS$6,000S$12,000
Baggage Loss/DamageS$5,000S$10,000
Medical ExpensesS$330,000S$660,000
Promotion: 5% off Single Trip; 50% off Annual Plans (2+ people); 27% off Essential Annual Plan (2+ People)

High Value Travel Insurance for Families: MSIG

Consider this if you often go on family vacations and are shopping based on coverage rather than price

Personal Accident Coverage S$150,000-S$500,000
Trip Delay Coverage S$500-S$1,500
Baggage Delay Coverage S$600-S$1,500

If you tend to go on vacation with your family often, MSIG's travel insurance plans can offer you some of the highest levels of coverage available. The current promotion of 50% off for Single Trip plans and 20% off for Annual Plans create premiums that are around 15-30% below average for single trip plans and 10-15% below average for annual plans. Though it's not the most competitively priced insurer, MSIG offers many family-friendly benefits such as cover for adventurous activities, haze-related events, unused entertainment tickets (to theme parks, performances, concerts and sporting events) and even your domestic worker's belongings. These benefits are in addition to the above market average standard trip inconvenience and medical benefits, so you can be sure that your family will be receiving quite extensive coverage for maximum peace of mind. Read our full review.

1-Week Family Global Trip PremiumS$113S$140S$184
Annual Family ASEAN PremiumS$360S$468S$576
Trip CancellationS$5,000S$10,000S$15,000
Baggage Loss/DamageS$3,000S$5,000S$7,500
Medical ExpensesS$275,000S$550,000S$1,075,000
Promotion: MSIG TravelEasy: 60% off Single Trips; 20% off Annual Plans

Miscellaneous Travel Promotions

In addition to our top picks, below you'll find all the other travel insurance perks and promotions other travel insurers are offering. If you want to read our reviews of them, you can click on the links below.

InsurerSingle Trip PromotionAnnual Trip Promotion
AIGEarn 1 KrisFlyer for every S$1 spend on Travel Guard Direct plan
Direct Asia40% off + S$30 Gift Voucher
Aviva25% off with "Travel25"
SOMPO Insurance40% off20% off
NTUC Income40% off20% off
BudgetDirect20% off (+5% off with "VALUE5"*)2 Months Free (+5% off with "VALUE5")
Citibank40% off30% off
DBS60% off25% off
Hyfe Assure60% off with "60OFF"N/A
Tokio Marine40% off20% off
*New customers only
Accurate as of 06/2019
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