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HDB Resale Prices Rising – Should You Opt For Resale Or BTO?

HDB resale prices have been rising, with an increase of 2.8% in Q2. Amidst the higher-than-ever HDB resale flats prices, would the average... Read More

All You Need To Know About Singapore’s Home Loan Rates Hitting New Highs Amidst Fed Interest Rate Hike

Amidst the Fed's latest interet rate hike, the rates of housing loans in Singapore have all surged. What does this mean for us? Read on to... Read More

One-Million-Dollar Properties: HDB v.s Condo

With so many HDB flats reaching S$1 million dollars, many of us would be wondering whether it is worth the price tag or whether a... Read More

Everything To Know About US Largest Interest Rate Hike Since 1994 & How It'll Affect Singaporeans

With news of US largest interest rate hike since 1994, many will be worried about the effects on Singapore. Will mortgages get more... Read More

Can You Use CPF To Pay Your Monthly Mortgage Bank Loan?

Everyone has heard of using CPF to finance their HDB loans. However, some will be shocked to find out that they can actually use their CPF... Read More

HDB Sale of Balance Flats May 2022 Launch: What You Need to Know & Do

The May 2022 HDB SBF launch is finally out with a total of 1,952 units across Singapore. Read on to find out more about the launches and... Read More

35% Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) On Transfer of Residential Property Into All Living Trusts – What Does This Mean for Us?

With the Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD) now applying to all trustees, does this new rule bring about a significant impact for the... Read More

CPF Savings vs Cash: Which Would Be Better To Use To Pay For Your Home?

Looking to purchase a home? CPF and cash are both common ways that many in Singapore pay for this expense. Read on to see the advantages... Read More

The Cheapest & Most Expensive Areas in S'pore For HDB Resale Flats

Looking to buy a new home and decided to go for a resale flat because it's spacious? Here are the average prices of resale flats in... Read More