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Tuxedos: Do They Really Belong in Every Man's Wardrobe?

Does every fashionable man need to own a tux in his wardrobe? Not quite. Here, we breakdown exactly how you should think about whether you...

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5 Affordable Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease symptoms may not always be obvious, but they can become an expensive chronic medical issue. Find out what you should...


Are Golf Club Memberships Good Investments?

Becoming a member of a golf club offers access to some great golf courses and the air of prestige. But should you also view it as an...

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When is it Worth Buying Annual Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a popular purchase for a lot of vacationers. But given that travelers have different preferences and habits, it can be...

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3 Unique Baby Shower Gifts that Also Reward the Giver

While finding a stand-out baby shower gift can be challenging, there are a few creative options that will both surprise the mom-to-be and...

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3 Ways Employers Can Boost Office Productivity

Of the many ways to incentivise employees to work harder, these 3 options are amongst the easiest to implement, while still delivering...

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5 Tips for Being a Financially Savvy Bridesmaid

As a bridesmaid, it is important to show your support for the bride, but it can also be quite expensive. Here are some tips for making this...

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Which Aircon Alternatives Actually Work–And Save Money?

Summer heat can be overwhelming, but running your air conditioning all day and all night can be quite expensive. While there are plenty of...

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Will Your Travel Insurance Cover You in the Event of an Airline Strike?

What should you do if your trip gets interrupted by an airline labor strike?