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3 Affordable Ways to Prevent Dengue Fever Amidst the Rising Infections

The weekly number of dengue cases in Singapore has reached a record high on June 13th, 2020 with 895 people diagnosed in just 5 and a half...

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Writing a Will: Why Is It Important?

You might assume that you don't need to worry about writing a will or estate planning. But what would happen to your assets in the case of...

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4 Home Insurance Mistakes That Will Cost You

Don't make these 4 mistakes with your home insurance policies to avoid paying high out-of-pocket costs.

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What 3 Female Leaders in Tech Can Teach Aspiring Entrepreneurs

We interviewed 3 inspirational female leaders in tech and fintech to learn about their careers, challenges and advice to the new generation...

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Travel in the Post-COVID-19 Era: 5 Items to Pack for a Hygienic Trip

Though COVID-19 has yet to be eliminated around the world, borders are beginning to open up for tourism. As international travel resumes,...

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Post-Circuit Breaker Life: 3 Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid

After nearly two months, the Circuit Breaker imposed on 7 Apr 2020 has ended. For many Singaporeans, life remains largely the same during...

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Useful Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2020

With Father's Day quickly approaching, it's time to consider what you can do for your Dad amidst the quarantine.


5 Free Alternatives to Zoom to Try Out For Your Next Virtual Meeting

While Zoom has been the go-to video conferencing software since COVID-19, it has also faced backlash due to personal data and security...

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Affordable Quarantine Baking Tips for New Bakers

Do you fancy yourself an amateur baker? In this article, we highlight some ways to save money as you begin your new hobby.