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How Much Does It Cost to Visit the World's Best Bars?

Find out how much it costs to drink in some of the most renowned bars around the world.

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4 Ways to Boost Your Competitive Edge at Work

Career advancement is desirable, but it's not easy. Here are a few ways to boost your value within the workplace.

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How to Avoid Overpaying for Your Next Vacation

Travel can be expensive without the worry of being overcharged. In this article, we outline a number of ways to get a fair price and even...

Property & Home Loans

5 Things to Look Out for When Purchasing HDB Resale Flat

New housing rules and grants have encouraged homebuyers to look at older HDB flats. What should prospective HDB resale flat buyers consider...

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The Cost of Vice: How Expensive are Alcohol & Cigarettes in the Long-Run?

Alcohol and cigarette consumption is already quite expensive in day-to-day terms. The long-term costs, however, may be far higher than you'...


What Do Singapore's Rich Spend Their Money On?

We explore the expenditures of Singapore's financially privileged households to find out how they budget their money and how their spending...

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7 Ways a High Salary Can Be Expensive

Even those with high incomes can spend their money unwisely. Here, we outline some common costs of those with high salaries and how to...

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When Are Cashback Credit Cards Better for Travel than Miles Cards?

Many people associate travel with miles-earning credit cards. However, those who don't mind earning rebates instead of miles may be able to...

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4 Tools to Teach Your Teen Financial Discipline

Kids grow up fast; is your teen prepared to manage their personal finances? Here are a few ways to help your child understand (and make the...