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Property & Home Loans

What Would Happen if You Couldn't Use Your CPF Savings to Buy a Home?

In 2017, Singaporeans withdrew S$11 billion from their CPF savings in order to purchase homes. A recent policy proposal could end the use...

Car Insurance

How Much Money Can You Save by Being a Safe Driver?

Being a safe driver can not only save your life and the lives of others, but save you money as well. Read on to find out how much you save...


Live Streaming Platforms in Asia: Will They Overcome Twitch?

Live streaming platforms have been growing in popularity like wildfire in Asia. But can they really compete successfully against the global...


Wedding Costs Continue to Grow in Singapore: Can You Still Afford to Get Married?

As the cost weddings continues to rise, we analyse the impacts for consumers as well as some potential explanations.

Maid Insurance

What Does Indonesia's New S$6,000 Performance Bond Mean for FDW Employers in Singapore?

The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore has put into place a S$6,000 performance bond to ensure the protection of their migrant workforce. Read...

Travel Insurance

Doing Good While on Vacation: Eco-Friendly Travel on a Budget

Feel good about your next vacation by going green. Read our guide on how you can embark on a sustainable adventure and still save money.

Home Insurance

"Spring Clean" Your Way into Having More Money

Spring cleaning can mean anything from cleaning out your closet to reoriganising your financial portfolio. Here, we discuss some of the...

Small-Medium Business (SME)

What Are Current Assets and Why Do They Matter to Your SME?

Current assets are a business's resources that can be easily liquidated. Businesses of all sizes must keep a healthy level of current...

Credit Cards

How Costly Is a Healthy Pre-Conception Diet in Singapore?

Recent headlines have shed light on how the health of parents before conception can their child’s health later on in life. But, is eating...