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FDW Employer? 5 Things You Must Know During the COVID-19 Crisis

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore, the Ministry of Manpower has come up with new guidelines for foreign domestic workers...

Personal Finance

Safe Ways To Stay Social During The COVID-19 Crisis

While confining yourself to home is necessary to stem the spread of COVID-19, it can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. If you'...

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Stay Fit During the Lockdown: 5 Cheap Workouts You Can Do at Home

Are the effects of staying at home making you feel stir-crazy? Are you missing your old gym routine? Try these 5 affordable flat-approved...

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Are Online Grocery Delivery Services Actually Cost Effective?

During the Covid-19 circuit breaker, consumers are urged to remain in their homes unless absolutely necessary. This makes grocery delivery...

Property & Home Loans

COVID-19 & Home Loans: Should Defer Repayment?

Borrowers in Singapore are now eligible to defer payments on their mortgages. Is this a good option for you?

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6 Nutritional Food Products to Stock up on During a Lockdown

Singapore has entered a lockdown in everything but name, and people are buying up supplies to tide them through this period. It’s...

Health Insurance

Financial Protection Against COVID-19: 5 Things to Know About Your Insurance Coverage

A lot of things are uncertain right now, but your insurance coverage shouldn't be. Learn about when you'll be covered for COVID-19 and what...

Renovation Loans

5 Affordable DIY Home Upgrades

Interested in updating your home without the cost and hassle of hiring a contractor? Here we identify a few quick fixes that you can take...

Personal Finance

How to Cope if You Lost Your Job During the COVID-19 Crisis

On 18 March 2020, the International Labour Organisation warned that up to 25 million people could lose their jobs as a result of the...