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Choosing Activewear: Are Premium Brands Really Worth It?

If you're shopping for activewear, you may be surprised by price discrepancies between brands. Are expensive labels really worth the extra...

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Saving Money While Saving the Earth: Cost of Sustainable Travel

As much as we love to explore new destinations, travelling comes at a significant environmental. Learn how to be a more sustainable...

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ValueChampion Student Interview Series: Merrill Cheong, SMU

ValueChampion aims to clarify complicated personal finance decisions. Given the rise in university tuition prices, obtaining a degree is...

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3 Science-Backed Ways to Reduce Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

While it's difficult to completely prevent Alzheimer's, some studies show promising risk-reduction methods.

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4 Ways to Cut Down on Your Daily Expenses

Saving doesn't have to mean a lower quality of life. Simple, creative, and effective changes can ensure that you get the most out of your...

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What Should You Do to Reduce Your Risk of Vehicle Theft in Malaysia?

Do you frequently drive in Malaysia? Learn what to do to reduce your changes of being a victim of a car or motorcycle theft.

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How Much Does It Cost to Visit the World's Best Bars?

Find out how much it costs to drink in some of the most renowned bars around the world.

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4 Ways to Boost Your Competitive Edge at Work

Career advancement is desirable, but it's not easy. Here are a few ways to boost your value within the workplace.

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How to Avoid Overpaying for Your Next Vacation

Travel can be expensive without the worry of being overcharged. In this article, we outline a number of ways to get a fair price and even...