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Travel Insurance

Considering Going on a Cruise? Here's How Much It'll Cost

Thinking of going on a cruise on your next vacation? Here's what you should expect to pay.

Credit Cards

5 Factor for Expats to Consider Before Applying for a Credit Card in Singapore

Moving to a different country can be a quite difficult process. Looking for a new credit card in that country could be even harder. Here...

Car Insurance

4 Most Common Car Accidents: Are They Covered by Your Car Insurance?

These types of accidents account for 95% of all car crashes in Singapore. Will your insurance cover you if you're involved in one of them?


4 Ways of Saving on Baby Formulas

Having a baby is one of the most fulfilling but also most expensive things we can do. Here are some tips that could help lessen some of the...

Maid Insurance

Follow These 4 Steps for a Healthy Relationship With Your FDW

It's important to maintain a healthy relationship with your domestic worker, who lives with you 24-7. Below are some tips and reminders to...

Travel Insurance

4 Financial Travel Tips for Singaporean Retirees

Ways to save up during retirement while still managing to enjoy it!

Home Insurance

4 Ways to Prevent Overspending on Insurance

While being protected from major risks is important, you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars per month on insurance policies to have...

Budgeting & Saving

How Small Investments Can Improve Your Marriage Without Breaking Your Bank

A bridge is built brick by brick, and small things everyday can help you build a better marriage.

Home Insurance

What Expats Should Know Before Buying Their First Home in Singapore

Expats who want to own properties in Singapore face a different set of rules, and should be aware of them before making their purchase.