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uSMART – The Smart Broker is Here in Singapore!

uSMART is an online brokerage platform that caters to both inexperienced and experienced traders alike. Read on to find out how uSMART...

Pet Insurance

All You Need to Know About Pet Insurance in Singapore

Are you looking to adopt a pet? Worried about the unexpected vet bills that you might incur in case your pet falls ill? Read ahead to find...

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Best Mobile Apps & Tools You Need On Your Phone in 2022 To Achieve Financial Freedom

We are halfway through 2022 and some of you may be wondering how to improve your personal financial game moving forward. We’ve compiled a...

Car Loans

Guide to Buying A Sports Car While COE Premiums Hit 100k Mark In 2022

Owning and driving a sports car is a dream for many. Just imagining the exhilaration as you whizz by in a stylish and speedy sports car...

Health Insurance

Key Moments in Life When You Might Need an Integrated Shield Plan

We think that MediShield Life will suffice to cover all sorts of medical and hospitalisation bills in our lifetime and that is unnecessary...

Home Loans

Can You Use CPF To Pay Your Monthly Mortgage Bank Loan?

Everyone has heard of using CPF to finance their HDB loans. However, some will be shocked to find out that they can actually use their CPF...

Credit Cards

How Do You Maximise Travel Expenses? With a Miles Credit Card, Of Course!

We all know that miles can be extremely great for vacations, but how useful can they be, and how can you maximise them with the correct...


Is It Worth Getting Pet Insurance For Your Dog?

Unsure or confused about pet insurance for your pup in Singapore? Let us help clear the air.

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Best 1-For-1 Buffet Deals and Food Deals in Singapore For Every Budget In June 2022

Best 1-for-1 buffet deals and food deals in Singapore to satisfy your food cravings. Treat yourself and a friend to a 1-for-1 buffet at any...