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How to Do a Year-End Assessment of Your Personal Finance Portfolio

Rebalancing your portfolio at the end of the year helps to ensure that you are in good financial health.

Savings Accounts

UOB One Savings Account Raises Interest Rates to 7.8% - Should You Save Or Invest?

With the resurgence of high-interest savings accounts, is our money still best put to work invested? Or is now the prime time to save? Let'...


Retiring With S$6,000 Monthly: How Much Do I Need to Earn Now?

Wanting to retire with a budget of S$6,000 a month is actually quite doable, provided you take action early enough, and the cards play in...

Home Loans

Tenet at Tampines North and Other Upcoming Executive Condominium Launches

Executive condominiums (ECs) like Tenet are highly popular. Here’s what the buzz is all about, as well as other upcoming EC projects in the...

Home Loans

How to Handle Mortgage Stress

Increasing interest rates is causing mortgage stress amongst Singaporeans. What can you do to mitigate your financial difficulties? Find...


5 Best Ways to Reduce Income Tax in Singapore (2022)

While there’s still some time before tax season, now is the best time to start calculating how much income tax you’ll likely need to pay....

Life Insurance

Guide to Types of Life Insurance - How They Work and What To Get

Have you been approached by your insurance agent friends about purchasing life insurance but do not know what that entails? Let's break...


Is It Enough to Retire with S$6,000 In Monthly Expenses Given The Current Inflation Rate?

With the current shaky macroeconomic outlook, will Singaporeans’ retirement savings get eroded by inflation before they get a chance to...


5 Foolproof Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Need a loan? You’ll need a healthy credit score. So how do you ensure that yours is in the best possible shape? Here are a few ways to...