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Why is Singapore's Insurance Industry So Competitive?

Singapore's newest players in the insurance industry have seen unparalleled growth in the past few years, an anomaly for insurance markets...

Credit Cards

Should You Get Your University-Bound Child a Supplementary Credit Card?

As your child takes on new responsibilities along the way to university, should you consider offering them a supplementary credit card?

Personal Finance

3 Ways to Spice Up Long Distance Relationships Without Breaking the Bank

Long distance is usually inevitable at one point or another in relationships. For some, it has become a norm; for others, a frightening new...

Health Insurance

3 Supplements That Are, Surprisingly, Not a Waste of Money

With the wide variety of supplements available to consumers, knowing the right ones to buy could mean plenty of savings.

Property & Home Loans

What Kind of Apartment Can You Get for S$2,500 Around the World?

Singapore's reputation as an expensive city is widely known. But do renters on the island get more for their money compared to those in...

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What's the Best Way for YOU to Save Money?

Saving money can be challenging, but it's an important part of building stability and planning for the future. Just as everyone's financial...

Credit Cards

3 Ways to Save Money on Fast Food in Singapore

Fast food is already cheap and convenient, but what if you could save even more money on your burger and fries?

Home Insurance

E-Scooters: Are They Really a Big Risk for Residential Fires?

There have been about a dozen residential fires due to PMDs already thus far in 2019. But do they really pose such a big risk to our safety...

Credit Cards

Can Switching to DIY Manicures Save You S$100s per Year?

While it's common knowledge that home manicures are less expensive than salon alternatives, the amount you can potentially save may be far...